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Thursday, July 16, 2020

The best places to buy reusable face masks in the UK!

With face masks finally being made mandatory (about time right?) in the UK, I thought I’d put together a little post sharing some of my favourites available to buy online, including lots of pretty designs and even some Disney and Harry Potter ones.. because if we’ve got to wear one we can at least make them a bit more fun!
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First up, one of my favourite places to shop.. Etsy! Filled with so many amazing talented small businesses. There’s hundreds and hundreds of masks on there right now, including lots of fun Disney and Harry Potter designs which definitely help to make mask wearing feel a little more fun, especially for kids who this time must be even more confusing and scary for!

Shop Disney

Next up, sticking with the Disney theme Shop Disney have some adorable designs available to pre-order that are just perfect for us Disney fans, with everything from fun character masks to classic Mickey designs. I’ve already pre-ordered the Princess pack! They’re sold as bundles and are quite pricey at £20 for 4 but they’re obviously reusable and would make a great option for a family.

Product links:
Shop Disney masks


Next up a great option with fast delivery times is Amazon, who have a huge range at all different price points! They also have a really decent selection of Harry Potter ones too which are some of the nicest wizarding ones I’ve seen so far, I mean what gets much better than Hedwig on your mask?


Another place great for fast delivery is ASOS who have a pretty good range right now with new masks being added daily, for both men and women! I especially love the look of the Hype one’s with the adjustable straps, perfect if you’re worried about the sizing not being perfect. 

Product Link: 
ASOS face masks

Glossy Box 

Another brand selling branded masks are Glossy box with some really pretty pink and black designs with their signature logo. I’ve already got the pink one on the way and even tempted to order some more too as the fit of these ones look really nice from what I’ve seen from fellow bloggers. They’re £7.99 each or can be bought as a bundle of 3 for £15.99 which works out pretty good for a couple of reusable ones!

Product Link: 
Glossybox face masks


Morphe also have their own range of branded masks available at a very similar price of £8. Super simple but with the signature Morphe logo which I love, especially the one with the lipstick prints!

Product Link:
 Morphe face masks


Boohoo are also selling a huge range of masks and have probably some of the most affordable ones I’ve seen from fashion brands with the majority of them at just £5! There’s loads of cute designs with everything from floral patterns to watermelon print and also some more neutral designs too. 

Product Link:
Boohoo masks

..and that’s it! I hope you found this post helpful if you were still on the look out for masks that are a little less boring and more bright and fun. I’ll make sure to keep updating this post over the next few weeks when more are released!


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  1. Thanks for sharing, I managed to get some masks with filters in them so I can wear them at work :)

    Nic | Nic's Adventures & Bakes


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