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Tuesday, June 09, 2020

Truffle Shuffle Disney Haul: Clothing, Games and More!

One of my all time favourite online stores when it comes to Disney Merch is Truffle Shuffle. I've been buying from them for atleast 4 years now and their stock just seems to be getting better and better! It's basically a Disney lovers dream.. Funko Pops, Loungefly, clothing, homeware and so much more. They very kindly let me pick out a few items from their site recently so I thought I'd share them in a haul style post for you so you can see what's new into my Disney collection!

( Disclaimer: This post contains PR samples)

Aladdin Genie Pyjamas

First up I chose a pair of pyjamas, as who can resist a cute pair of Disney ones? I definitely can't! I adore the Genie in Aladdin but don't have much merch featuring him so I was so happy to see this pair on their website this month. They're definitely some of the prettiest pyjamas I own with that iconic Genie pose and the matching pretty star print bottoms. Truffle Shuffle are definitely killing it with their pyjamas right now, I'm obsessed!

Price: £15.99
Product Link: Genie Pyjamas

Mulan T-shirt

Next up, I decided to choose this gorgeous classic Mulan T-Shirt! If you follow me over on Instagram you'll know I practically live in Disney Tee's throughout the summer months, so I was very happy to add a Mulan one to my collection finally featuring some of my favourite characters from the Movie and of course Mulan herself. I'll definitely be wearing it to the cinema to see the live action when it's hopefully released later this year, the fit is super comfortable too so it's going to be perfect for a hot day in the Disney parks aswell!

Price: £19.99
Product Link: Mulan T-shirt

Toy Story Alien Socks

Next up I couldn't resist these very cute Toy Story Alien socks covered in lots of those adorable little Aliens, especially when the designs in my favourite colour! (Pink, if you couldn't already tell from my blog layout! ) They're just perfect for a cosy night in and aswell as the cute design are super soft and comfy, which is definitely the most important part when it comes to buying new socks!

Price: £3.99
Product Link: Alien Socks

Pixar Trivia Quiz

Lastly I picked up a game which has been so much fun to play with my family whilst we've been at home in lockdown as they're all just as Disney obsessed as me! It's a Trivia Card Game that tests all your Pixar movie knowledge featuring 48 quiz cards with 2 questions on each, including a mix of both easier questions and tough ones that even I've struggled with as a huge Disney fan! The rules are super easy and simple to follow, so this one's perfect for the whole family including kids, as long as they've seen a few Pixar films. It's also going to be perfect to take on the plane for a Disney holiday to help pass the time on a long Florida flight and to start getting everyone excited for that Disney magic!

Price: £4.99
Product Link: Pixar Trivia

..and that's it! I hope you enjoy seeing what I picked up in my latest Truffle Shuffle haul. I'm especially loving that Mulan T-Shirt and have already been wearing it so much since it's arrived. Disney Tee's are definitely my weakness when it comes to shopping!

Let me know in the comments if you've purchased any new Disney items recently?

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  1. Last month I bought a couple of Disney Store hooded sweatshirts. Great Disney haul.


    1. Can't beat a good Disney hoody, especially in this rainy English weather! Thank you x



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  2. Thanks for sharing your haul, it all looks lovely :)

    Nic | Nic's Adventures & Bakes

  3. Love this haul. The Aladdin pjs are very cute.

    Lauren | https://www.laurenyloves.co.uk/


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