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Saturday, May 09, 2020

Bomb Cosmetics Build Your Own Soap Review

Today on the blog I'm going to be sharing my review of Bomb Cosmetics's new Build Your Own Soap, which has just recently launched on their website. I think it's such an amazing idea to be able to customise your own slice online and have it shipped to your door, a really fun and unique concept that I haven't seen any other brands doing before!

{ This post includes a pr sample }

How it works?

Before we get into my design, let's talk about how the process works! It's all done via the Build Your Own Soap section on the Bomb Cosmetics website, which is layed out really well and is super easy to follow.. even for a tech novice like my Mum! It's split into 5 simple steps, which I'll go into more detail in below:

1) Choose Your Soap Colour

 Pink - With a Relaxing Blend of Geranium & Lavender pure essential oils

Blue - With an Uplifting Blend of Marjoram & Bergamot pure essential oils

Clear - With a Cleansing Blend of Tea Tree & Eucalyptus pure essential oils

2) Choose your fragrance

• Cherry
• Coconut
• Cotton
• Frosted Pomegranate
• Jelly Baby 
• Honey 
• Lavender
• Lime
• Lemon Meringue
• Mojito
• Oceanic
• Pina Colada
• Pink Bubbly 
• Rainy Day
• Raspberry
• Rose
• Rosehip
• Strawberry Daiquiri
• Watermelon

 3) Pick up to 3 base layer shapes 

• Star
• Large Heart 
• Daisy
• Tulip
• Shell 
• Candy Box
• Balls
• Swirls
• Buttons 
• Alphabet Letter 
• Numbers

4) Pick up to 3 top layer shapes 

Same options as step three!

5) Choose your personalised message

Lastly you get to add your own personalised message with a maximum of 200 characters, making it perfect for gifting straight to the recipient without having to have it delivered to you first! It's especially great during a time like this when we're having to avoid contact with friends and family but still want to send a little something over to them! 

My Soap Design

For my design I went for a pink soap slice with a Jelly Baby scent and then for my soap shapes I chose my Initial 'K', Balls and Candy Boxes. The whole process was really smooth and easy, the only problem I had was trying to decide on my choices as there are so many amazing sounding scents to choose from, I think almost every single one of them tempted me! 

Th soap arrived beautifully wrapped up in the cutest illustration style Bomb Cosmetics paper tied with a pink ribbon and the gift note, making the whole experience feel even more special than it already was! I really can't imagine anyone being disappointed when recieving one of these as a gift in the post, can you?

When I first opened the paper and the soap was revealed I think I actually let out a little squeel as I couldn't believe how good it looked in the flesh with all those pretty little shapes, it still amazes me how they get them all inside one soap so perfectly! I especially like the look of the Candy Box squares and think the black & white contrasts so well against the pink and blue colours!

Aswell as looking very pretty on the eyes the soap smells incredible too, with that lovely sweet and fruity Jelly Baby blend.. I can definitely recommend going for that one if you're a fan of those kinds of scents, it smells good enough to eat!

Worth the price? 

The soap is currently priced at £7.99, so it's definitely a little pricier than your average soap slice but I think it's amazing that you're able to customise it completely and that it's handmade and not mass produced like the majority of products these days!

I think they would make an amazing gift for so many occasions whether that's a birthday, wedding or even a Get Well Soon gift as a little pick me up for someone. I'm sure I'll definitely be making some more in the future as gifts for friends and family myself, I'm already thinking up ideas for shapes and scents to use!


..and that's it! I hope you've enjoyed hearing more about the Build Your Own Soap process and seeing my finished result, I'm honestly so impressed with the whole experience and found it so satisfying to see my design brought to life and delivered in the post. I always try and share any negatives I've found in my posts but I honestly have nothing but positive things to say in this one, so we know we're onto a good product here!

Let me know in the comments which scent and shapes you would choose if you designed your own?

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  1. This is a great idea for a gift. Your soap looks great!

    Lauren | https://www.laurenyloves.co.uk/

    1. Thank you - it was so much fun to do! Thanks for reading :)


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