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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

10 Ways I've Been Keeping Busy at Home During Lockdown

I've felt a little lost blogging recently, especially with so many bigger issues going on in the world but I thought this post might be a helpful one for any of you that are stuck for ideas for things to do at home at the moment whilst we're all in lockdown!

1. Disney+

Last month the Disney lovers dream streaming service Disney+ finally landed here in the UK and as expected I've become absolutely hooked! They really do have everything.. exciting new originals, all of the classics, old throwbacks like Lizzie McGuire and much much more, so it's definitely helping to keep me distracted!

My favourite watches so far have been:

• The Imagineering Story
• One Day at Disney
• The World According to Jeff Goldblum
• Lady & The Tramp Live Action Remake 

I'm especially loving the Imagineering Story, which is a documentary series sharing the history and creation of the Walt Disney theme parks around the world, basically a Disney nerds dream right? It's so fascinating and interesting to watch, I've learnt so much already!

2. Baking

Next up another thing I've been doing is lots of baking! It's such a great way to fill up an hour or two and get away from technology for a while. So far we've been baking lots of cookies and banana bread, I've even given the Pixar Jack Jack Cookie Num Num recipe a try, which is something they sell in the Disney Parks and they were so delicious! The recipe is on the @Pixar Instagram page if you fancy giving them a try. I think I'm going to attempt some Mickey Rice Krispie treats next as I've been seeing them all over my Instagram feed since lockdown started and I need my Disney fix!

3. Getting out in the garden

Getting out in the garden for a few hours has definitely been helping my mood so much, especially in this gorgeous sunshine we've been having recently. Perfect weather for reading a book with a nice cold drink! I understand everyone's not lucky enough to have one but even opening all the windows and feeling the fresh air coming in can help you to feel like you're not so trapped!

4. Blogging & reading other blogs

Another way I've been keeping busy is blogging, I have over 50 blog post ideas in my drafts so I'll definitely be kept busy for a while with blogging alone. If you have a passion about something or are looking for a space to write I highly recommend starting a blog. It's so easy to start one and now is definitely the perfect time with all the extra spare hours, it can also be a great way to make new friendships online too!

Aswell as writing for my own blog I've also spent a lot of time over the past few weeks reading other blogs, especially any Disney and beauty related posts as that's my favourite content to read about!

Here are a few blogs I've especially been loving recently: 

• Livvybirdadventures.com/
• Aliceanne.co.uk
• Violethollow.com
• Charlotteruff.com/
• Luxuryblush.co.uk

5. Sorting out my bedroom and wardrobe

Another thing that's kept me busy is finally giving my room a big deep clean and tidy. Mainly sorting through my beauty drawers and organising them a bit better than the mess they were in before, oops! It's a bit of a boring one but it felt so good afterwards to have everything properly organised and finally have a place for everything!

6. Reading

Next up, reading! Now's the perfect time to finally read all those books you've been meaning to read. It's another great way to escape social media and the news for a few hours too, as all of that can definitely feel a little overwhelming right now. I've been loving the Disney Twisted Tales Books recently, which are darker retellings of popular Disney classics. They're such good easy reads, especially for us Disney lovers!

7. Pamper nights 

Another thing I've been doing is having lots of pamper and movie nights in the evenings! Nothing relaxes me more than a long hot bubble bath with lots of bath treats and skincare. It's definitely my idea of a perfect cosy night in, followed by a movie with the family and lots of snacks of course!

My pamper night essentials:

• A hot bubble bath with a pretty bath bomb!
• A nice candle ( Preferably Yankee Candle Summer Scoop of Cherry Blossom, they're divine! )
• Cosy Disney pyjamas ( A must! )
• A face mask and lots of skincare treats!
• A Disney movie or a good book
 • A nice hot chocolate and lots of snacks (M&S Yumnuts are my current faves, SO delicious )

8. Disney Jigsaw Puzzles

If you've followed me over on Instagram for a while, you'll know I'm absolutely obsessed with 1000 piece Disney puzzles! They take up so much time and are such a good way to distract yourself and escape the world for a while. Luckily I've collected quite a few over the past year, so I've got lots of them to keep me busy during lockdown!

9. Video calls with family!

The worst part of lockdown for me is missing family and not being able to see my sisters and niece and nephew. We're so lucky that today though we can atleast see and speak to our families and friends though our phones and tablets, so we've been making sure to have lots of video calls which always helps to cheer me up!

10. Making Instagram Story Templates

Lastly another way I've been keeping busy is making Story Templates to share over on my Instagram, a mix of Disney, beauty and even some seasonal ones for Easter and Spring too!  I've become a little bit obsessed with making them over the past few weeks as they're so fun to make, they're quite time-consuming too so are a great way to pass the time whilst still doing something productive.

You can find all of my blank templates over on my Instagram Story Highlights. I've been thinking about sharing a blogpost with all the details on how I make them too as I've had quite a few questions over the past few weeks, so stay tuned for that next!

..and that's it! I hope you've enjoyed hearing about how I've been spending my time during lockdown, hopefully you've now got a little inspiration for some things to do to keep busy if you've been struggling! Make sure to let me know in the comments how you've been keeping busy too?

P.s my messages are always open on my social media if anyone's feeling down right now and needing a chat!

Instagram: @katelovesblog



  1. I’ve been loving Disney +, there is so much to watch. The Imagineering Story is so interesting to watch. I’ve also been watching a movie a week, reading a book regularly.
    I’m constantly blogging and like reading other people’s blog posts.
    It’s on my list to make some of the story templates. I’d love to see a blog post on how you use the apps to create them.


    1. Ahhh so many fun things! I'll definitely try and get that post up soon but if you have any questions in the mean time just pop me a message :)

  2. Disney+ has been a saviour for me! I love how many Disney themed bits and pieces you have in these photos, it's so cute! x
    Amber | www.amberatlanta.blogspot.co.uk

    1. It's amazing isn't it? Definitely helping us all I think! Thanks for reading xx

  3. I've been watching The Imagineering documentaries too. They are really scratching my Disney parks itch! Love your list Kate, I have been baking a lot too. I love puzzles, I think I need to get myself some new ones, I had some harry potter ones which I've now completed. I am so honoured to be included in your list! It really means so much thank you xx


    1. You're so welcome, I absolutely adore your blog! The Imagineering Story is amazing isn't it? I didn't want it to end! X

  4. I love it ♡ I've been loving your Instagram templates! Disney+ has been a lifesaver for me during this lockdown. I've been watching Big Hero 6 The Series and it's great!

    1. Ahh yay I'm so glad you're enjoying them! X

  5. Ohh, a fellow Disney lover! You have some beautiful decorations, Kate! We have been spending as much time outside as possible while the warm weather lasts too but now that it's getting cooler, we might look into Disney+ again. I know the kids would love it too! I love baking and reading in my spare time but with working from home and homeschooling, I feel like I have even less free time than before! Hope you're safe and well.

    1. Ahhh yay always so nice to collect with a fellow Disney fan! You definitely should, you can actually get a free 7 day trial if I remember :)

  6. Love all these ideas! I definitely need to start making Instagram templates, that sounds so fun! - Tay
    Today With Tayla

    1. They're so easy to make once you get into them! X

  7. Thank you so much for including me, it means a lot that you enjoy my blog! I've been watching the imagineering story too, and it's so interesting isn't it? I look forward to it every Friday. I need to try those Pixar cookies too, I just need to learn how to separate an egg first haha xx

    Hannah | https://luxuryblush.co.uk/

    1. You're so welcome, always loving your blog! Yesss it's been my favourite Series yet, so many interesting facts to learn. If I can bake them then you definitely can as I suck at baking! Xx

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