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Wednesday, March 04, 2020

Primark Haul: Disney, Homeware & beauty!

I'm back with another haul, this time it's a dedicated Primark one! It's impossible to go into Primark at the moment without being tempted by all their pretty new releases, it has definitely become one of my go-to places to shop right now for sure so I'm very excited to share a couple of things I've picked up recently!

Star Wars Pyjama Set

First up I picked up a pair of their new Star Wars pyjamas because you didn't go into Primark without picking up a new pair, right? The pyjama section is definitely my weak spot when it comes to Primark, especially all of their Disney pieces! This set was just £14 and is super soft, perfect for these cozy cold nights. I absolutely love the design with the stormtroopers and the subtle grey colours with a pop of pink.. I've got to have a little bit of pink in there of course, even when it comes to Star Wars!

Fluffy Pink Homeware Pieces

Next up I picked up some homeware pieces, a fluffy pink throw and cushion! I've been eyeing up this throw on my last few trips and finally caved this month, it fits in with my rooms colour theming perfectly and will make a perfect cozy rug over my carpet. It's SO soft and fluffy too, so will be great for this cold weather we've been having in Wales so far this year! It was only £10 too which I think is an absolute bargain for the size of it, the cushion was just £3 too so I definitely couldn't resist at those prices!

Disney Cleansing Cloths 

Next up and probably my favourite purchase are these reusable cleansing cloths from the beauty section which were just £2.50 for a set of three. I already love the regular set of these they have so I was very happy to see they'd brought out some more with fun Disney designs. I especially love the baby pink one with the tiny Mickey heads, cleansing clothes have never looked so cute right? Perfect for us Disney lovers. I'm really hoping they'll do some more Disney collections now, I'd love to see a Mulan one ready for the upcoming movie!

The cloths are perfect for taking makeup off then popping in the wash and are obviously so much better for the environment too, they'll also save you money in the long run which is always a bonus. If you're still using cotton pads then I definitely recommend changing over to these guys!

Anna & Elsa Frozen 2 Funko Pops 

Last up and my absolute steal sale finds were these Frozen 2 Young Anna & Elsa Funko Pops which were reduced to just £2 in the sale.. yes TWO POUNDS! I've never seen Funko Pops that low anywhere so I absolutely couldn't resist snapping these up and adding them to my Pop collection.

I think both the Pop designs are adorable with their innocent faces, from some of my favourite scenes in the movie. I especially love Elsa and think her pose and details are just spot on for her shy childhood personality. I'm very excited to get them out on display on my shelves now!

..and that's it! I hope you enjoyed seeing what I picked up in Primark recently, I'm so happy with everything I bought this time especially those Disney cleansing cloths.. I'm already tempted to pick up another set to have as a back up!

Let me know in the comments what your favourite thing I picked up was and if you've found any good bargains in Primark recently?



  1. Ah such a lovely haul! The Disney cleansing cloths sound fantastic and the Funko Pops are adorable!

    Emily M x


    1. Glad you liked it! They're so handy to have, I love them xx

  2. Oh how cute are those cleansing cloths, I want them!! Those funko pops were such a bargain!
    Charlotte / Charlotte's Picks

    1. So sweet aren't they? I'm obsessed with the little designs! Xx


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