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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Why The Trans-Siberian Railway Is Safe For Foreign Travellers

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If you are thinking about taking your family on the epic Trans-Siberian Railway, but have images of bandits on horses and a general feeling of lawlessness, think again. The Trans-Siberian Railway is one of the safest train trips in the world. One important thing to note is that every carriage on the Trans-Siberian Railway has a conductor, and it is his or her responsibility to ensure that all passengers are looked after, and whenever you leave your berth carriage, simply ask the conductor to lock the door.

Crime Against Foreigners

In Russia, Mongolia and China, crime involving tourists is very rare. This is mainly because the punishments for those who steal from, or attack foreign tourists, are very severe. The governments of these countries are very aware of how important tourism is, and therefore, take a tough stance against any local who causes their reputation as a safe holiday destination to be tarnished. Of all the ways to travel through Russia, the Trans-Siberian railroad tours are the safest, and with every train containing security staff, you are probably safer than you would be in your home country.

An Honest Population

While it is true that there are bad people everywhere, generally speaking, the people of Russia, Mongolia and China are very honest and hardworking. Indeed, there have been many reported cases of locals returning lost valuables to tourists, which is a reflection of the honesty and integrity of the local population. Unlike western developed countries, those who break the law are treated very severely, which might include long prison sentences in hard labour camps, which is certainly a great deterrent to anyone who is thinking of breaking the law.

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Book your Berth Through an Established Trans-Siberian Tour Operator

If you would like to know more about this epic train journey, the first thing to do is search online for a reputable tour operator that specialises in Trans-Siberian travel. Once you have found their website, you can read all about this amazing holiday experience and research the various routes. When you are ready to make your booking, a secure online payment will see your berths reserved.

First or Second Class Travel

When travelling on the Trans-Siberian Railway, you are advised to book either 1st or 2nd class berths, which will mean you have a private compartment that other travellers cannot enter. Not only that, each carriage has a conductor who is responsible for the safety of the passengers, and they would automatically lock your compartment whenever you want to a walk on the train. Third class is not usually recommended for several reasons, but mainly because there are no comforts at all in third class, and you certainly would not enjoy 10 days travelling in this manner.

When travelling on the Trans-Siberian Railway, you should use common sense, much like you would when travelling anywhere in the world. With locals who are very friendly and hospitable, you couldn’t find a safer holiday experience than travelling on the Trans-Siberian Railway. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you will never forget.

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  1. I don't know much about this, but this is so interesting!

    Terri // Terri Talks

  2. This was so interesting! I always worry about my safety when I travel anywhere in the world, so to know that there are countries and ways of travelling that are this safe, gives me reason to be rest assured!


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