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Sunday, August 11, 2019

New Globetrotter Travel Palette from Misslyn Cosmetics

It's time for another beauty review! This time I'm going to be talking about the new Globetrotter Travel Kit from Misslyn Cosmetics which is one of their latest releases. I've really enjoyed testing this one out over the past month or two and think it's the perfect face palette for on-the-go including all the powder base products you'll ever need in one cute compact palette. So, I'm very excited to share a little more about it with you in today's post!

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The packaging

First up let's talk about the packaging because Misslyn have nailed it spot on again with this one.  They're definitely my kind of brand when it comes to packaging, with the cute girly designs and this palette is no exception! This one's covered in so many sweet illustrations, I mean does it get much cuter than the little croissant, winter gloves and russian doll? I think not!

Practically wise I really like the design of this palette too and how all of the shades are layed out nice and evenly with really generous sized pans, making them ideal for any kind of brush. A really cool thing about this design is that the lid of the palette is split into two sections so you can reach for the powder alone without opening the whole palette, which is something I've never seen done with a makeup product before but it's so handy and is perfect for on-the-go powder touch ups!

The Bronzer

Now let's talk about the actual products, starting with the bronzer! It's a lovely matte, slightly warm toned bronzer which would probably be best suited to medium skin tones, although it can definitely work with paler skin like mine too by going in with a lighter hand! It has a very nice smooth formula that blends out on the skin really easily with no patchiness whatsoever. It also builds up and layers nicely so it's great for both a flush of bronze or something more intense too, it does need a little more work the more you build this one up but it looks flawless after blending. So, no complaints from me about the bronzer!

The Setting Powder

Next up let's talk about the setting powder which has a really nice light smooth formula and is translucent so is suitable for all skin tones, yay! I prefer using a light flush of product with this one, which lightly sets the makeup but still allows some natural glow to come through as I'm just not about that matte base at the moment, especially throughout the summer months! If you build it up though it can completely mattify the skin which is what I like to do on my chin area and under my eyes to set my concealer too.

I've found the powder wears really well under the eyes and sets concealer nicely, there's some slight creasing after a few hours but it's very fine and looks a lot better than some of my other drugstore powders, so I'm really impressed! On other areas of the face shine does start to come through after around 2/3 hours so you will need quite a few touch-ups throughout the day if you're wanting to keep that matte finish, if you're like me though and are just looking for something to set the makeup then this is great for that!

The Blush

Now on to the blush which is one of the stand out shades for me in the palette, it's a gorgeous coral blush with the most amazing golden sheen to it! I'm a huge sucker for coral and peach shades but this is one of the prettiest I've tried in a while and adds such a pretty healthy glow to the cheeks. It looks extra amazing in the sunlight too with the light golden sheen, so it's a perfect choice for the summer months. Although I'll be definitely wearing this one all year round too as it's way too pretty to keep to one season!

It's quite a subtle blush compared to how it looks in the pan so if you're someone that prefers a natural flush of colour then I think you'll really like this one. It can also be built up to a more intense shade too if you work with it so actually think it would be suitable for almost every skintone, which is amazing! Formula wise it doesn't disappoint either and has very smooth finish that blends out on the skin really easily, it does have some fallout in the pan but none on the face whatsoever and apart from that I have no complaints at all. It's definitely one amazing drugstore blush!

The Highlighter

Lastly let's talk about the highlighter which is a gorgeous icy pink pearl like shade with light pink and silver glitters, which is definitely my go-to kind of shade when it comes to highlighter! It is on the lighter side though so you may struggle with this one if you have a deeper skin tone but luckily they do have another travel palette available too with shades more suited for anyone with darker skin. This one though is perfect for anyone with a light/medium skin tone like myself and adds such a stunning icy glow to the face, which looks especially pretty in the sunlight like the blush with the amazing pink and silver glitters. It's quite an intense highlight so if you're after something more natural without much glitter then this isn't probably for you. If you're like me though and love an intense highlight then this is definitely one to try, it's packed with pigment!

Formula wise the shade doesn't disappoint either and applies really smoothly and evenly to the skin with no fallout at all! I absolutely love it and have been reaching for it over all of my other highlighters over the past few weeks and that's coming from someone who owns quite a lot of highlighters. It's definitely one of my favourites to be released this year so hopefully they'll release it in a single product form too!

Are they long-lasting?

I've been really impressed with how these have wore on my face, especially the blush and the bronzer which just don't seem to budge and easily last all day! The highlighter lasts really well too but does fade slightly throughout the day, the glow is still definitely there just a little less intense than at the beginning of the day. It's been very hot whilst I've been wearing these though, so I would imagine it would last even better during the cooler months!

Worth the price?

The palette currently costs £14.50 on Beauty Bay, so it's a little over the usual drugstore prices for a face palette but still way cheaper than any high end prices! I personally think it's definitely worth it considering the quality of the products you're getting inside and also the size of the actual pans included too. I can already tell this one's going to last me a really long time!

..and that's it! I hope you enjoyed hearing my thoughts on one of the latest releases from Misslyn, as you can probably already tell I really do love this palette! You have all the face powder products you'll ever need here all in one cute compact palette with such a gorgeous mix of shades! If I were to design my own face palette it would be almost identical to this one shade wise, coral blushes and icy highlighters are my must haves. So this one will definitely be coming away on holiday with me next month!

Let me know in the comments if you've tried the new Globetrotter palette yet and your thoughts?

Product link: Globetrotter palette



  1. Aww this little kit is so cute! It reminds me of when I was little ahah xx

    Megan Elizabeth

  2. How cute is this! What a lovely little palette x
    Terri Talks

  3. Replies
    1. Isn't it sweet? I'm obsessed with the mix of shades! :)

  4. Replies
    1. Yesss! I'm tempted to order the other one now already, haha :)

  5. This palette is just the cutest! And I am so impressed with the pigmentation!

  6. I thought this was from Benefit when I saw the packaging at first, so similar and cute! x

  7. Ahhh what a cute little travel palette! This would have been ideal on my travels this year! x

    Gemma Louise

  8. I love the packaging! What a lovely little palette :) I'm definitely going to have a look at this brand, I've never used them before!

  9. This is very cute and you are right, the blush is the stand out shade indeed, it is so pretty!

    Amy x
    The July Rose

  10. I've fallen in LOVE!! Your make up room must be filled to the brim with goodies!


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