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Friday, July 26, 2019

A new addition to my makeup collection: The Beautify 5 Tier Cosmetics Organiser

Today on the blog I'm going to be sharing a new addition to my makeup collection, the 5 Tier Cosmetics Organiser from Beautify! I've being loving this new addition to my bedroom and think It's such a great way to organise makeup and skincare neatly, so I'm very excited to share a little more about it with you as I think it's perfect for any fellow beauty lovers!

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Shop it here > Beautify Organiser

The design

The five tier organiser is broken up into lots of different compartments including 4 large removable draws with crystallised handles aswell as lots of seperate open sections on top of the organiser, including a lipstick storage section that fits in twelve lipsticks. Perfect for any fellow lipstick addicts like myself! As you'll be able to see from the photos there's a really great variety of open sections at the top that are ideal for storing and displaying so many different products whether that's makeup, skincare, nail products, perfume, accessories or even makeup brushes too which fit in perfectly in the taller sections at the back of the box.

I've personally kept this one specifically for makeup storage and I love how many products you can get packed in but whilst still keeping them looking neat and tidy on display too. I've had the majority of my makeup stored in my draws and it's made such a nice change to be able to find things easily with the clear compartments as apose to rummaging through my draws to find my favourite lipstick! I also really like being able to have lots of my prettier looking makeup picks out on display for me to see rather than them being stuck inside my drawers hidden away. I'm already tempted to order a second one to store more of my collection in!

Aswell as the practically, this organiser looks gorgeous out on display on my dressing table too. It's definitely one of the prettiest in this style that I've seen! I think the golden frame gives it an almost luxe feel compared to acrylic organisers I've had in the past that can sometimes look quite cheap, this one definitely doesn't though. I also really like the addition of the crystallised handles which are such a pretty touch, finishing the design of perfectly and adding something a little extra to the overall look!

The quality

Quality wise, the organiser is made from premium moulded acrylic and claims to be built to withstand daily use. I've had this for around two months now and had no issues at all, there are a few very slight small scratches to the gold frame and acrylic drawers but you really can't notice them unless you're looking very closely.

Apart from those it's stayed in the exact same condition as when it arrived which I'm really impressed with as my cheaper acrylic storage from Amazon scratched so easily and had some large cracks on the back of the drawer area too but this one hasn't had any problems like that at all, yay! It's definitely a sturdy well made structure that feels pretty heavy too which I think is a good thing with pieces like this, so quality wise I'm impressed!

Worth the price?

The organiser currently costs £39.99 so it's not a super cheap buy but you are paying for a quality product so I really do think it's worth the price, especially considering its size and the amount of products you can fit inside. Obviously you can find cheaper options available from other places but I do think they look quite a lot cheaper compared to this one with it's gorgeous golden frame and crystallised handles!

..and that's it! I hope you enjoyed hearing about this new addition to my makeup collection. I've absolutely loved storing my makeup in this organiser ever since it's arrived, so if you're looking for a new way to store yours then I definitely recommend having a browse on the Beautify site, there's so many gorgeous things on my wishlist on there!

Let me know in the comments how you store your makeup collection at the moment?

Product link: Beautify Organiser



  1. It's definitely not cheap but I love the design of it! The rose gold and the crystallised handles are 100% worth the price! I love how organised it is as well and there's the perfect amount of compartments x

    Megan Elizabeth

    1. I agree, so much prettier than acrylic organisers I've seen. I'm so tempted to order a second! Thanks for reading :)

  2. This is actually gorgeous!! I love the lil gem detailing on the handles and how you can fit so much into each compartment. I kind of want one now I've seen how you organise yours!!
    Charlotte / Charlotte's Picks

    1. They're so handy to have! It's made such a nice change to have my makeup neat and tidy for once, haha! :) X

  3. I have similar drawers and they are such a must for any beauty collector! Such a gorgeous display Kate xx


    1. Thanks Violet! Definitely a must have for us makeup lovers :)

  4. Those drawers are so handy! I really need to get myself some x


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