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Sunday, June 02, 2019

New Disney Animated Classics from Studio Press Books

It's time for another Disney post, this time I'm going to be talking about the new Disney Animated Classic books from Studio Press. If you're a fellow Disney fan you're doing to love these new releases, they are absolutely beautiful and are filled with so many special details, so I'm very excited to share a little more about them with you in today's post!

{ This post contains pr samples }

The collection

Studio Press Books have released a very exciting collection of Animated Classics, retelling our favourite Disney stories but this time they're accompanied by original concept art and sketches from Disney artists. So as someone who loves the classic Disney films and the work that went into those famous animations, I couldn't be more excited about this release! They currently have six classics available so far including:

The Lion King
• Aladdin
• Sleeping Beauty
• Snow White
• Dumbo
• The Little Mermaid 

..and they're going to keep releasing more too over the upcoming months and even years! It's a collection for people of all ages, old and young as everyone will definitely be able to appreciate the amazing animation images and little details that these books are filled with. Price wise, each book retails for £12.99 which I don't think is too bad at all considering the amount work that has gone into the books, both inside and out!

About the books

The books are hardback and have a premium cloth binding aswell as a ribbon marker to match the colour of each cover. The attention to detail on them is incredible with the beautiful gold foil stamping and illustrated endpapers. They're definitely the type of books you'll want to have out on display, as they look incredible lined up together on a shelf with the different bright colours.

I really like how each book has a completely different cover and it's own unique gold detailing with little details from the film. For example, The Little Mermaid is covered with ocean and sea themed details including the famous Dinglehopper, Tritons Sword and even Flotsam and Jetsam hidden amongst them too. Basically, a Disney geek or collectors idea of heaven! Even the binding is unique to each book too with a small little symbol relating to each film on the bottom, including the famous Snow White Poison Apple and the Genies Lamp from Aladdin making them look extra special out on display and finishing of the design perfectly! 

Inside the books, amongst the classic stories the pages are filled with original animation images, concept art and sketches which adds a new dimension to the stories and is something I know I would of loved as a child! The back of the book is also filled with lots of information about the artists that worked on the illustrations for each film, which I've loved reading and think is perfect for anyone who likes to read about Disney History! At the beginning of the books there is also a foreword from someone currently working at The Walt Disney Studios which is unique to each book. For example, in the Snow White book we have an introduction from Eric Goldberg, who is a supervising animator and director at the Studios. Which is pretty cool, right? and such a great way to introduce the stories!

Overall, I just really can't fault these books! I
think they're so special and I'm sure any Disney lover would be proud to have them in their collection. I know I am and they're definitely something I'm going to treasure forever!

Sleeping Beauty


Snow White


The Little Mermaid

...and that's it! I hope you enjoyed hearing more about the new Disney Animated Classics from Studio Press, I can't get over how beautiful these books are and I'm so excited to see which classics they'll bring out next. I'm hoping for Lady and The Tramp and Cinderella, I would love to see those stories in the same style as these books!

Let me know in the comments which Animated Classic is your favourite they've released so far?



  1. What cute books! And you've photographed them so well. Definitely something that Disney collectors would love!
    Amber | www.amberatlanta.blogspot.co.uk

  2. This is so awesome. Snow white was my favorite growing up.


    1. Mine too! I think it was the first one I watched :)


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