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Thursday, April 25, 2019

My thoughts on the new Magnitone XOXO Silicone Cleansing brush

It's time for another skincare review! This time I'm going to be sharing my thoughts on the new XOXO silicone cleansing brush from Magnitone. Silicone cleansing brushes are all the rage right now, so I was very excited to give one a go for myself and see whether they are really worth the hype!

{ This post contains a pr sample }

About the brush?

Unlike the old school cleansing brushes this is made with naturally antibacterial PurO Silicone and uses Micro Sonic technology to cleanse, so no harsh brushes that can irritate the skin here! The silicone touch points on the brush transfer over 8000 micro vibrations into the skin each minute, something our hands can't do by themselves! Pretty amazing, right?

The brush has three different zones, one for oily/normal skin, one for dry/sensitive skin and lastly one for massaging the skin. You can also adjust the speed too depending on your preference and skin type - so it's completely customisable to your skin needs, unlike a lot of brushes similar to this one! Another bonus with this brush is that it has antibacterial bristles that are uniquely protected by natural silver-ions, so it's definitely a lot more hygienic for the skin too!

Design wise, I'm a big fan of this brush! It's super compact so perfect for travelling, and ideal for popping in your makeup bag for nights away! I also think it looks pretty cute too for a cleansing brush, right? Especially if you're a pink lover like me, but don't worry, they also have this one available in a lovely mint green colour too if you're not a fan of the pink!

My thoughts?

Overall I'm really impressed with this brush, and really do think it's worth the hype! I've been using the brush in the evenings for my second cleanse. I still like to apply the cleanser to my face with my hands and massage it into the skin a little, then go in with the brush for a deeper cleanse. My skin instantly feels soft, smooth and refreshed each time I use it, so it really does feel like it's definitely giving my skin a really good deep clean without overcleansing or stripping my skin of too much oil like some harsher brushes can sometimes do. I definitely think silicone is the way to go now, especially if you have sensitive or dry skin like me as this one really does feel so gentle on the skin!

Long-term, over the last two months I've definitely noticed my skin looking and feeling quite abit smoother and overall just seems to have a much clearer and healthier complexion since using this. So, I'm definitely a fan and really surprised at just how good this little gadget is! I can really see why it's worth the hype now.

The only slight downside to mention is that this can break out your skin within first few weeks of using it, which happened to me during the first two but it's definitely been worth it! It wasn't a massive breakout just a few blemishes on my forehead and chin area, and didn't affect any other areas on me personally at all.

Worth the price?

This brush costs £40 at the moment, so still on the pricier side but a lot cheaper than some of the pricier ones out there! For me the brush is definitely worth it, and I'm so glad I've discovered it. It's a game changer when it comes to cleansing, and feels like it does a much better job than using just my hands alone. I think this would especially be great if you wear heavier makeup daily, as this helps to remove any of the excess from the skin without overcleansing or stripping the skin like a harsh makeup remover can do.

Another thing to mention is that I've had this around 2 months now and still haven't needed to recharge it, which is pretty amazing, right? That's with around 5 minutes a night usage so you definitely don't have to worry about having to charge this one up regularly!

..and that's it! I hope you enjoyed hearing my thoughts on the new XOXO Cleansing Brush from Magnitone. I'm so pleasantly surprised with this one, I think silicone brushes are definitely the way to go now, and are a great investment for your skincare routine. I'm so excited to keep using mine!

Let me know in the comments if you've tried the new XOXO brush yet, and your thoughts?

Product Link: Magnitone XOXO Brush



  1. I’ve heard such great things about this cleansing brush. So happy you like it Kate��

  2. I am such a huge magnitone fan already, I have a few of their products, I might have to add this too the list!

    1. This is the first brush I've tried from them, you'll have to let me know your recommendations? xx

  3. It looks such a clever, compact little design.

    1. I agree! I love how travel friendly it is xx


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