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Sunday, July 14, 2019

Red Carpet Manicure Gel Polish Pro Kit Review

It's time for another nail polish review! This time it's something a little different and I'm going to be reviewing the Gel Polish Pro Kit from Red Carpet Manicure. I've always been so intrigued by at home nail kits like this one and wondered whether they actually worked aswell as they claimed to, so I was very excited to give this bundle a try!

{ This post contains pr samples }

What does the kit include?

The kit contains all the supplies you'll need for at home gel nails including:

A professional LED Light (with timer function)
• A Purify Pre & Post Application Cleanser (59ml)
• A Prep Max Adhesion Sanitizer (9ml)
• A Structure Base Coat Gel (9ml)
• A Brilliance Seal & Shine Top Coat Gel (9ml)
• An Erase Gel Nail Polish Remover (59ml)
• A Revitalize Nourishing Cuticle Oil LED Gel Polish (9ml) in Creme de la Creme
•  20 Remover Wraps
•  20 Lint Free Wipes
•  5 Orange Wood Sticks
•  A Cuticle and Pro Buffing Stick
•  2 Adhesive Buffing Tap Strips
•  An Emery Board

So you get a huge array of products included in the kit, including products to help prep and care for the nails and cuticles too aswell as the products for painting them which I love!

The Application Process

Before trying out the kit I was worried it was going to be a little complicated for a gel nail novice like me but the whole process was actually really easy to follow and complete, and that's coming from someone who struggles to apply nail polish neatly most of the time! The instructions are layed out into small easy steps in the booklet included and are broken down into three main stages..

Step 1: Preparation

The first step was all about prepping the nails for the polish which included gently pushing back the cuticles with the orange wood stick, shaping the nails with the nail filer included, removing shine from the nails with the buffing stick and then lastly applying the 'Purify' pre and post application cleanser to the nails with one of the lint-free nail wipes to help remove any excess oil and dust. These were all super quick and easy steps but really helped to make my nails feel extra clean and prepped ready for the main steps!

Step 2: Colour and top coat application

Next up it was time to apply the polishes and primers! Starting with applying the Prep Max Adhesion nail primer from the cuticle to the nails edge to get the nails prepped and primed for the gel polishes, then letting them air dry for a few minutes. After the nails were dry it was time to start the main coats, starting off with applying a thin coat of the 'Structure' base coat and then letting the nails cure under the lamp for the first time for 45 seconds. I found this worked best doing 4 fingers at a time and then my two thumb nails together last! The lamp included actually has a timer function meaning no need to be faffing around setting up a timer on your phone, the lamp just turns itself off instead which is super handy! 

Then it was time for colour and I went for the shade 'My Walk Of Fame' which is a really pretty purple colour, ideal for any time of year! (This one doesn't come in the kit but is available to buy separately) I found the colour applied so smoothly and evenly to the nails with no trouble at all, making it a very easy step. If any excess product did accidentally get onto the skin it was really easy to remove with one of the orange wood sticks, just make sure to do that before curing the nails under the lamp! The nail polishes are designed to be applied in two coats and cured after each individual coat, and that worked perfectly with this shade bringing it to it's full opacity of that gorgeous purple colour.

Lastly for polish you just need to apply a thin coat of their 'Brilliance' top coat right to the edge of the nails to seal them in, then pop them under the lamp for the last time.. and that's all of the coats done!

Step 3: Finish

Lastly you just need to cover one of the lint-free nail wipes with the 'Purify' cleanser and wipe each nail to remove any tacky residue and then add some of the 'Revitalise' cuticle oil to the cuticles to moisturise them. After those final steps that's it and you're then left with gorgeous salon worthy gel nails! I actually couldn't believe how easy the whole process was and also how quickly everything took too. It didn't feel much longer than when I paint my nails using regular polish due to not having to wait around for the polishes to dry, so it's definitely not a time consuming process like I imagined and probably took just under 30 minutes, which I think is amazing considering how long the nails last afterwards.

The finish

Finish wise, the nails had the most gorgeous glossy shine and was honestly something I would be happy with from a nail salon. That finish stayed exactly the same throughout the weeks I had the polish on too, so I have no complaints at all about the finish! 

How well did the nails wear?

The gel polish easily lasted two weeks, at around 12-14 days my nails did start to grow out so I was ready for a change but you could definitely get away with keeping them on a week longer, especially if your nails don't grow as quickly as mine do!  The photos below are at day 14, and apart from the nails growing out at the bottom and the slight gap on the top of my middle finger ( My own fault, not completely sealing the nail with colour!) I think they look pretty good for day 14, right? I even think my thumb and little finger look exactly pretty much identical to my day one photos, which I'm so impressed with!

The Removal Process

The removal process was just as easy as the application process. You simply buff the surface of the nails to break the top coat seal down, then wrap the nails in foil that's been saturated in the Erase Gel Nail polish remover for around 10-15 minutes. After that you just need to gently scrape any excess off with an orange woodstick and lightly buff the nail.. then that's it, completely clean nails again! I was really worried my nails would be left quite damaged after the removal as I'd never used anything like this before but they were absolutely fine!

Worth the price?

The kit is currently priced at £69.95, so it's definitely not a cheap purchase but in the long run I think you could save quite a bit of money using this kit, especially if you're someone that gets your gel nails done professionally on a regular basis as I bet that money could easily rack up over a year!

...and that's it! I hope you enjoyed hearing my thoughts on the Gel Polish Pro Kit from Red Carpet Manicure! I am really pleasently surprised by this one and can't wait to use the kit again for my holiday to Florida now. I'm usually repainting my nails every few days when I'm away, so it's going to be amazing not having to worry about them this time!

Let me know in the comments if you've tried anything from Red Carpet Manicure before and your thoughts?

Product link: Gel Polish Pro Kit



  1. Until recently, I had a gel manicure machine and I thought it was such a time saver, and ensured lovely looking nails always! This one looks like it comes with all the bits necessary for perfect nails x
    Amber | www.amberatlanta.blogspot.co.uk

  2. I have this kit too and I love it! Also I really like that "My Walk of Fame" shade, I may have to pick it up for myself x


    1. Ahh yay! So glad you're loving it too, you'll have to let me know if you recommend any other shades :)

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