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Sunday, June 09, 2019

New Nailtural Polishes From SensatioNail

Today on the blog I'm going to be talking about the new Nailtural collection from SensatioNail which is an exciting new collection of nail polishes that are all 10-free, meaning they're free from the 10 most commonly used toxic ingredients in nail polishes. So this range is an amazing alternative if you're looking for something more natural for the nails, without any harsh chemicals!

{ This post contains pr samples }

The shades

There are over 20 shades in the new collection and from what I can see on the website there's a really good range of shades with everything from pale pinks to dark deep purples, so there should definitely be something for everyone's colour preferences in this collection! I've been testing out two of the new shades:

'Poppy Patience' - A peachy orange
'Dynamic Daisy' - A bright pink

..which are two lovely bright shades, perfect the upcoming summer months. My personal favourite has to be 'Dynamic Daisy' as a huge pink lover! It's a gorgeous bright pink and I can see myself reaching for it so much throughout the summer months and also all year round too as pink is perfect for all seasons, right?

'Poppy Patience' is another lovely summery shade and would definitely make for the perfect holiday nails! Orange is actually not a colour I would tend to go for usually but I think the mix of peach and orange tones in this one balances the shade out perfectly, creating a gorgeous almost coral like colour and I love it!

'Poppy Patience'

'Dynamic Daisy'

Formula and Finish

All of the new polishes aim to add colour to your nails without the harsh chemicals, so these are perfect if you're on the look out for a natural nail polish that's going to be a lot more gentle on the nails. The polishes are completely Vegan and Cruelty Free too and are composed of up to 85% bio-sourced ingredients such as potato, corn and wheat, which is pretty cool right? and obviously a lot healthier for our nails too!

The two polishes I've been trying both have a lovely glossy finish to them and have applied really smoothly to the nails without any bubbling or streakiness. I did find they needed atleast two coats of polish ( three for the orange/peach shade) to build up to their true colours but they layer up really nicely so that wasn't an issue for me and is pretty standard for most nail polishes anyway!

Are they longwearing?

The only thing that lets these polishes down for me is the wear time without a top coat as they do just seem to chip very easily. I found without a top coat they started to chip after just a day which is obviously not the best wear wise. Luckily though they do have a really good top coat in the new collection and with that locking the polishes in I found they lasted around 4-5 days on my nails, which I think is pretty good! So, if you're looking to try any shades from the new collection then I definitely do recommend ordering a top coat too as these polishes definitely need it to last well!

Worth the price?

All of the colour polishes are currently priced at £9.90 and the top coat £10.90, so they are a little on the pricier side per bottle especially considering you do really need the top coat for them to last well on the nails. On the plus side though, I really do like the finish these polishes have on the nails and think it's amazing that they've managed to create a polish made from such natural ingredients!

..and that's it! I hope you enjoyed hearing my thoughts on the new Nailtural Polishes from SensatioNail. I have loved trying both of these shades and know I'll definitely be getting lots of use out of them this summer, especially that gorgeous pink which is currently my favourite pink in my nail polish stash, I just love it!

Let me know in the comments which shade is your favourite out of the two?

Product link: Nailtural Collection



  1. I love the sound of the formula. A more natural nail polish sounds like a great option. The pink shade is beautiful! x


    1. I agree! I love that they've managed to create something so natural :)


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