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Thursday, May 23, 2019

New Luxury Chocolate pearls from Thorntons: combining jewellery and chocolate

Chocolate and jewellery are two things most girls love, it's even been researched! So Thornton's ( one of my favourite Chocolate brands!) have decided to combine the two
to celebrate the release of their new Pearls range. Yes you heard that right, edible jewellery! It doesn't get much better than that does it?

{This post contains a pr sample} 

According to the latest research pearls are back with a bang and are becoming set to be the gemstone of 2019 making a big comeback this summer. They are being added to demin, headbands and even bags, offering a modern twist on that timeless classic that never seems to go out of style and have even been worn at the recent Met Gala ball by Harry Styles and Gal Gadot!

Results of the research Thorntons have done showed that two of the most common things women love to treat themselves to are jewellery and chocolate. So, the chocolate makers teamed up with fashion expert Nisha Grewal to recreate 10 of the most iconic images that feature pearls and combine the two things together. The edible treasures took the head chocolate makers and food artist Prudence Staite over 135 hours to make! A total of 781 hand crafted pearls were created to recreate the famous images and don't they look amazing? If you didn't know beforehand you definitely wouldn't notice that they were actually chocolate and not real pearls. The team have done such an incredible job, and I think it's such a fun and unique way to celebrate the new chocolate release!

Marilyn Monroe


Girl with the Pearl Earring

Thorntons Luxury Chocolate pearls

Now, let's talk about the new tasty new releases! Thorntons have launched two brand new products including:

Salted Caramel Pearls
• Nutty Crunch Pearls

I was kindly sent some of the Nutty Crunch Pearls to try and oh my.. they really are delicious! The chocolates have a rich and creamy praline centre with hazelnut and crispy wafer pieces, creating an amazing combination that just works together perfectly. If you're a fan of hazelnuts then you're going to absolutely love these, they went down a treat with my whole family and I'll definitely be picking up some more in the near for sure. Aswell as the taste I also really like the boxes these come wrapped up in with the copper gold detailing, which I think makes them perfect for gifting whether that's a birthday present or a little pick me up gift for a friend. They get a very big thumbs up from me and I can't wait to finish the rest of the box!

Price: £5 (167g) - £8 (238g)
Product link:  Thorntons Pearls

..and that's it! I hope you enjoyed hearing about the newest launch from Thorntons. What an amazing way to launch a new product and combine two of our favourite things jewellery and chocolate!

Let me know in the comments which new flavour you're most excited about?

Product link : Thorntons Pearls



  1. I never tried them before but they sound delicious. I also love the wrapping they came in. I would love to try the Nutty Crunch Pearls.

    1. So tasty! Definitely worth a try :) Thanks for reading xx

  2. Ohhh they look so yummy! Never knew they had this range! Love the sound of salted caramel ones��

    1. I'm desperate to try those now too! Thanks for reading :)

  3. With new designs and contemporary updates to pearl production, pearls are today making a big comeback in popular fashion.


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