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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

May Favourites

It's time for another monthly favourites, it's been such a long time since I've done one of these but I feel like I've discovered so many new products throughout the month of May as well as rediscovering some old favourites, so I'm very excited to share them with you all!

{ This post contains some PR samples and affiliate links }

Magnitone XOXO Cleansing Brush

First up is something I've been using for around two months now, and it's the new Magnitone XOXO Soft Touch Silicone Cleansing Brush! Unlike the old school cleansing brushes this is made with naturally antibacterial PurO Silicone and uses Micro Sonic technology to cleanse, so no harsh brushes that can irritate the skin here! The silicone touch points on the brush transfer over 8000 micro vibrations into the skin each minute, something our hands can't do by themselves! Pretty amazing, right?

I've been using the brush in the evenings for my second cleanse. I still like to apply the cleanser to my face with my hands and massage it into the skin a little, then go in with the brush for a deeper cleanse. My skin instantly feels soft, smooth and refreshed each time I use it, so it really does feel like it's definitely giving my skin a really good deep clean but without overcleansing or stripping my skin of too much oil like some harsher brushes can sometimes do. I definitely think silicone is the way to go now, especially if you have sensitive or dry skin like me as this one really does feel so gentle on the skin. You can find my full review linked below!

Price: £40
Product Link: Magnitone Cleansing Brush
Full review: Magnitone Blog Review

Soap & Glory Righteous Butter

Next up is the Righteous Body Butter from Soap and Glory. I kindly recieved this in the mail around a month or two ago and I forgot just how good it was so I feel like I've definitely rediscovered an old favourite. I also forgot how amazing that famous Soap and Glory scent was too, it has a lovely blend of fragrances including

• Mandarin
• Leafy Greens
• Musk
• Oakmoss
• Amber

..which all blend together perfectly creating such a pretty scent, there's nothing I can think of that's similar at all! It's the perfect after shower moisturiser that soaks into the skin like a dream, leaving it feeling soft and moisturised without leaving behind any oily or greasy residue. I also find this one's amazing to use after a long day in the sunshine as it feels really cooling on the skin. It's packed with Aloe Vera and Shea Butter so it makes for a great post beach body butter. I really can't fault this stuff and I'm so glad I've rediscovered it again!

Price: £10
Product link: Righteous Butter

Pixi T-Zone mask

Next up is something from one of my all time favourite skincare brands, Pixi! I've been loving their T-Zone peel off mask over the past few weeks, it's the first peel off mask I've tried from the brand and I'm so impressed. It's so easy to apply and once it's on dries down pretty quickly and after around 10-15 minutes is ready to remove! It's not one of those painful masks that pulls everything out but it definitely does such a good job of clearing out the skin! It's also a shiny Pixi green colour too, and who doesn't love a fun looking face mask, right?

Seriously though, I really am impressed with this one! It's perfect if you're looking for a quick fix detox for the skin, without completely stripping it. I've been using it around twice a week and it leaves my T zone feeling so soft and smooth everytime! It's packed full of great ingredients too, including:

• Avocado
• Cucumber
• Green Tea
• Bamboo Extract
• Seaweed

So, this one's a great peel of mask to use if you're looking for something a bit more gentle, and that's packed with ingredients to soothe and condition the skin too whilst clearing it. I'm a big fan, and it's definitely become one of my favourites from Pixi!

Price: £18
Product link: Pixi mask

'So This Is Love' Colourpop Supershock shadow

Next up is a new favourite from Colourpop that I've become obsessed with this month, and have been reaching for so much! It's their 'So This Is Love' Super Shock shadow from the Designer Disney collection which is a gorgeous warm taupe shade with a frosted finish and the formula is just a dream to work with. I've been applying this one with my fingers to my lid to finish of a nude eyeshadow look, and one swipe is all you need for that pigmented foiled finish! It doesn't need building up at all, and the best part.. no creasing or fallout whatsoever, Yay! I really couldn't recommend this little shadow enough. I'm also a little in love with the packaging too, and the little golden castle on the lid, Disney touches make everything that extra bit special, right?

Price: $6
Product Link: Supershock shadow

Pixi Glow Cake

Another beauty product I'm still loving is the Pixi Glow Cake palette in the shade Gilded Bare Glow. I love the concept of their Glow Cakes, there's three shades in one pan which means you can either use them mixed together for a flush of glow or individually - so it's a great multi use product! I've been particularly reaching for the blush shade which adds the most beautiful peachy glow to the cheeks. All of the shades apply like a dream, and blend into the skin really well! I haven't found any of the shades to have any fallout apart from a bit of kick back in the pan from the highlight shade, which I've found to be a little more powdery than the others as you'll be able to see in the swatches, but blended into the skin it's just as beautiful as the other two colours.

Finish wise, you'll be able to see from the swatches above again that these are definitely more natural looking, so they're perfect if you're looking for a subtle flush of product compared to something more out-there. A gorgeous compact, that I can't wait to keep on using, especially throughout the summer months!

Price: £24
Full review: Glow Cake Blog Review
Product Link: Gilded Bare Glow Cake

Grilled Peaches & Vanilla Yankee Candle

Another new favourite I've discovered this month is the Yankee Candle Grilled Peaches and Vanilla scent, which is from their new Sunday Brunch collection! It has a delicious blend of Grilled Peaches, Caramelized Brown Sugar and Vanilla cream.. aka my idea of heaven! Perfect for those of us that love sweet but also fruity scents, as this one is the best of both worlds. The strongest scents that come across for me are the Peach and apricot notes, with the vanilla and caramelized sugar notes acting as more of a background scent. It's my favourite blend they've released in a long time, I mean who doesn't want their house smelling like Grilled Peaches and Vanilla, right?

Large Jar price: £23.99
Product link: Grilled Peaches & Vanilla Candle

Figs and Rouge Rose Glow Drops

Next up are the new Morning Revival Rose Glow Drops from Figs and Rouge, which were included in April's Cohorted Monthly box! I've been using this under my foundation, mainly on my cheekbones and it leaves such a pretty soft dewy finish, perfect for achieving that natural glowy look. It glides onto the skin so evenly, and sits really well under foundation without separating or clinging to any dry patches. Perfect for us dry skin girls!

It's quite pricey at £28 a bottle, but I can already tell this one's going to last me well as you hardly need much product at all! I also love that it's packed with some great skincare ingredients too, including:

Rose Water – Pore refining & anti-inflammatory nurturing Rose water, helps tone & balance skin with soothing effect.

Calendula – Gentle wonder flower helps moisturise and revive a puffy morning complexion.

•  Glycerin – Skin soothing properties of Glycerin hydrates, locks in moisture & restores a natural luminous glow.

I'm so glad I've discovered them! The drops make the prettiest glowy base, and I can already tell I'm going to be reaching for them so much throughout the upcoming summer months. 

Price: £28
Product Link: Rose Glow Drops

Mavala 'Fancy Pink' Polish

Another product I've been loving this month is the new 'Fancy Pink' nail polish from Mavala, which is from their new Splash and Dash range which has recently launched at John Lewis! As a pink lover myself, I bet you're not surprised at all that I'm loving this polish. It's a gorgeous bright fuchsia like pink with a shiny creme finish, perfect for the Spring and upcoming Summer months! As well as the pretty colour, the formula is pretty impressive too. It applies so smoothly and evenly to the nails, with no bubbling or streaky lines, yay! It's also pretty opaque too, and I've found this one never needs more than two coats - perfect if you're looking for something quick and easy!

Wear wise, this one seems to last around around 3-5 days before chips start to appear which I don't think is too bad for the price. That's without a top coat locking them in too, so I would imagine this would last really well combined with a good top coat!
Price: £5.20
Product Link: Mavala Polish

Misslyn Black Joker Mascara

Last up is a new mascara, which is a makeup product I am very fussy about, as they can either make or break a makeup look. I mean, there's nothing worse than spending lots of time on your makeup to then ruin it with a bad mascara, am I right?

This month I've discovered a great one though, the New Black Joker Mascara from the new Misslyn Casino collection, which has really pleasently surprised me! It leaves my lashes looking longer and thicker without looking spidery or flaking throughout the day, yay! It can sometimes clump up slightly if I apply too much, but that's nothing a quick brush through with a spooley won't fix and only happens if I do apply too many coats.

The mascara has a really intense black colour to it, which gives a lovely bold finish to the lashes, perfect if you're looking for something a little more dramatic. I'm really pleasently surprised with this one and am very pleased with the results it gives my lashes. It definitely gets my approval!

Price: £9.50
Product Link: Black Joker Mascara

..and that's it! I hope you enjoyed hearing about some products that I've been loving throughout the last month. I can't believe we are almost into June already, this year is definitely flying by!

Let me know in the comments what you've been loving throughout the month of May?



  1. first of all i have to say, your photography is absolutely incredible. second these are all great favorites. the soap and glory righteous butter is my favorite body butter of all time. i’ve been looking for a new mask so i will have to check out the pixi mask. the heart swatch of the super shock shadow is amazing as well, there are so many little things about this post that put it over the top of greatness. favorites post are some of my favorite to read and this is no exception. lovely post xx

    mich / simplymich.com

    1. Ahh thank you so much Michelle, that's made my day! So glad you enjoyed the post :)

  2. I have to agree with Michelle - these photos are beaut! Also I LOVE that little kitten tray you have your rings on! it's so cute <3 These products all sound amazing too and I really want a grilled peaches candle now hehe

    Anne // www.basifpa-and-did.co.uk

    1. Aww thank you Anne - The trinket dish is from Sass and Belle, I just couldn't resist it when I saw it! Thanks for reading :) xx

  3. The Grilled Peaches and Vanilla Yankee Candle sounds amazing! I can imagine the scent would really make me hungry! I love the shade of the 'Fancy Pink' nail varnish - so pretty xxx

    1. I can't get over how incredible it smells! Thanks for reading :)

  4. I really need to try more products from Pixi. I like the sound of the peel off mask. Also, your pictures are really pretty. I was immediately drawn in by them!


    1. Thank you so much - that's so kind to say! x

  5. I’ve heard a lot about cleansing brushes but have yet to take the plunge, I really need to start upping my skincare routine and sticking to my nighttime routine!

    Soap and Glory! I’ve been meaning to purchase a good after shower moisturizer, just have to finish the Shea Butter I currently have - and the great thing is that It has both Shea butter and Aloe Vera - the perfect moisturizer!

    I love how subtle the shine is in the Pixi Glow Cake palette - it seems like the perfect highlighter palette for everyday.
I also really love your photography in this post, great post!!

    1. I really recommend their Righteous Butter, it's definitely one of the best I've tried :) Thank you so much! xx

  6. I love that Soap and Glory lotion! I didn't know Colourpop and Disney had collaboration, I need to check out the whole collection. The packaging looks lovely! ♥


    1. Me too! I adore the packaging on the Collab so much :) thanks for reading x

  7. I love the Magnitone XOXO too! It's really helped with clearing up my skin when it's being super hormonal which is great and Soap and Glory's Righteous Butter is a must have! I always have a tub of it in. That Colourpop eyeshadow is so pretty! I only have a couple of shadows from Colourpop but they all pack a punch on the pigment front and I love that they last well on my oily eyelids too lol x


    1. We definitely must have similar taste when it comes to brands and makeup! Thanks for reading :)

  8. The righteous butter smells divine, it's such a classic as well! I've been loving the Pixi Glow Cake as well, one of my faves at the moment
    Charlotte / Charlotte's Picks

    1. Ahh yay, it's such a pretty formula isn't it? :) Thanks for reading!


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