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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

May Cohorted Box

It's time for another beauty box unboxing! This time I'm going to share what's inside the Cohorted May box, and trust me it's a good one. This month's box is packed full of high end makeup and skincare goodies, and I'm so excited to share what's inside and let you know my first impressions on a few of the products too! So, let's get into the post..

{ This post contains pr samples }

About Cohorted?

Cohorted are the UK number 1 high end beauty box service. They release a new box every month  filled with luxury and high end beauty and skincare picks, all packaged together in their signature sleek black box and tied with a classy black bow, very pretty right? The boxes are a little pricier than some beauty boxes but are always amazing value for money, usually worth 3 to 4 times the cost of the actual box and packed full of exciting luxury items. I've had a few boxes over the past few years from the brand and I'm honestly blown away each time with the contents for the price! Now, let's get into talking about what's included in this month's box..

This Works Hyaluronic Serum

First up we have a skincare item, the Hyaluronic Serum from This Works who are a brand I've heard amazing things about, so I'm very happy to be able to try one of their skincare picks! The serum aims to hydrate and brighten tired looking morning skin, and I'm very excited to put it to the test and see whether it's worth the hype. The serum retails for £37, which is just over the price of the full box, so we're definitely seeing some amazing value for money again with this month's content!

Retail Price: £37

Magic Stripes Magnetic Youth Mask

Next up we have another skincare item, this time the Magnetic Youth Mask from Magic Stripes who are a completely new brand to me! This one's such an interesting and unique mask, completely different to anything I've tried before. The mask is covered in little magnets that accelerate the circulation of blood and fluids, which can then help to improve the elimination of toxins, impurities and excess water, which is pretty impressive, right?

I used this a few nights ago when the box arrived and I really did like it! The mask was dripping in moisture before putting it on my face, and after 20 minutes it was completely dry. I actually couldn't believe how all of that moisture soaked up into my skin so quickly, with no residue or excess product left on my face either, which I think is pretty impressive. So, it's definitely a good way to get lots of moisture packed into the skin quickly if your skin's looking and feeling dehydrated! I can't really judge whether it drew out toxins and impurities, as I'm no scientist but it really did leave my face feeling and looking so good, it was just the refresh my skin needed. Could I justify £14.50 for one mask ( eek!) ? Probably not, but for a special occasion if you're looking for something that's really going to give your skin a good refresh then this is definitely the answer. A magic little mask that I'm so impressed with and very happy that it was included in this month's box!

Retail price: £14.50 

Oscar De La Renta Perfume Sample

Next in the box we are getting a small perfume sample from Oscar De La Renta in their Extraordinary Petale scent, which really is beautiful! A lovely spring fragrance with floral base notes and zesty top notes, creating a really pretty fruity floral blend, perfect for the spring months. It's a pretty small 2ML sample, but I do really like that perfume samples are usually included in Cohorted boxes as I love trying out new scents, and they're perfect for popping in your handbag for on the go too.

Ciaté London Patent Pout Lip Laquer

Also in the box this month, we are getting one of the Patent Pout Lip laquers from Ciaté London in the shade 'Canoodle', which is a gorgeous glossy peach shade with light golden reflects. Sadly as pretty as the shade looks, I'm really not a fan of the formula of this one. It really clings to any texture and lines on the lips, and just doesn't go on as smoothly as I'd hoped which is such a shame as it's such a gorgeous shade!

Retail price: £17

Lancôme Visionaire Correcting Cream

Next up we are getting another skincare item, this time Lancômes Visionaire Correcting Cream in the new and improved formula. It's a small travel sized cream at 10ml, but obviously Lancôme is a super pricey luxury brand so it's great to be able to sample some of their products! I've not had chance to try this one yet, and will probably save it for my holidays but it sounds like a great multi-purpose cream packed full of amazing ingredients so I'm very interested to give it a go.

Retail Price: £10

Ciaté London Double Lines Eyeliner

Also in the box we are getting another Ciaté makeup product, their Double Lines Eyeliner which is their dual ended liner that includes a black liquid liner and also a soft Kohl liner too, which both claim to be waterproof! I haven't tried this one yet myself but I've heard great things about it from fellow bloggers so I'm excited to finally give it a go. Another great addition to the box, as you can never have to many eyeliners, right?

Retail Price: £19.50

Laura Mercier Caviar eye stick

Next up we have one of the Laura Mercier Eye Caviar eye Sticks in the shade Vanilla Kiss! I've actually never tried a product from Laura Mercier myself before so I'm very excited to give this one a try, as I've heard really good things about the brand overall and have seen so many people raving about their eyeshadow sticks. So, this one's another great addition to the box that I was very happy to see inside!

Doucce Eyeshadow Quad

Lastly, and my favourite item in this month's box is one of the Doucce eyeshadow quads in 'Suncatcher', which has a gorgeous mix of gold and bronze tones, which I'm all about right now! I've actually never heard of the brand Doucce until this arrived, but I'm so pleasently surprised already. I've only used this twice, but on first impressions I'm really impressed! The mattes blend so well on the eyes and the shimmers are packed with pigment, I definitely think I've discovered a new favourite and have no complaints so far. It's lasted very well so far both times I've worn it too!

I also love how compact it is, making it perfect for on the go makeup or to take away on a holiday. So, this one may be coming along to Florida with me, eeek! I definitely need to try some more picks from Doucce now as so far I'm very impressed, that's one thing I love about Cohorted boxes, it's such a great way to discover new luxury and high end brands but in a much more affordable way!

Retail price: £26

Worth the price?

Cohorted boxes at the moment cost £35 and this month's box has a value of £144 which is pretty incredible, right?  You can always rely on them to be amazing value for money and usually over three or four times the amount the box actually costs you. They are definitely a little pricier compared to some subscription boxes out there but always 100% worth the price. Another thing I really like about their boxes is that shade wise they tend to stick to more neutral shades that everyone will wear, so you don't have to worry about recieving any crazy coloured lipsticks with this box - perfect if you like to stick to your more basic shades or are new to makeup.

..and that's it! I hope you enjoyed seeing what was inside this month's Cohorted box. As always I'm blown away by the products included and the value for money! I think my personal favourite pick has to be that gorgeous eyeshadow palette from Doucce which I can see myself reaching for so much throughout the upcoming summer months!

Let me know in the comments what your favourite pick from this month's box is?

Website link: www.cohorted.co.uk



  1. This box sounds fab, I'm gonna check if it's cruelty-free and if so order myself one. Thanks for sharing, I'm sending you all of my love! 🌸💜

    With love, Alisha Valerie x | www.alishavalerie.com

    1. Such a great box isn't it? I can't believe the contents :) Thanks for reading! xx

  2. It's a shame the formula of that lip lacquer isn't the best because that's literally my IDEAL colour haha! My lips are always in horrible condition though, so it'd definitely make it even more noticeable. I love the gold in that eye shadow palette too!


    1. Right? It's so annoying as it's the perfect shade! Thanks for reading :)

  3. Ooo, looks like you got some great products in this box! That Doucce eyeshadow palette has gorgeous colours in it - I hadn't heard of that brand either before reading this post :O it is such a shame that the formula of the Ciate lip laquer, it is such a gorgeous colour!


    1. So impressed with the palette so far, they blend so well! Thanks for reading :)

  4. There are a lot of nice things in the subscription, I love this post

    1. Ahh yay thank you! Hope you've had a lovely weekend :)

  5. Need to look into these because this looks like an epic array of products! Hadn't heard of them before so thank you!

    Terri x

    1. Ahh yay! I'm always so impressed by their boxes :)

  6. I never heard of this subscription box but I love how it includes brands that I would hardly purchase myself. It is nice to treat yourself to some luxury items especially at this affordable price!

    1. Yes, definitely a special treat! Thanks for reading :)

  7. There are so many goodies here! I will definitely look into this further, as I love trying new products!


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