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Monday, February 11, 2019

Magical Disney picks from Practically Perfect Scents

It's time for another Disney themed post, yay! This time I'm going to be reviewing some Walt Disney World inspired candles and wax melts from Practically Perfect Scents. You'll all know I'm absolutely Disney obsessed by now, so I'm very excited to share my thoughts on these scents with you in todays post!

{This post contains PR samples}

Aloha Isle Candle

First up is their Aloha Isle candle which is inspired by one of my favourite Disney Park snacks, Dole Whip, yay! If you haven't been to the Disney Parks before then you'll probably have no idea what I'm talking about, but it's basically a pineapple soft serve, and it's delicious! This candle replicates that famous treat perfectly, with a gorgeous creamy pineapple blend. It's fruity, but has a lovely creaminess to the scent too so it doesn't come across as overpoweringly sweet at all, I'm a big fan!

Scent throw wise this one has a medium to strong scent throw, without being overpowering, and fills a room with that delicious pineapple blend really nicely. It takes around 15 to 30 minutes to fill the air well, so a little slower than the melts I'm going to mention below but it's definitely worth the wait! It's just £7 too, which I think is really afforable for a candle of this quality and size. I'm really impressed and very excited to keep burning it, so no complaints from me!

The Grand Wax Melts

Next up we have some wax melts in their 'The Grand' scent which is inspired by one of the most impressive Disney resorts, The Grand Floridian! This smells spot on to that famous hotels scent, if you haven't been before the resort is filled with a lovely fresh clean scent which this resembles perfectly. It will take you straight back to special moments in the Grand Floridian! The scent has notes of green clover and aloe, which together create a gorgeous clean and bright blend, that's very elegent! If you're a fan of fresh scents then you'll absolutely love this one. Scent throw wise this one is SO strong, just five minutes after putting this one in my burner it filled my room with scent so well. I've tried so many different wax melt brands but none have filled the air as quick as this one so I'm super impressed!

Savannah View Wax Melts

Last up, are the Savannah View wax melts which are inspired by one of my favourite Disney Resorts The Animal kingdom Lodge, seriously, the most beautiful hotel ever! This scent is Sandalwood and Vanilla based and smells just like that famous resort. The blend is one of my favourite Disney scents, it's quite smoky and woody but it's not harsh and still has a lovely creaminess to it from the Vanilla notes. Perfect for any room in the house! Scent throw wise, this one is super strong just like their The Grand wax melts, and fills a room with scent really well. I've been using two of the mini hearts at once, but I think you could easily get away with using just one too!

.. and that's it! I really hope you enjoyed hearing my thoughts on these Disney World inspired scents, I normally find atleast a few negatives when reviewing products but this time it was impossible, I was so impressed! If you're a Disney fan I definitely recommend having a browse on the Practically Perfect Scents website as they have a huge selection of Disney inspired candles, some are even inspired by Disney Characters too!

Let me know in the comments which scent you like the sound of the most?


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