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It's time for my next Christmas gift guide and this time I'm going to be sharing lots of stocking filler ideas, ranging from beauty gifts to tasty chocolates. I've included a range of brands such as Shop Disney, Too Faced, Thorntons, Bomb Cosmetics and lots more! I love putting stockings together for my own family so I've really enjoyed putting this guide together, and hopefully you'll enjoy it too!

First up is the Pillow Spray from Feather and Down, which is one of my favourite products to discover this year! Feather and Down create products that encourage relaxation, perfect for anyone who struggles to get to sleep! I'm sure we all have a friend or family member that struggles, so this one is definitely a thoughtful gift that's perfect for them.

Their spray is easily one of the best pillow sprays I've tried and I've tried alot! You just spritz the mist onto your pillow before heading to bed, then the blend of essential oils starts to get you feeling more relaxed and calm in no time, I'm a massive fan and can definitely see why their products get such high reviews now. This one costs just £7 at Boots, and is also included in their 3 for 2 offer too, which I always make sure to make good use of when shopping for gifts!

Price: £7
Link: Pillow Spray

I love that beauty crackers and baubles are becoming such a big thing this Christmas, and these ones from Missguided are some of my favourites! They are each filled with a super cute fluffy pom pom keyring and a mini version of their popular perfumes, which I think is such an amazing gift idea! The Missguided fragrances are lovely, they have a few different versions so you'll be sure to find a good one for anyone's scent preferences. I especially love the Babe Dreams set, I think the fragrance is such a safe bet for most women especially teens with the fun sweet and fruity notes. I also love how it's packaged too with the gorgeous baby pink box tied with a cute bow, it's definitely one of the prettiest gift baubles I've seen this year!

Price: £10
Link: Babe Dreams bauble

Next up is a gorgeous bath treat from I Love! This is their Mango Cheesecake gift set, which contains two products, a 500ml bath and shower cream and also a body puff which you can never have too many of! Firstly lets talk about their Mango Cheesecake scent because it's a gorgeous one, it's a lovely fresh and fruity yet creamy blend that I've become obsessed with. It always leaves my skin smelling so fresh after a shower, and I'm very excited to keep using it! It's a really decent sized 500ml bottle included too, so this will be sure to last a good while. Price wise, this set costs £4.50 making it the ideal stocking filler this Christmas!

Price: £4.50 
Link: Mango Cheesecake gift set

Next up is this lovely 'Join Hands' cracker set from one of my favourite brands Crabtree and Evelyn! The set includes three of their Hand Therapy creams:

• Gardeners
• Rosewater and Pink peppercorn
• La Source

So, there's some gorgeous scents in this set! The Hand Therapy creams from Crabtree and Evelyn are definitely up there with my favourite hand creams and I've tried alot! I especially love their Rose Water and Pink Peppercorn cream, which leaves the hands feeling super soft! Scent wise it's the perfect blend of sweet and spicy, I think the addition of the peppercorn adds such a unique twist. This trio would be perfect for someone who deserves some TLC this festive season, maybe a nurse or anyone who's hands deserve some pampering. It's a little expensive for a stocking filler but the products are definitely worth it!

Price: £20
Link: Crabtree and Evelyn cracker

Next up is the Baylis and Harding Special Delivery bath fizzer set, which is the perfect gift for any pink lovers like myself! The set includes four bath bombs, two in their White Chocolate fragrance and two in their Buttercream Cupcake fragrance, which both smell pretty delicious. Especially the Buttercream Cupcake fragrance which smells just like a sweet cupcake, my idea of heaven!

I think this is probably one of the prettiest gifts included in this gift guide, I may be bias as I'm just pink obsessed, but isn't it gorgeous? I love the pink stripped design, and the gorgeous iridescent colours! Besides all of that, one of the best things about this set is that is costs just £4.99, which I think is an absolute steal of a price for four bath fizzers packaged this beautifully!

Price: £4.99
Link: Special Delivery bath fizzers

No stocking is complete without chocolate, right? It's definitely one of my favourite things to recieve in mine at Christmas as I am chocolate obsessed! Who isn't? Thorntons have some great options this year, including this little guy which is almost too adorable to eat.. almost! Their white chocolate is way too good to resist. You can find this one at most Supermarkets and of course Thorntons themselves for around £2/£3, so a really afforable stocking filler for friends and family of any age, as I'm sure The Snowman was one of everyone's favourites as a child, I used to watch it over and over during the festive season! Thorntons have some brilliant options for Christmas this year, so I definitely recommend having a browse on their website if you're stuck for ideas.

Price: £2/£3
Link: Thorntons Snowman

Another great gift idea are these adorable soaps from Basin Fresh, which I think would make the perfect stocking fillers. I can't even count how many soaps I've gone through from Basin over the years, but they really are amazing aswell as being very pretty on the eyes too! The Mickey head soaps are exclusive to Basins Disney locations but they have a massive selection of other soaps online too including one of my favourites, their Snowflake soap which gives off all of the Frozen vibes! It's in their Cool Breeze fragrance which is a lovely fresh simple scent, and is one I think everyone is bound to love. A perfect little stocking filler for any Disney fan!

Price: Priced by weight ( Around $6 )
Link: Snowflake soap

Next up is an item from one of my favourite skincare brands, Caudalie! I discovered this brand a few years ago, and still haven't tried a product from them that I've disliked, which I think is pretty amazing! This is their Vinosource cracker, which contains three products:

• A Vinosource S.O.S Thirst-Quenching Serum (10ml)
• A Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet (15ml)
• A Micellar Cleansing Water (30ml)

So, there's a great selection of skincare picks here, including one of my favourite Caudalie products the S.O.S Thirst Quenching serum which is a little livesafer for anyone who suffers from dry skin like myself, honestly amazing! Aswell as the products, how beautiful is this cracker? I really love the red design with the elegant gold detailing. I'm sure anyone would be very happy to recieve this in their stocking! Price wise, this one retails for £10 which I think is so afforable for a skincare brand as good as Caudalie, I'm really impressed. Perfect for anyone who's looking to up their skincare game!

Price: £10
Link: Caudalie cracker

Next up are some delicious gifts from Monty Bojangles, that would make a perfect addition to any stocking this Christmas. First up is their Taste adventure box, which includes three flavours of their famous truffles:

Choccy Scoffy
• Berry Bubbly
• Flutter Scotch

Three gorgeous flavours! If you haven't tried their truffles before you need too. They are so rich and smooth, perfect for any chocolate lover! Aswell as the great taste I really like the box these come in too, so unique and different, it reminds me of Alice in Wonderland with the fun looking whimsical designs.

Another great stocking filler option from Monty Bojangles are their Scofflets bags, which are filled with Chocolate truffle bites, so again any chocolate lovers idea of heaven, trust me! They have these in a range of flavours including:

Caramel and cookie crumble
• Sea salt
• Maple and toasted hazelnut

All of these flavours are SO tasty, I especially like caramel and cookie crumble, which is sooo moreish, the bag definitely won't last long! Price wise, these cost just £2 which I think is such an afforable price for truffles. You can find them in most supermarkets, and on the Monty Bojangles website too!

Prices: Scofflets £2, Taste Adventure box £2.50/£3

A great stocking filler idea for children this year are the new Tiny Big Feet soft toys from Shop Disney, which I think look adorable! I actually gave these to my niece a few weeks ago and she absolutely loved them, I think the bright red and green colours and cute faces are perfect for little ones. These are suitable for babies from birth, so are a great option for all ages! Aswell as the Christmas characters they also have some classics including Dumbo, Marie and Eeyore which look just as adorable as these two.

Price wise, these cost £5 so even though they are small they're not too badly priced, especially for a Disney soft toy! You can also get discount on the shop Disney website from the 6th to 9th of December with my code 'KATEBALLAMY' which will give you 15% off orders.

Price: £5
Link: Tiny Big Feet soft toy

Next up is another gift perfect for Disney lovers, a Disney themed Sheet mask from Mad Beauty! This is their Belle mask, which contains rose water making it perfect for those chilled pamper nights, it also smells amazing too, ideal for anyone who loves rose based scents! Aswell as this mask they also have a huge selection of other princess masks too including Aurora, Ariel and Jasmine. They even have a villains range too, and two Mickey and Minnie themed sheet masks, so there's lots of different options available!

Price wise, these cost around £4 which is pretty pricey for a one use mask, however that seems to be the general price from most brands these days! They do offer some sets too, which make the masks work out a little cheaper, so they're definitely worth checking out if you're looking to gift a few. A fun gift, perfect for any Disney lover!

Price: £4
Link: Belle sheet mask

One brand that has some amazing and delicious stocking fillers again this year is Hotel Chocolat! They are one of my all time favourite chocolate brands, which I'm sure we have all tried by now, if not then you need too! Two great options are their Jolly white chocolate snowman and their Alternative mince pie set. The white chocolate from Hotel Chocolat is incredible, so creamy and luxurious, so I'm sure the Snowman would make a lovely delicious treat for someone who loves white chocolate, like me! I also love the idea of the alternative Christmas pudding set which contains two flavours of chocolate, Salted Caramel Cream and Pecan Praline which are wayyy better than any Christmas pudding in my opinion! I especially love the salted caramel cream flavour, which has the most delicious buttery caramel inside. A set that would definitely make a chocolate lover very happy!

My personal favourite option is the 'A Dozen Portly Penguins' set which contains 12 adorable penguin chocolate counters, which include both a mix of white and milk chocolate, so you get the best of both worlds here! Besides the tasty factor, how adorable do these penguins look? I think they look super cute, so I'm sure anyone would love to recieve these in their stocking this Christmas! All of these gifts cost £8 each and are also currently on offer so you can get any three for £20, which is a great option if you're looking to buy a few different gifts in one place.

~ Jolly white chocolate snowman ~
Price: £8
Link: Chocolate snowman

~Alternative Christmas puddings ~
Price: £8
Link: Chocolate Christmas puddings

~Portly penguins~
Price: £8
Link: Penguin chocolate set

Another brand with some gorgeous Christmas releases this year is Kiss Air Candles, if you follow me over on Instagram then you'll already know how much I love this brand. Gorgeous unique fragrances with amazing scent throws, what's not to love, right? They have a great selection of Christmas candles this year, including five christmas classic jars, two new tumbler style candles, two votive tin sets and even wax melts, basically a candle lovers idea of heaven! They've releases five different festive scents this year:

• Gingerbread
• Christmas tree
• Candy cane
• Spiced orange
• Winter berries

I really love all five of these, but my favourite has to be gingerbread, they've nailed that gorgeous christmas scent so well with notes of vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon and ginger. I've been burning this one this week, and it had my room smelling like delicious gingerbread in no time, so it's definitely a winner for me!

Packaging wise, I think these make such lovely gifts especially the new votive tin sets, I've never seen anything like them before but they would definitely make great stocking fillers or the perfect secret santa gift for someone who likes their candles! Price wise, these range between £8 and £12.50, which is a bargain for a good candle in my opinion. I really can't recommend this brand enough, aswell as their Christmas scents they have some great other options too, including cocktail and baking scents. So, it's definitely worth having a browse on their site!

Price: Jar candles £9, Tumblers £12.50 and votive tins £8.
Link: Kiss Air Candles

Next up is the new Flamingo Ho Ho bath blaster from one of my favourite bath brands Bomb Cosmetics, and isn't it just adorable? The best name for a bath blaster ever! I love the flamingo decoration with the cute little santa hat, it's basically Summer and Winter combined into one bath blaster, which is so fun.

It's quite simple colour wise so I imagine this one will just be a white colour when fizzed but I know it's going to be a winner when it comes to the scent and skin benefits though as the blaster is piped with shea and cocoa butter which honestly leaves the skin feeling so soft, the piped blasters are definitely some of my pamper night favourites for this reason alone! I think this would make the perfect stocking filler for family members and friends of all ages, as who doesn't love a cute flamingo in a santa hat?

Price: £2.99
Link: Flamingo Ho Ho bath blaster

A gift perfect for any makeup lover is this Anastasia Beverly Hills Bauble from Feel Unique, which includes their 'Toffee' lipgloss. This is a gorgeous nude colour, which I think is a shade everyone will love, as who doesn't love a good nude lipstick? Anastasia Beverly Hills is one of my favourite high end brands, I've found all of their products to be of a really high quality so this is the perfect luxury beauty stocking filler for a really afforable price. It's a travel sized gloss, but it's actually a very decent size that I'm sure will definitely last a while! Also, how pretty is this packaging? I love the purple and cream box, it definitely makes the gift feel that extra bit special!

Price: £8
Link: Currently out of stock ( I will add a new link as soon as it's restocked )

Next up is another gift perfect for Disney lovers, a Mickey Mouse lipbalm that's available from Truffle Shuffle! It has a golden design to celebrate 90 years of the main mouse himself! This is definitely one of the cutest lip balms I've ever seen, so I'm sure any Disney fan would love this one too. Aswell as looking pretty the actual lip balm is packed with shea butter and coconut oil, so it's perfect for keeping anyones lips in a good condition this Winter, it's also lightly fragranced with a Vanilla scent too which smells VERY good.
Price wise, this one retails for around £6.99, so it is pricey for a lip balm but it's definitely a special looking one and it's limited edition too!

Price: £6.99
Link: Mickey 90 lipbalm

Treat Kitchen have some amazing stocking filler options this year, including their Alcohol infused gummies! They have them in a range flavours such as Peach Bellini, Gin & Tonic and Strawberry & Prosecco. So, these would make a great fun gift for anyone who loves their cocktails! The Peach Bellini flavour is especially delicious, it's packed with a juicy peach flavour then has an amazing prosecco after taste. It's basically peach bellini in sweet form, so this one is the ideal stocking filler for any peach bellini fan, and I can definitely think of a lot of them!

These sweet pouches cost £3.95, so a fair price considering these are alcohol gummies. Aswell as these Treat Kitchen have some great other gift options too, so make sure to have a browse on their website if you're still stuck for ideas. I'll be sharing a few more in my Foodie Lovers gift guide very soon, so stay tuned for that one!

Price: £3.95
Link: Peach flavoured gummies

Another gift perfect for a makeup lover is this Real Techniques mini miracle complexion sponge set, which contains four mini face sponges. I use beauty sponges everyday, so this is definitely a great practical gift for anyone who wears makeup, they are perfect for applying concealer and foundation, and also liquid highlighter too. I love popping mini sponges into my handbag as they are great for touching up makeup on the go! You can find these in places like Boots, Superdrug and also Amazon too, they are retailing for around £7 at the moment which I think is pretty affordable for four sponges from Real Techniques. A perfect gift for any makeup wearer!

Price: £6.99
Link: Real Techniques sponge set

A gift perfect for tea lovers this Christmas are the tea gift packs from Bird and Blend, which they have in a huge range of scents including:

Fairytale of NY
• Snowball
• Mulled Cider
• Mince Pie
• Mrs Claus prosecco

A great range of fun and interesting Christmas flavours! I definitely get bored of regular tea, so these flavours are perfect, and are something I've not seen anywhere else before, who knew Mince Pie tea was a thing? I actually had their Fairytale of NY tea in my advent calendar yesterday, and it was delicious. It's inspired by creamy Irish coffee..

"With sweet vanilla rooibos & chocolate-y notes, this creamy Irish coffee inspired blend is a Christmas dream come true! Raise your mugs, Teabirds & join us... ‘& the bells are ringing out.."

The chocolately vanilla flavours in this tea are amazing, it really is the perfect festive blend! Aswell as the great taste, I'm a big fan of the packaging the tea bags come in, simple but still super festive. A perfect stocking filler for any tea fan, and I'm sure we all know lot's of those!

Price: £8.95
Link: Christmas tea gift pack

Next up is a stocking filler perfect for a Harry Potter fan, an edible chocolate frog! I'm sure any Harry Potter lover would be very happy to recieve one of these in their stocking this Christmas. Aswell as the chocolate these actually contain a collectable mystery wizard card inside too. I've had a few of them now myself and they are so fun to open and see which wizard you have, I'm still hoping for Dumbledore or Snape, so fingers crossed! Aswell as the novelty, this chocolate is actually really good, it's a creamy milk chocolate mixed with puffed rice. A lot nicer that most chocolate you usually find in novelty gifts like these! I would definitely be very Happy to see one of these in my own stocking, they are a little pricey but the novelty is definitely worth it in my opinion, as I am Harry Potter obsessed!

Price: £6.99
Link: Emp, Chocolate frog

Another great stocking filler option for makeup lovers is the Better Than Sex mascara from Too Faced, which is one of my all time favourite mascaras that builds up the lashes with volume and length so nicely, it's definitely one of my favourite beauty discoveries this year. This one is their special 20th anniverary edition which comes in a very pretty pink glittery packaging, perfect for any pink lovers like myself! It's definitely one of the prettiest mascaras I've seen in a good while.

Price wise, it's definitely more of a pricey and high end option at £19, eeek, but trust me it's worth it if you can afford it. Their full sized mascaras also last a really good amount of time too, and don't seem to dry out at all. A great gift for any makeup lover as I really can't rave about this product enough!

Price: £19
Link: Cult Beauty, Better Than Sex mascara

Lastly for this gift guide is this adorable hand cream cracker from MOR Boutique, who are a popular Australian bath, body and lifestyle brand. Firstly, let's talk about this packaging, it's definitely one of the prettiest beauty crackers I've seen this year! I just adore the pink design with the gold detailing, along with the black bows too. Packaging definitely makes a gift feel extra special in my opinion, so I'm sure most people would really appreciate receiving one of these this Christmas, especially any fellow pink lovers like myself!

Product wise, I'm a big fan of the MOR Boutique hand creams, I've tried quite a few already this year! This one is in their Mesmerizing Marshmallow scent, which is a lovely delicate floral and sweet fragrance that smells super luxurious. It's not overpowering scent wise at all and is definitely on the lighter side, so this one's a great option for someone who's a little fussy scent wise. The formula is packed with vitamin E, shea and cocoa seed butter, perfect for preventing the hands from getting dry this Winter, which is definitely ideal as I think this years is going to be a very cold one! So, it's a great afforable option, especially for a friend or family member who you don't know too well as I'm sure almost everyone would be a fan of this scent!

Price: £8
Link: MOR hand cream cracker

So, that's it for my stocking filler guide this year! Another long one, but I wanted to try and share as many ideas as possible for everyones tastes and budgets. My personal favourite picks have to be the Feather and Down pillow spray and the Caudalie skincare cracker, which I think would be two gorgeous yet practical gifts to give this Christmas!

Let me know in the comments what's your favourite gift that I've mentioned?

~ This post contains some PR samples and affiliate links, however as always all opinions are my own. ~

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  1. Pillow spray is such a good idea - it's that perfect gift to buy for someone who doesn't want to treat themselves! Loved this post x
    Amber |

  2. Ooh I love this gift guide! The Basin soaps are so cute 💛
    Emily M

  3. Gift guides are so helpful, I’m stuck at the moment on the little extras to get people so this post is perfect! Love the mini real techniques sponges they are so handy! Xx

    1. I love reading them at this time of year! Glad I could help :) xx

  4. So many great options here! I love getting people beauty crackers as a filler, 'my dog' usually gets one for my mum. I would have never even thought about getting something like a sponge set, that's a great idea x


  5. Your pictures are so beautiful, big fan! I've never tried (Or really heard of) a pillow spray, but maybe they're worth giving a try as I have trouble sleeping... Especially at £7! Also, my mum would love that Crabtree and Evelyn cracker, and you can never go wrong with some Thorntons!

    Jas xx |

    1. Thank you so much Jas! Definitely worth a try, it helps to relax me so much :) xx

  6. Will 100% be coming back to this post for inspiration! Love how all the presents folow such an aesthetic theme too I love it xx

    Morgan //

    1. Ahh yay! That was a total fluke, I guess I must love pink aha. Xx

  7. Wow! What an amazing gift guide! Everything here looks so cute and pretty. I think bath fizzers and chocolates makes the perfect stocking fillers. Thanks for sharing Kate, these are fab ideas! <3 xx

    Bexa |

    1. Thank you so much Bexa, I'm glad you like the post :) xx