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My last gift guide is finally here and this time it's going to be all about the food gifts, yay! I think you really can't go wrong with gifting food at Christmas, especially when they're as delicious as this lot! I've included ideas from a range of different brands including Hotel Chocolat, Monty Bojangles, The Treat Kitchen and more, so I'm very excited to share them with you all..

One brand that has some amazing and delicious stocking fillers again this year is Hotel Chocolat! They are one of my all time favourite chocolate brands, which I'm sure we have all tried by now, if not then you need too! Two great options are their Jolly white chocolate snowman and their Alternative mince pie set. The white chocolate from Hotel Chocolat is incredible, so creamy and luxurious, so I'm sure the Snowman would make a lovely delicious treat for someone who loves white chocolate, like me! I also love the idea of the alternative Christmas pudding set which contains two flavours of chocolate, Salted Caramel Cream and Pecan Praline which are wayyy better than any Christmas pudding in my opinion! I especially love the salted caramel cream flavour, which has the most delicious buttery caramel inside. A set that would definitely make a chocolate lover very happy! 

My personal favourite option is the 'A Dozen Portly Penguins' set which contains 12 adorable penguin chocolate counters, which include both a mix of white and milk chocolate, so you get the best of both worlds here! Besides the tasty factor, how adorable do these penguins look? I think they look super cute, so I'm sure anyone would love to recieve these in their stocking this Christmas! All of these gifts cost £8 each and are also currently on offer so you can get any three for £20, which is a great option if you're looking to buy a few different gifts in one place.

~ Jolly white chocolate snowman ~ 
Price: £8 
Link: Chocolate Snowman  

~Alternative Christmas Puddings~ 
Price: £8 
Link: Alternative Christmas puddings  

~Portly penguins~ 
Price: £8 
Link: Chocolate penguins 

Another brand with some amazing options for Christmas again this year is Mrs Bridges, perfect for people of all ages with gifts such as Chutneys, Biscuits, Jams and Tea! So, I'm very excited to share a few of my favourite picks from them with you..

I don't know about you but Christmas for me is all about time with family and of course good food, and this is a gift perfect for that! A hamper filled with edible treats, that I'm sure anyone would enjoy this festive season. There's a great variety of delicious goodies inside the hamper including:

 • A pack of Treacle Toffee luxury cookies
• An orange marmalade with stem ginger
• A cranberry and cherry preserve
 • A Christmas marmalade
 • A celebration marmalade with champagne
 • A strawberry preserve with champagne
 • Lemon Curd
 • A Christmas preserve

So, you get a massive selection in this hamper that will be sure to impress anyone. It's the perfect gift for someone who deserves a good treat! I've been a fan of the products from Mrs Bridges for years especially their jams which are delicious, perfect for making breakfast or supper extra tasty this Christmas. Price wise, the whole hamper costs £25. Food hampers seem to be crazy expensive this year from some brands but I think this one's actually really afforable for what you're getting inside, it all comes wrapped up in a lovely red jute bag too which is sure to impress!

Price: £25 
Link: Mrs Bridges hamper

A great stocking filler for any tea drinker from Mrs Bridge's is their special blend breakfast tea, which is the perfect cuppa to drink before starting a new day. A really afforable option too at just £2.95, so great for popping in a stocking or even adding to a gift hamper too! I also really like the design on this tin with the traditional Mrs Bridges imagery, perfect for storing any future teabag purchases in as it's definitely too nice to throw away.

Price: £2.95 
Link: Breakfast tea

Is it even Christmas if you don't spend most evenings tucking into cheese and crackers? Well this gift is the perfect accompaniment for those, a Chutney collection featuring four different flavours:

Sundried tomato and balsamic 
• Ginger and chilli 
• Beetroot and orange 
• Pear, apple and ginger 

So, this one's any chutney lovers idea of heaven. Just like with the Jams, I've tried so many of their Chutneys over the years and they never fail to disappoint. I especially like the Sundried tomato and balsamic vinegar flavour which basically tastes like Italy in chutney form, delicious and the perfect accompaniment for cheese and crackers! Aswell as this set, they also have a great range of other chutney and condiment selections on their website at the moment so I definitely recommend having a browse.


A gift perfect for anyone who loves their baking, whether they're a complete novice or a pro is the make your own Gingerbread Cookie mix from Skinny Bakery that comes wrapped up in a lovely glass jar tied with a pretty orange bow. I personally love baking throughout the festive season especially gingerbread, but sometimes it can be pretty time consuming and very messy weighing out the ingredients into lots of different bowls etc, so this is the perfect alternative. The delicious gingerbread cookies are SO easy to make, you just add eggs and golden syrup to the dry ingredients and give them a good mix then you're ready to bake, then ta-dah tasty fresh gingerbread, yay!

A great gift for friends and family nembers of any age whether that's children, teens or adults, as who doesn't love some good freshly baked Gingerbread? It would also make the ideal secret santa gift for anyone who's a keen baker! I'm a big fan of this idea and I'm sure it's going to be a popular option this year.

Price: £14.99 
Link: Gingerbread mix 

A food gift perfect for the popcorn lovers out there are these delicious gourmet popcorn boxes from Popcorn Shed, wow that was a mouthful! They have some gorgeous flavours available right now, including one of my favourites Salted Caramel which contains sea-salted buttury caramel and Belgian chocolate chunks, aka my idea of heaven. Honestly it's SO delicous and probably my favourite popcorn I've tried to date!

Aswell as the delicious taste, I'm a big fan of their fun shed box designs too. Each box is inspired by something, for example the blue Salted Caramel box is inspired by dreamy days in Great British seaside huts, which I think is such a fun and unique idea, completely different to any other popcorn brands out there. Aswell as gifting alone these would also be perfect if you're making your own hamper for anyone this year whether that's a food or a pamper hamper, filled with a few popcorn boxes, a dvd and maybe some cosy socks! They have some amazing popcorn gifting  options this year, so I definitely recommend having a look on their website at their other exciting flavours available.

Price: £3.50 
Link: Popcorn shed 

Next up is a make your own Emoji Poos Cookie Dough kit from Naked Dough! I'm loving the idea of the create your own kits this year, and this one is another easy kit to follow. You just add milk and butter to the dry ingredients, give them a good mix and tah-da.. fresh chocolate chip cookie dough mix! Seriously though, this stuff tastes incredible. If you're a lover of anything cookie dough related like me then you're sure to be a fan of this one!

The pouch costs £10 and makes up eight very decent sized portions, so there'll be enough cookie dough to go round for everyone, that's if you're keen on sharing! The dough can be kept in the fridge for 2 weeks, and the freezer for 12 months but it's so delicious that it definitely won't be there for that long, especially in my house anyway as we are all huge cookie dough fans, I mean who isn't?

Price: £10 
Link: Cookie dough mix

It's not Christmas without a tin of tasty shortbread, and Crabtree and Evelyn have got us covered this year with their new Shortbread stars gift set! Firstly how pretty looking is this tin? I really like the star shaped design with the bright red, orange and yellow colours along with the classic Crabtree and Evelyn logo, very pretty looking! Perfect for storing biscuits in all year long as it's definitely too pretty to throw away!

Taste wise, these are a winner too. So buttery and luxurious, and also very moreish! The ideal accompaniment for any cosy christmas night in, and a great gift for family and friends of all ages especially those family members that are tricky to buy for, as these are definitely a safe bet.

Price: £10 
Link: Shortbread stars

Next up are some delicious gifts from Monty Bojangles, that would make a perfect addition to any stocking this Christmas. First up is their Taste adventure box, which includes three flavours of their famous truffles:

• Choccy Scoffy  
• Berry Bubbly  
• Flutter Scotch  

Three gorgeous flavours! If you haven't tried their truffles before you need too. They are so rich and smooth, perfect for any chocolate lover! Aswell as the great taste I really like the box these come in too, so unique and different, it reminds me of Alice in Wonderland with the fun looking whimsical designs. Another great stocking filler option from Monty Bojangles are their Scofflets bags, which are filled with Chocolate truffle bites, so again any chocolate lovers idea of heaven, trust me! They have these in a range of flavours including:

• Caramel and cookie crumble  
• Sea salt 
• Maple and toasted hazelnut  

All of these flavours are SO tasty, I especially like caramel and cookie crumble, which is sooo moreish, the bag definitely won't last long! Price wise, these cost just £2 which I think is such an afforable price for truffles. You can find them in most supermarkets, and on the Monty Bojangles website too!

Prices: Scofflets £2, Taste Adventure box £2.50/£3 

No stocking is complete without chocolate, right? It's definitely one of my favourite things to recieve in mine at Christmas as I am chocolate obsessed! Who isn't? Thorntons have some great options this year, including this little guy which is almost too adorable to eat.. almost! Their white chocolate is way too good to resist. You can find this one at most Supermarkets and of course Thorntons themselves for around £2/£3, so a really afforable stocking filler for friends and family of any age, as I'm sure The Snowman was one of everyone's favourites as a child, I used to watch it over and over during the festive season! Thorntons have some brilliant options for Christmas this year, so I definitely recommend having a browse on their website if you're stuck for ideas.

Price: £2/£3 
Link: Thorntons Snowman 

Another brand with lots of great edible gifts this year is The Treat Kitchen, who have a huge range of options including Chocolate, Sweet pouches, and even make your own kits. Here's just a few of my favourites.. 

First up are their famous Alcohol infused gummies! They have them in a range flavours such as Peach Bellini, Gin & Tonic and Strawberry & Prosecco. So, these would make a great fun gift for anyone who loves their cocktails! The Peach Bellini flavour is especially delicious, it's packed with a juicy peach flavour then has an amazing prosecco after taste. It's basically peach bellini in sweet form, so this one is the ideal gift for any peach bellini fan, and I can definitely think of a lot of them. They are a little pricey at £3.95, but they are definitely extra special, and would make any cocktail fan very happy this Christmas!

Price: £3.95 
Link: Peach Bellini gummies

Next up is a Nuts and Caramels selection box, perfect for any chocolate lovers out their. It's filled with lots of different and exciting flavours including:

Malibu and coconut 
•Salted caramel 
•Nut praline 
•Caramel leaf 
•Cream caramel 
•Seasalt caramel 
•Hazelnut truffle 
•Gold wrapped (Gianduja center) 

Is your mouth watering yet? Mine definitely is! A caramel lovers idea of heaven with the Seasalt caramel and salted caramel flavours, which are both especially delicious. These would be perfect to enjoy whilst watching a good festive film, so I'm sure anyone would appreciate recieving these whether it's a secret santa gift, a stocking filler or a gift for a friend! I also love the box these chocolates come wrapped up in, with the gold detailing and perfectly tied bow, very pretty indeed.

Price: £14.95 
Link: Nuts and Caramels box

A gift from Treat Kitchen perfect for younger friends and family members are their themed theatre boxes, which they have in a few different styles:

Unicorn feed 
• Robot feed 
• Mermaid feed 
• Dinosaur feed 
• Fairy feed 
• Pirate feed 

So, there's a perfect option for everyone here. They're super afforable too at £2.50, so these would make a great stocking filler as we know how much little ones love Unicorns and Mermaids! I also love that the packs have fun messages on too like, ' A unicorns nose can smell magic feed up to 500ft away. Open this box at your own risk.' , which I think is a really sweet little touch, and something children will love. Another great thing about these is that they are vegan, gluten free and made from natural colourings and flavourings, so they will be suitable for everyone. A magical little stocking filler, that is sure to make any child happy, or even an adult that's unicorn obsessed too!

Price: £2.50 
Link: Theatre box  

A gift perfect for tea lovers this Christmas are the tea gift packs from Bird and Blend, which they have in a huge range of scents including:

• Fairytale of NY 
• Snowball
• Mulled Cider 
• Mince Pie  
• Mrs Claus prosecco 

 A great range of fun and interesting Christmas flavours! I definitely get bored of regular tea, so these flavours are perfect, and are something I've not seen anywhere else before, who knew Mince Pie tea was a thing? I actually had their Fairytale of NY tea in my advent calendar yesterday, and it was delicious. It's inspired by creamy Irish coffee..

"With sweet vanilla rooibos and chocolate-y notes, this creamy Irish coffee inspired blend is a Christmas dream come true! Raise your mugs, Teabirds & join us... and the bells are ringing out.."

The chocolately vanilla flavours in this tea are amazing, it really is the perfect festive blend! Aswell as the great taste, I'm a big fan of the packaging the tea bags come in, simple but still super festive. A perfect stocking filler for any tea fan, and I'm sure we all know lot's of those!

Price: £8.95 
Link: Christmas tea packs

Next up is a stocking filler perfect for a Harry Potter fan, an edible chocolate frog! I'm sure any Harry Potter lover would be very happy to recieve one of these in their stocking this Christmas. Aswell as the chocolate these actually contain a collectable mystery wizard card inside too. I've had a few of them now myself and they are so fun to open and see which wizard you have, I'm still hoping for Dumbledore or Snape, so fingers crossed! Aswell as the novelty, this chocolate is actually really good, it's a creamy milk chocolate mixed with puffed rice. A lot nicer that most chocolate you usually find in novelty gifts like these! I would definitely be very happy to see one of these in my own stocking, they are a little pricey but the novelty is definitely worth it in my opinion, as I am Harry Potter obsessed!

Price: £6.99
Link: Chocolate frog 

I don't know about you but I definitely associate Toblerones with Christmas, and always find one in my own stocking as it's a family favourite in our house. I haven't met anyone who hasn't liked that famous delicious swiss chocolate, so it's always a safe bet for any friend or family member! This one's a little extra special though as it's personalised, which I think looks so impressive and will be sure to wow anyone this Christmas. You can order these on the Prezzybox website, and personalise them with any name. The perfect additon to any stocking this Christmas!

Price: £12.99 
Link: Personalised Toblerone  

 .. and that's it! I've loved sharing lots of edible gifting ideas with you all, and I hope they've given you some inspiration if you're still on the hunt for gifts this year! I think my favourite picks have to be the Hotel Chocolat stocking fillers and the personalised Toblerone, you really can't go wrong with either of those can you? As everybody loves chocolate!

Let me know in the comments what's your favourite gift that I've mentioned?

 ~ This post contains some gifted items and affiliate links, however as always all opinions are my own. ~
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  1. Hehe, this food guide is perfect for gifting! I love that they're super affordable and can be savored with every bite. Oooh, I need to get my hands on those Monty Bojangles! I am such a sucker for the white chocolate. Thanks for sharing!

    Nancy ♥

    1. Yesss! The Monty Bojangles truffles are delicious, definitely recommend :)

  2. Some amazing ideas here! I adore Hotel Chocolat, they do some of my favourite vegan chocolate!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

    1. Ah yay! I love that they have options for everyone :) xx

  3. I love this post, chocolates like these are such good stocking fillers!x

  4. I loved seeing all these different products, you've given me some great ideas for this Christmas now thank you!

    1. Ahh yay! I'm glad it's given you some inspiration :)

  5. Lovely products featured. I love Hotel Chocolat - I know that they're expensive but you have to pay for quality. I tried the Portly Penguins last year and loved them. I also like their Tiddly Pots of choc buttons. And I love that Snowman from Thorntons - might need to get of those!

    1. I totally agree! Worth every penny as a treat :)

  6. What a mouth-watering post! I love the Thornton's snowman! This would make a perfect stocking filler for my children! :)

  7. So many amazing ideas! I love Hotel Chocolat, they have some amazing flavours and make the cutest chocolate too, I mean how cute are those penguins!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. Oooh me too, always so tasty! Thanks for reading xx

  8. I would quite happily eat absolutely everything on this list!! Such a good post and I will be keeping my eyes out for those Monty Bojangles bits! ��