Christmas Gift Guide: Disney and Harry Potter


Christmas is coming and it's time for my next gift guide! This time I'm going to be sharing a range of Harry Potter and Disney gift ideas, perfect for all you Disney and Harry Potter lovers out there like myself, yay! I think I've found some amazing gifts this year suitable for all ages including games, plushes, mugs, books and more! So, I'm very excited to share them with you all.

First up is Disney Play that tune, which is a game that puts your Disney song knowledge and Kazoo playing skills to the test. It includes 30 cards, which each contain two Disney songs, so whilst one team tries to recreate that Disney song by playing the kazoo the other team tries to guess it! It's so much fun, and alot harder that it looks too. I think gifts like this will definitely be appreciated on Christmas day, as it's a game that can be enjoyed by all the family, perfect for keeping any one occupied whilst you're waiting for your Christmas dinner! You can find this on Prezzybox for £9.99, which I think is a really decent price, especially for a Disney game.

Price: £9.99
Link: Disney play that tune game

Another very fun gift is this Buzz Lightyear egg cup and toast cutter set, and who wouldn't want one of these, right? I think this is such a fun novelty gift perfect for friends and family members of all ages, it would also make a great secret santa present too for a Disney fan. This would definitely make egg and toast seem alot more fun on those cold early mornings! The set is actually currently reduced to £5 on ASOS at the moment, making this an absolute bargain price in my opinion as you can't get many good gifts for less than a fiver these days, so this one is a great little steal!

Price: Currently reduced to £5
Link: Buzz Lightyear set

It's not Christmas without a fresh set of pyjamas and this year New Look have got us covered with their new Mickey Mouse short set, which was designed to celebrate 90 years of the main mouse himself! I love the simple black, white and red Mickey design on the T-shirt with that classic Mickey pose we all know and love, I also really like the Mickey alphabet letter style shorts too, they're definitely my kind of pyjamas, and I can't imagine anyone else not loving them either! I'm sure anyone would be very happy recieving these under the tree this Christmas, especially a Disney fan like myself! New Look have a few varieties of pyjama sets out to celebrate Mickey 90 at the moment for both women, men and teens so you can find the perfect pyjama set no matter the age or gender, they even have Mickey sock sets available too which look adorable!


Next up is a mug perfect for any Harry Potter fan. A heat changing Marauders Map mug from Prezzy Box! Before hot water is added it's a simple black design with the famous words 'I solemly swear I am up to no good' on the front, and footprints on the back that you'll recognise if you're a Potter fan yourself. The real magic happens when hot water is added though, and the Marauders map magically appears instead! It's so clever and I'm sure is something anyone would be very impressed by.

Prezzybox also have heat changing mugs in some other designs too so if this design's not what you're looking for I definitely recommend having a look on their website. The only downside is that this one is a little pricey for a mug at £12.99, but it's definitely that extra bit special with the heat changing magic, and 100% worth the extra few pounds in my opinion!

Price: £12.99
Link: Marauders map mug

I couldn't not feature a plush in a Disney gift guide, and how gorgeous is this one! This is the Shop Disney 2018 Christmas Minnie and I think she's been done perfectly, in her festive dress and fluffy white jacket. They also have a Mickey too which I also love and I'm very tempted to buy myself! I think either of them would be perfect for gifting, probably more for younger children age wise but even adults too if they're a sucker for a good disney plush like me. What's great about these plushes is that you can add personalisation to them, which I think really makes them feel that extra bit special for someone. It's completely free, so definitely worth doing if you're ordering online!

Price: £20 ( £9.99 when you spend £10 )
Link: Minnie Mouse plush

Next up is a stocking filler perfect for a Harry Potter fan, an edible chocolate frog! I'm sure any Harry Potter lover would be very happy to recieve one of these in their stocking this Christmas. Aswell as the chocolate these actually contain a collectable mystery wizard card inside too. I've had a few of them now myself and they are so fun to open and see which wizard you have, I'm still hoping for Dumbledore or Snape, so fingers crossed! Aswell as the novelty, this chocolate is actually really good, it's a creamy milk chocolate mixed with puffed rice. A lot nicer that most chocolate you usually find in novelty gifts like these! I would definitely be very Happy to see one of these in my own stocking, they are a little pricey for the size but the novelty is definitely worth it in my opinion, as I am Harry Potter obsessed!

Price: £6.99
Link: Chocolate Frog

Another great gift idea are these adorable soaps from Basin Fresh, which I think would make the perfect stocking fillers. I can't even count how many soaps I've gone through from Basin over the years, but they really are amazing aswell as being very pretty on the eyes too! The Mickey head soaps are exclusive to Basins Disney locations but they have a massive selection of other soaps online too including one of my favourites, their Snowflake soap which gives off all of the Frozen vibes! It's in their Cool Breeze fragrance which is a lovely fresh simple scent, and is one I think everyone is bound to love. A perfect little stocking filler for any Disney fan!

Price: Priced by weight ( Around $6 )
Link: Basin soap

A great stocking filler idea for children this year are the new Tiny Big Feet soft toys from Shop Disney, which I think look adorable! I actually gave these to my niece a few weeks ago and she absolutely loved them, I think the bright red and green colours and cute faces are perfect for little ones. These are suitable for babies from birth, so are a great option for all ages! Aswell as the Christmas characters they also have some classics including Dumbo, Marie and Eeyore which look just as adorable as these two.  Price wise, these cost £5 so even though they are small they're not too badly priced, especially for a Disney soft toy!

Price: £5
Link: Tiny Big Feet soft toys

Next up is another gift perfect for a Disney lover who deserves a good pamper, a Disney themed Sheet mask from Mad Beauty! This is their Belle mask, which contains rose water making it perfect for those chilled pamper nights, it also smells amazing too, ideal for anyone who loves rose based scents! Aswell as this mask they also have a huge selection of other princess masks too including Aurora, Ariel and Jasmine. They even have a villains range too, and two Mickey and Minnie themed sheet masks, so there's lots of different options available!

Price wise, these cost around £4 which is pretty pricey for a one use mask, however that seems to be the general price from most brands these days! They do offer some sets too, which make the masks work out a little cheaper, so they're definitely worth checking out if you're looking to gift a few. A fun gift, perfect for any Disney lover!

Price: £4
Link: Belle sheet mask

Next up is a Mickey Mouse lipbalm that's available from Truffle Shuffle! It has a golden design to celebrate 90 years of the main mouse himself! This is definitely one of the cutest lip balms I've ever seen, so I'm sure any Disney fan would love this one too. Aswell as looking pretty the actual lip balm is packed with shea butter and coconut oil, so it's perfect for keeping anyones lips in a good condition this Winter, it's also lightly fragranced with a Vanilla scent too which smells VERY good.
Price wise, this one retails for around £6.99, so it is pricey for a lip balm but it's definitely a special looking one and it's limited edition too!

Price: £6.99
Link: Mickey 90 lip balm

Next up is another lipbalm related item, a gorgeous Mary Poppins set which you can also find on the Truffle Shuffle website! This one features two adorable looking lip balms, one in the shape of a carousel and one which has a 'Practically perfect in everyway' design. I really like them both, they're definitely some of the coolest looking lipbalms I've seen, especially the carousel balm which I think looks very pretty and super girly, perfect for any fellow pink lovers like myself. These smell very nice too and are vanilla and strawberry scented, which both smell good enough too eat, but definitely don't do that!  I think these would make a sweet little stocking filler for any Disney fan.

Price: £7.99
Link: Lip balm duo

Another great gift available on the Truffle Shuffle website is this Sleeping Beauty set, which includes an eye mask and some bed socks that will have you feeling just like sleeping beauty herself, seriously these socks are SO soft and comfy, perfect for this cold weather we've been having. I think this would make a great gift for friends and family members of all ages, especially someone who's a little more girly! The gold embellishment detailing looks even prettier in person, I'm a massive fan of the Aurora silhouette they've used, I don't think they could get much prettier than this could they?

Price: £11.99
Link: Sleeping Beauty set

Next up is a gorgeous Alice in Wonderland themed mug, which I think is absolutely beautiful with the two Alice illustrations and the words 'Tea time with Alice'. I really love the illustations and text on this one, it's definitely one of the prettiest looking mugs I've seen in a good while. I think the blues in Alices dress work perfectly with the white background, it's definitely an aesthetically pleasing looking mug so I really can't imagine anyone not liking it. Very nice simple colours, perfect for anyones tastes!

Price wise, this one costs £6.99 which is actually very affordable for a Disney mug these days compared to most brands. Aswell as the Alice mug EMP have a huge selection of mugs on their website, I have a Tinkerbell mug very similar to this one that would be perfect for a Peter Pan lover, so I definitely recommend having a browse on their website.

Price: £6.99
Link: Alice mug

If you're a Disney fan you're going to love this next gift, a set of four Disney princess themed crackers with four mini bubble baths inside! I think these are perfect for people all of ages from children to adults, because who doesn't love Disney? The set features four princess crackers, which all have their own unique scent:

• Jasmine, Strawberry
• Aurora, Lavendar
• Ariel, Vanilla
• Belle, Rose

The set costs £10.99, which I think is a pretty decent price for a Disney themed gift set, especially considering how pretty this packaging is. I'm obsessed with the bright girly designs myself, and don't think I'll ever be able to throw them away! My only complaint with this set is that the actual bubble baths themselves are quite small at just 30ml, so they definitely won't last long but overall I still really do love this one and think it's just perfect for any Disney fan!

Price: £10.99
Link:  Disney crackers

Next up is another gift for the Disney lovers out there and this is the Francal 1928 Mickey Candle, which was created to celebrate 90 years of Mickey Mouse!

"Transport yourself into the world of Walt Disney's iconic studio with our Mickey Mouse 1928 Candle! Deliciously distilling the nostalgic scents of old paper, and freshly sharpened pencil, it features a woody fragrance."

I love the background behind this scent, it's so unique and you can really tell they've put alot of thought into it, as it really does come across as such a nostalgic scent, perfect for anyone who's a fan of woody and musky scents! It also comes with a gorgeous black, red and white gift box to match too, that's perfectly finished with a bow. The only slight downside with this one is that it is expensive at £30, eek! However, it's definitely a special gift in my opinion and is one I'm sure any Disney fan would be very happy to recieve this Christmas.

Price: £30
Link: Mickey candle

A gift that would be perfect for a Harry Potter fan is this 1000 piece Hogwarts Jigsaw puzzle! It features lots of mini images, including the castle, the Hogwarts Express and the great hall which makes this the dream Jigsaw puzzle for any Harry potter lover. I am definitely the geeky kind of person who loves doing things like this, especially when it involves Harry Potter or Disney so I'm very excited to attempt this one myself over the festive season. I think it would be such a fun present for people of all ages! It's the perfect way to unwind and spend some time away from social media this Christmas for a few hours, or more if you suck as much as me when it comes to puzzles!

I think time with family is so important at Christmas, away from social media and technology, and this is the perfect gift to encourage that. EMP have a huge selection of games and puzzles this year, and have something for every member of the family! Price wise, this costs £12.99 which is very reasonable for a 1000 piece puzzle, that's one thing that I love about EMP all of their products are really well priced and won't break the bank, which is perfect as the festive season can definitely be an expensive time of year.

Price: £12.99
Link: Jigsaw puzzle

A gift perfect for both Disney and Makeup lovers are these gorgeous Disney inspired makeup bags, which I'm a little obsessed with. Both of these are available on the Truffle Shuffle website, and I love them both equally! I especially like how the Mary Poppins one has a different design on the front and back, the famous 'Practically perfect in everyway' quote on one side and a lovely Mary Poppins silouette design on the other. I love recieving makeup bags myself at Christmas as you can never have too many, perfect for travelling with and storing so many things in, definitely not just makeup!

~ Mary Poppins design ~
Price: £6.99
Link: Mary Poppins makeup bag

~ Marie Design ~
Price: £8.99
Link: Marie Makeup bag

Speaking of Mary Poppins, another gorgeous item on the Truffle Shuffle website is this mug! Which has the famous 'A spoonful of sugar' quote one side, and a gorgeous Mary Poppins sketch on the other. This is definitely one of my new favourite Disney mugs, as I am Mary Poppins obsessed! I'm so glad Truffle Shuffle have got onto the hype too, as I really wasn't loving the Mary Poppins collection from Shop Disney this year and I much prefer the illustrations on this one myself. I also really like the shape of the mug too! The perfect Christmas gift for friends and family of all ages, as you can never have too many mugs, especially the Disney kind!

Price: £9.99
Link: Mary Poppins mug

Lastly is one of my favourites pick of all, this beautiful Mrs Potts and Chip Christmas tree decoration, and isn't it just perfect? It's a Disney Tradition piece from Jim Shore, who creates some of my favourite Disney ornaments and I think he's captured the expressions of Mrs Potts and Chip just perfectly in this one as usual.

I was very excited to hang this one up on my own Christmas tree, it looks even prettier in person especially next to the glow of Christmas lights! A very special gift, that would be the perfect Christmas present for any Disney fan. I also think this would be a really nice thoughtful gift for a mum this Christmas with Mrs Potts being a Mum herself, I know my own mum would be over the moon to recieve this!

Link: Tree Decoration

I hope you enjoyed this years Disney and Harry Potter christmas gift guide, I absolutely loved putting this one together and I hope you enjoyed reading through it just as much! I think my favourite picks have to be the Harry Potter Jigsaw puzzle and the Disney play that tune game, as these are gifts that will be fun for all the family and will keep everyone entertained on the big day!

Let me know in the comments what gift idea is your favourite from this guide?

~ This post contains some PR samples and affiliate links, however as always all opinions are my own. 
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  1. Aww, everything here is so CUTE! I love the Buzz Lightyear egg cup and Alice in Wonderland mug, it would all make such perfect stocking fillers. Thanks for sharing Kate, gorgeous photos too! <3 xx

    Bexa |

    1. Thank you Bexa! It was so much fun putting it together :) xx

  2. I love these Disney gift suggestions! Big plus that they're not expensive either. The Buzz Lightyear egg cup is so cute. Oooh, I am a sucker for chocolate - I'd be game with the HP frog! The Mickey candle is SO CUTE!!! I need all of these things in my life!

    Nancy ♥

    1. Tried to keep them as afforable as possible! I'm obsessed with the Mickey candle too :) xx

  3. Literally could've guessed anything in your gift guide especially a disney one would be super cute, cant get over the cuteness of the buzzlight year egg holder!!

    Ellie //

    1. It's so cute isn't it? Such a fun gift! :) xx

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