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It's time for my first Christmas gift guide of the season, I've decided to split the gifts into a few different posts this year instead of sharing just one main guide. So, today's is going to feature all of the bath, body and home fragrance gifts, and I think I've discovered some great ones this year from a range of brands such as Baylis and Harding, Kiss Air Candles, Bomb Cosmetics, Yankee Candle and lots more! So, I'm very excited to share them all with you!

First up are some great gifts from Yankee Candle, who one of my favourite candle brands that I've been buying from since I was a young teen! One gorgeous gift they've released this year is their new small jar candle gift set, which comes in a very pretty festive looking golden box and contains 3 of their newest Christmas scented small jar candles:

Icy Blue spruce
• Winter Wonder
• Frosty gingerbread

All three of these scents are lovely, and super festive. My personal favourite is the 'Frosty gingerbread' scent which has notes of gingerbread, sugar, cinnamon and vanilla frosting, which creates one very delicious scent! So, I'm very excited to start burning all of these myself as the festive season approaches. I really love the packaging they've used with this years Yankee Candle gift sets, I think it looks really luxurious and makes the candles look extra special. I'm sure it would be a gift set that any candle lover would be very pleased to receive this Christmas, I know I would be!

Another great gift idea from Yankee candle are their new square two wick candles, which I think look lovely, quite different style wise to their regular candles but I really like the appearence. It definitely gives the candle a more classy look, making these the perfect candles to have out on display in the home! These style of candles actually have lids that can be slotted underneath to act as a stand too, which is very handy and something I've not seen done before myself.

They have these in a few different scents but I'm loving 'Frosted Fir' which has notes of balsam, crisp pine and winter citrus, a very pretty blend that's definitely perfect for the festive season with the pine and balsam notes. I also really like that these candles have two wicks, it helps to make a room look extra cosy on these cold Winter nights. The only downside is that the Yankee Candle large jars are a little pricey, but they do have some smaller candles in the same scent so they definitely have options for everyones gifting budgets this Christmas!

~ Small Jar gift set ~
Price: £24.99
Link: Yankee Candle gift set

~ Frosted Fir candle ~
Price: £23.99
Link: Large jar candle

Another brand with some amazing bath, body and candle gift sets this year is I Love. They are such an afforable brand, so they'll be sure to have a gift for everyones budget this year, and I'm very excited to share a few of them with you!

First up from I Love is their Mango Cheesecake gift set, which contains two products, a 500ml bath and shower cream and also a body puff which you can never have too many of! Firstly lets talk about their Mango Cheesecake scent because it's a gorgeous one, it's a lovely fresh and fruity yet creamy blend that I've become obsessed with. It always leaves my skin smelling so fresh after a shower, and I'm very excited to keep using it! It's a really decent sized 500ml bottle included too, so this will be sure to last a good while. Price wise, this set costs £4.50 making it the ideal stocking filler this Christmas!

Price: £4.50 
Link: Mango Cheesecake set 

Next up is their Vanilla Milk duo which also features two products, a 100ml body wash and a votive candle too! So, you get a great mix in this one with both bath and home fragrance products, making it the ideal gift for anyone who deserves a good pamper this Christmas, and don't we all?

Their Vanilla milk scent is sure to be a safe bet for any member of the family with it's lovely creamy blend. It smells just like vanilla Ice cream to me, which is my idea of heaven! Price wise, this one costs £8 so another really affordable gift, it's a little more expensive than the first set but still super afforable compared to alot of other brands gift sets this Christmas. I think it looks very pretty too with the simple cream and black design and the classic I Love logo, it's definitely very pleasing on the eyes!

Price: £8 
Link: Vanilla milk duo

Another gorgeous set is their Strawberries and Cream delicious duo, which features 3 bath and body products:

A bubble bath/shower crème (500ml) 
• A body butter (200ml) 
• A body puff 

So, three gorgeous treats perfect for anyone who deserves a good pamper session this festive season. I find that a lot of gift sets these days include small travel sized products but all of these are full size, which is amazing for the price as the whole set costs just £8. Which is a great little steal! I can't imagine anyone not liking their delicious Strawberries and Cream scent, it's a gorgeous refreshing fruity blend that I can't get enough of. Aswell as the products inside I'm a big fan of the packaging these come wrapped up in with the pretty pink colours and Christmas tree illustrations, it will be sure to impress any pink lovers this Christmas!

Price: £8 
Link: Strawberries and cream duo

Lastly from I Love is their English Rose candle which comes wrapped in a beautiful rose printed bag, which I'm sure anyone would be impressed by this Christmas! The actual candle jars design is simple with a black and white theming, which I really like and think would be perfect for any room in the house, and who doesn't want their rooms smelling like fresh roses?

Scent wise this one is SO beautiful, it's a classic delicate rose scent, perfect for anyone who's a fan of their floral scents. I'm so excited to start burning this one properly over the next few weeks, it will have any room smelling lovely in no time with that delicious rose blend! It costs £15 at the moment, and has a generous burn time of 40 hours, so this one works out as great value for money in the long run. A great little home fragrance gift for any loved one's that love a good candle, and who doesn't?

Price: £15 
Link: English Rose candle

Next up is a product from one of my favourite bath brands, Bomb Cosmetics, who have some gorgeous gift sets available this year again! This is their adorable 'Unbearably Cool' gift set, which contains five products:

A 'Sky at night' soap
• An 'Ice Bomb' bath blaster
• A 'Polar Express' bath blaster
• An 'Ice Breaker' bath mallow
• An 'Icey Icey, Nicey Nicey' bath mallow

So, you get some great products in this one, all for a very decent price too! It includes one of my favourite Bath Blasters, the Polar Express, and isn't it just one of the cutest bath bombs you've ever seen? I'm obsessed with the little polar bear decoration! This one leaves bath water a gorgeous bright blue colour, and also leaves your skin feeling amazing too with it's lemongrass and neroli essential oils. That's one thing I love about Bomb Cosmetics, not only do their products look pretty but they have great benefits for the skin too.

I love the packaging this comes wrapped up in, perfectly tied with a pink sparkly bow. Very pretty indeed, it also means there's no need to worry about wrapping this one up, yay! Which is always a bonus, especially if you suck at wrapping gifts as much as me. I think this set would be perfect for anyone from teens to adults and even children, with the fun festive designs. It's definitely got my approval!

Price: £14.99
Link: Unbearably Cool gift pack

Another brand with some gorgeous Christmas releases this year is Kiss Air Candles, if you follow me over on Instagram then you'll already know how much I love this brand. Gorgeous unique fragrances with amazing scent throws, what's not to love, right? They have a great selection of Christmas candles this year, including five christmas classic jars, two new tumbler style candles, two votive tin sets and even wax melts, basically a candle lovers idea of heaven! They've releases five different festive scents this year:

• Christmas tree
• Candy cane
• Spiced orange
• Winter berries

I really love all five of these, but my favourite has to be gingerbread, they've nailed that gorgeous christmas scent so well with notes of vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon and ginger. I've been burning this one this week, and it had my room smelling like delicious gingerbread in no time, so it's definitely a winner for me!

Packaging wise, I think these make such lovely gifts especially the new votive tin sets, I've never seen anything like them before but they would definitely make great stocking fillers or the perfect secret santa gift for someone who likes their candles! Price wise, these range between £8 and £12.50, which is a bargain for a good candle in my opinion. I really can't recommend this brand enough, aswell as their Christmas scents they have some great other options too, including cocktail and baking scents. So, it's definitely worth having a browse on their site!

Link: Kiss Air Christmas Candles
Price: Jar candles £9, Tumblers £12.50 and votive tins £8.

Next up is a gorgeous gift set from Thalgo, who are a premium French marine skincare brand. First things first, how beautiful is this packaging? I love the rose gold and white leaf design, It definitely feels more on the luxury side, so if you're looking to treat someone to some bodycare that's abit more special then this is the gift for you. This is their Merveille Arctique set, which includes two of their most popular body care products, the Milky Moisturising Gel and their Salt Flake Scrub.

The set costs £39.50, which is a little pricey for two products but they are actually worth £74 usually and are definitely more on the luxury side. I'm especially impressed with the gel which has helped to keep my skin so hydrated throughout the winter months so far, it contains boreal algae and Icelandic lichen oleate, and the formula basically feels like heaven on the skin, so they are worth every penny in my opinion if you can afford it. It's a gorgeous looking set, featuring some top luxury body care products so I'm really impressed with this one, a great option for someone who deserves some time out and a good pamper this Christmas!

Price: £39.50
Link: Merveille Arctique gift set

If you're a Disney fan you're going to love this next gift, a set of four Disney princess themed crackers with four mini bubble baths inside! I think these are perfect for people all of ages from children to adults, because who doesn't love Disney? The set features four princess crackers, which all have their own unique scent:

Jasmine, Strawberry
• Aurora, Lavendar
• Ariel, Vanilla
• Belle, Rose

The set costs £10.99, which I think is a pretty decent price for a Disney themed gift set, especially considering how pretty this packaging is. I'm obsessed with the bright girly designs myself, and don't think I'll ever be able to throw them away! My only complaint with this set is that the actual bubble baths themselves are quite small at just 30ml, so they definitely won't last long but overall I still really do love this one and think it's just perfect for any Disney fan!

Price: £10.99
Link: Mad Beauty Crackers

Another great afforable brand for gifts this year is Baylis and Harding, every year they never fail to bring out a great selection of gift sets for both men and women, so I'm very excited to share a few of my favourites with you!

First up is a set great for brothers, Dads and any other men in your life. Aren't Dads just the hardest family members to buy for when it comes to Christmas? This is their four piece bath set in a Ginseng and Black pepper scent, which includes:

• A hair and body wash
• A shower gel
• A face wash
• A post shave balm

There's a great mix of products in this one that most men will use almost everyday, so it would definitely be a great practical gift. The scent is a lovely one too, I can't imagine anyone not loving the Ginseng and Black Pepper fragrance, it has the perfect blend of rich and spicy notes!

"Black Pepper and Ginseng is a sophisticated, yet stimulating, blend of fruity, spicy top notes and rich sandalwood and cedar base notes. "

I also think the packaging is very stylish too with the black and copper detailing, I can't imagine anyone disapproving of this one! One of the best things about this set is that it's just £8.50, which I think is an absolute steal for all of this. It's also currently included in the 3 for 2 offer at Boots at the moment, which is a great way of saving some money this Christmas, I always take full advantage of it each year!

Price: £8.50
Link: Boots, Ginseng and Black Pepper set

Next up from Baylis and Harding is their Special Delivery bath fizzer set, which is the perfect gift for any pink lovers like myself! The set includes four bath bombs, two in their White Chocolate fragrance and two in their Buttercream Cupcake fragrance, which both smell pretty delicious. Especially the Buttercream Cupcake fragrance which smells just like a sweet cupcake, my idea of heaven!

I think this is probably one of the prettiest sets included in this gift guide, I may be bias as I'm just pink obsessed, but isn't it gorgeous? I love the pink stripped design, and the gorgeous iridescent colours! Besides all of that, one of the best things about this set is that is costs just £4.99, which I think is an absolute steal of a price for four bath fizzers packaged this beautifully!

Price: £4.99
Link: Bath Fizzer set

Next up from Baylis and Harding is their Sweet Mandarin and Grapefruit reed diffuser set. Firstly, how gorgeous is this packaging? I love how it's sleek with the black, white and gold design but still very festive with the Christmas tree cut out and the golden stars! Very pretty indeed and the perfect colours to suit almost everyones homes.

The scent is actually one of my favourite Baylis and Harding fragrances, it's a lovely fresh and sweet blend with scents of jasmine, orange blossom, sweet mandarin, grapefruit and lemon. Perfect for anyone who loves their citrus scents! Price wise, this one retails for around £10, which is actually very afforable for a reed diffuser these days as they have become so pricey recently. So, this is a pretty decent price, especially considering it contains 200ml of product, which will definitely last a good length of time!

Price: £9.99
Link: Reed diffuser set

Lastly from Baylis and Harding is their Fuzzy Duck Winter Wonderland hand set, which includes two different products:

A Frosted Christmas tree hand wash
• A Mulberry and Mistletoe hand lotion

These are two gorgeous warm, wintery scents perfect for the festive season! They are both 300ml bottles too, so a very generous size, that will definitely last a good while. Besides the actual products one of my favourite things I love about this set is the packaging, I really like the wooden tray the products sit on and the big festive red bow, this would definitely look gorgeous out on display in a bathroom! Price wise, this costs £10, but is currently on offer on Amazon for around £5.50 which I think is another great steal of a price.

Price: £10
Link: Amazon, Hand gift set

Next up is one of my all time favourite brands, Basin, if you follow me over on instagram you'll see me posting about their products a lot and they have some great festive gift ideas this year! They sadly don't ship to the UK yet as they are based in America, but I thought I would add this one in for my lucky American followers or anyone visiting anytime soon! They have two gorgeous stores in Walt Disney World, one in Disney Springs and one in the Grand Floridian hotel, so if you're heading to Florida anytime soon definitely check out their stores as they are beautiful!

First up is their Snowman bath bomb barrel, which is an online exclusive that contains five bath bombs:

• Snowflake
• Coconut Lemongrass
• Waterlily
• Dreams

I'm a big fan of this gift set myself, I really like the unique barrel style packaging which I'll definitely be keeping to store any future Basin purchases in, yay! I love the design on the barrel too, simple but very festive. It also has a label you can write on yourself at the back, meaning there's no need to worry about buying gift wrap and tags with this set, which is super handy! I'm VERY excited to use these myself, especially the Snowflake bath bomb as it's one I haven't tried before and it releases snowflake confetti! It doesn't get any more festive than that does it? It smells reallyyyy good too with scents of blackberry, jasmine, lemon, vanilla and musk. The blend is just gorgeous! It's a set perfect for all ages, as who doesn't love a good bath bomb?

Price: $23.99
Link: Snowman bath bomb barrel

Another great gift idea from Basin Fresh is their soaps, which I think would make the perfect stocking fillers. I can't even count how many soaps I've gone through from Basin over the years, but they really are amazing aswell as being very pretty on the eyes too! The Mickey head soaps are exclusive to Basins Disney locations but they have a massive selection of other soaps online too including one of my favourites, their Snowflake soap which gives off all of the Frozen vibes! It's in their Cool Breeze fragrance which is a lovely fresh simple scent, and is one I think everyone is bound to love. A perfect little stocking filler for any Disney fan!

Price: Priced by weight ( Around $6 )
Link: Snowflake soap

Next up is another gift for the Disney lovers out there and this is the Francal 1928 Mickey Candle, which was created to celebrate 90 years of Mickey Mouse!

"Transport yourself into the world of Walt Disney's iconic studio with our Mickey Mouse 1928 Candle! Deliciously distilling the nostalgic scents of old paper, and freshly sharpened pencil, it features a woody fragrance."

I love the background behind this scent, it's so unique and you can really tell they've put alot of thought into it, as it really does come across as such a nostalgic scent, perfect for anyone who's a fan of woody and musky scents! It also comes with a gorgeous black, red and white gift box to match too, that's perfectly finished with a bow. The only slight downside with this one is that it is expensive at £30, eek! However, it's definitely a special gift in my opinion and is one I'm sure any Disney fan would be very happy to recieve this Christmas.

Price: £30
Link: Francal Mickey Candle

Next up is a beautiful gift set from Jo Malone, that's available to buy at World Duty Free. So, this one is perfect if you're heading on holiday very soon and looking to pick up some great deals at the airport on the way! I'm obsessed with the traditional black and cream packaging on this set that's beautifully tied with a bow, it definitely feels more of a luxury and special gift. This is their travel candle collection which includes three gorgeous scents, one being my favourite Jo Malone scent English Pear and Freesia, aswell as Blackberry and Bay and also Lime basil and mandarin which are some of Jo Malones most popular classic scents.

The set costs £55.85, which is definitely on the pricier side for votive sized candles but for a luxury brand like Jo Malone this price is actually very good and it's obviously duty free too, which is amazing! Even though Jo Malone are more of an expensive brand you really can't fault the quality of their products at all, at least the ones I've tried so far anyway. So, this one is perfect if you're looking to gift someone something more on the luxury side this Christmas, as who doesn't love Jo Malone?

Price: £56.85
Link: Travel candle collection

Next up are some gifts from another one of my favourite brands, Crabtree and Evelyn! I'm a huge fan of their products, some are a little on the pricier side but always 100% worth it in my opinion. They have some gorgeous gift sets and products this year, so I'm very excited to share a few of them with you!

First up is this gorgeous Bauble gift set, the packaging alone wins me over with this one with it's lovely orange, red and pink design! Most importantly though there are some fab products inside too! The set features three products in their Pear and Pink Magnolia scent:

A 50ml body wash
• A 50ml body lotion
• A 25ml hand therapy

Three products for £15? I think that's amazing value for Crabtree and Evelyn, considering how luxurious their products are. The Pear and Pink Magnolia scent is a new one to me but it's a dream, the perfect balance of fruity and floral! I really don't think you can go wrong with this set, it would definitely be a perfect option if you're looking to get a gift between the £10/£20 mark as a secret santa gift this year, I know I would be over the moon to recieve one myself. Another thing to mention is that I find Crabtree and Evelyn products to be very gentle on the skin, so these would be great for anyone with sensitive skin too!

Price: £15
Link: Pink Rocker gift set

Another great find also from Crabtree and Evelyn is their Windsor Forest candle, which I think would make a great stocking filler for anyone who loves their candles and home fragrances as this scent is honestly divine. It's quite a small candle size wise, but that doesn't stop this one from having a great scent throw, they do also have a bigger sized candle available too though which is perfect if you're looking to gift something a bit larger! The Windsor Forest fragrance is another new one for me but it's divine..

"In this crisp and invigorating fragrance, an evergreen medley of fir needle, spruce and pine notes are entwined with the fresh aromas of holly and juniper berries."

The fragrance screams Christmas to me, with the gorgeous green and berry notes, a lovely festive blend. I also really like the design of this candle, really simple but sleek with the Crabtree and Evelyn logo. I'm a big fan of the box too with the festive greens and blues, Crabtree and Evelyn always keep their packaging looking simple but sleek which I love!

Price: £16
Link: Windsor Forest Candle

Lastly from Crabtree and Evelyn is this lovely cracker set, which includes three of their Hand Therapy creams:

• Rosewater and Pink peppercorn
• La Source

So, there's some gorgeous scents in this set! The Hand Therapy creams from Crabtree and Evelyn are definitely up there with my favourite hand creams and I've tried alot! I especially love their Rose Water and Pink Peppercorn cream, which leaves the hands feeling super soft! Scent wise it's the perfect blend of sweet and spicy, I think the addition of the peppercorn adds such a unique twist. This trio would be perfect for someone who deserves some TLC this festive season, maybe a nurse or anyone who's hands deserve some pampering. It's a little more pricier compared to the bauble set, but worth every penny in my opinion, and again would be a great option if you're looking to get a set between the £10/£20 mark as a secret santa gift!

Price: £20
Link: Join Hands gift set

Next up is a gift set from a very popular brand this year, Feather and Down, who create products that encourage relaxation, perfect for anyone who struggles to get to sleep! I'm sure we all have a friend or family member that struggles, so this one is definitely a thoughtful gift that's perfect for them. It's so afforable too at just £12 which I think is an amazing steal for four products, I also think the packaging is gorgeous with the blue sky like design, almost as relaxing as their famous pillow spray!

The set includes four products:

An all purpose sleep balm
• A pillow spray
• A sleep butter
• A melting shower cream

So, there's a great range of products in the set, perfect for getting anyone into a relaxed state after a long stressful day. The pillow spray is my personal favourite, it's easily one of the best pillow sprays I've tried and I've tried alot! You just spritz the mist onto your pillow before heading to bed, then the blend of essential oils starts to get you feeling more relaxed and calm in no time, I'm a massive fan and can definitely see why their products get such high reviews. This set is currently included in the 3 for 2 offer at Boots, which is perfect if you're looking to buy a few presents in one go to save some money as Christmas is definitely an expensive time of year!

Price: £12
Link: Boots, Sweet Dreams set

Next up are some candles from The Taylor'd Candle Co, who are a new brand this year and I was honestly blown away when I tried these! I think it's amazing to support small businesses when we can, especially when they produce great quality products like these. They have a range of different Christmas scents available this year, including:

Christmas Spice
• Elder Honey
• Mulled Wine
• Snow Fairy

I'm a big fan of all of these, but my favourite has to be the Snow Fairy scent, they've replicated that famous Lush scent sooo well. It has such an amazing scent throw too, perfect for burning during a Snow Fairy bath! If you know someone who's a big Lush fan then I think this would be such a great gift! I also really like that all of these candles have wooden wicks, which helps to make the room feel extra cosy throughout the Winter months whilst the gorgeous aromas fill the room too, I'm a big fan!

Link: The Taylor'd Candle Co

Lastly for this gift guide is this adorable hand cream cracker from MOR Boutique, who are a popular Australian bath, body and lifestyle brand. Firstly, let's talk about this packaging, it's definitely one of the prettiest beauty crackers I've seen this year! I just adore the pink design with the gold detailing, along with the black bows too. Packaging definitely makes a gift feel extra special in my opinion, so I'm sure most people would really appreciate receiving one of these this Christmas, especially any fellow pink lovers like myself!

Product wise, I'm a big fan of the MOR Boutique hand creams, I've tried quite a few already this year! This one is in their Mesmerizing Marshmallow scent, which is a lovely delicate floral and sweet fragrance that smells super luxurious. It's not overpowering scent wise at all and is definitely on the lighter side, so this one's a great option for someone who's a little fussy scent wise. The formula is packed with vitamin E, shea and cocoa seed butter, perfect for preventing the hands from getting dry this Winter, which is definitely ideal as I think this years is going to be a very cold one! So, it's a great afforable option, especially for a friend or family member who you don't know too well as I'm sure almost everyone would be a fan of this scent!

Price: £8
Link: Feel Unique, MOR cracker

So, that was definitely a long one but I wanted to go all out with my gift guides this year and include a wide range of products for everyones budgets and tastes. I hope this comes in handy and gives you some gift inspiration, I still can't believe how fast Christmas is coming around this year but I'm VERY excited!

Let me know in the comments what's your favourite gift that I've mentioned?

~ This post contains some gifted items and affiliate links, however as always all opinions are my own. ~

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  1. Such a fab blog post! Feather and down are my favourite. I wouldn’t mind receiving the pillow spray for Christmas! - Shola x

    1. Aww thank you Shola! I'm obsessed with the Pillow Spray right now :) xx

  2. I must have smelt all of the Christmas Yankee Candle's by now.. I can't help myself! I've been burning the 'Christmas Eve' one and I love it! It's so festive. A candle would be the perfect gift x
    Amber |

    1. They are amazing aren't they? I love their Christmas Eve scent too! Thanks for reading:)

  3. That Yankee Candle gift box is SO lovely. My Mum would love that, she loves a candle!


    1. Candles are always a good idea! Thanks for reading Jenny :) xx

  4. Love this post, full of fab Christmas gifts! I love Yankee Candle and cannot wait to go in store and pick up their Christmas scents, but I love the idea of the Kiss Air candles, very festive!

    Heather | x Highland Beauty