Would I ever go vegan? Sharing my thoughts on the vegan tests from Healthlabs *


Today the Vegan lifestyle seems to be becoming more and more popular, I am currently not Vegan but it's definitely something I've thought about! I really love that our society is becoming more aware about diet, and also a lot more eco conscious too! Healthlabs are here to help any of us that may have any health queries when transitioning into a vegan lifestyle..

Even though I'm not vegan myself at the moment, I really admire those that have adopted a vegan lifestyle. The lifestyle has been known to have amazing health benefits, both physically and mentally.. and it's definitely something I think about quite alot! I have definitely cut down the amount of meat I eat over the last few months, but I think I would really struggle to cut out fish and dairy. However one of the great things these days is that most supermarkets seem to have a Vegan alternative for nearly everything.. which I'm sure would help anyones transition into a vegan to be alot easier than it would have been a few years ago!

Health labs are a private wellness company, that offer a range of different health and nutritional tests, but today I'm going to be talking about their vegan tests! Their Vegan tests aim to detect any deficiencies in the body that you may be lacking due to a Vegan diet, they recommend these tests for Vegans that feel like they might be lacking in some kind of vitamins or nutrients, so they can then make changes, and therefore lead a happier and healthier lifestyle. They also offer tests for people like myself who may be curious to know whether a Vegan diet is for them or not! 

They have over 4500 labs across America, and after visiting you'll be able to get your results in 1-3 days which I think is an amazing turn around for the price. So, this is perfect if you're looking for something with a very quick turn around and want your results fast! The tests themselves are carried out in one of their labs and take around just 10 minutes, so they are perfect if you have any anxieties when it comes to hospitals or doctors surgeries, as these tests are quick and easy with no waiting around. Location wise, these tests are only available in the states at the moment, however hopefully they'll be able to come over to the UK soon. 

They have a range of different tests available but the one that catches my eye is their Vegan Nutritional Maintenance Panel . This tests for 11 of the most common deficiencies:

•Complete Blood Count (CBC)
•D-25 Hydroxy (Vitamin D-3)
•Folic Acid

The test will reveal any deficiencies within a few days so you can then suppliment that with either tablets, vitamins or diet, and continue to live a healthy and happy lifestyle. I'm actually B12 deficient myself, and I wish I had of heard of this company before then instead of taking muliple trips to the hospital and doctors, as with this test you get the results within just days, which I think is pretty amazing and alot less of a hassle! They believe that the Vegan lifestyle has a huge range of benefits, and that you shouldn't let small set backs stop you from living that lifestyle.. which I think is so true. 

The vegan tests from Healthlabs start from $149 and go up to around $399, which is expensive but compared to other companies these prices are actually pretty amazing.. a lot of other private companies in America would charge you atleast $1000 for these kind of tests. The company have very kindly given me a discount code to share with my readers though, so you can receive 25% off all vegan testing when using the code KATELOVES25 if you're interested in taking a test yourself.

I really like the idea behind their vegan testing, our health is so important as we only get one body so I think that understanding the nutrients and vitamins our bodies need is a great way to help to maintain a good health, whether you are a vegan or non vegan! I personally think they would be worth the price and more, especially if you physically feel like you're lacking in something.. I would definitely be interested to take a test myself to see whether I was lacking in any vitamins or nutrients, so I really do hope they come to the UK soon! 

I hope you enjoyed getting to know abit more about Healthlabs and what services they have to offer, I think what they are offering is amazing and is the perfect quick way to seek results! Let me know if you're a vegan yourself, or if you've ever considered changing to a vegan lifestyle? I am definitely going to make a conscious effort to eat more vegan alternatives this year, so if you have any recommendations please do let me know in the comments!

* This post is sponsored by Healthlabs.
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  1. Great post Kate. I think having a good understanding of our own nutrition and what vitamins our body needs is really important regardless of our diets so I'd love to try this test. And you're right, there are so many veggie and vegan options popping up which is awesome!
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety

  2. Great post, nice to see you working with Healthlabs too! I also admire anyone with a Vegan lifestyle. I’d be super interested to see what I’m deficient in because my diet isn’t great so I know I’d find those sort of tests really useful!


  3. This seems like such a great thing to have, it's so important to know what you're actually putting in your body and whether you're staying healthy. I'm a veggie myself and my sister is vegan so I'm glad I've found out about healthlabs to pass it on :)


  4. Oh I haven’t heard about this before! I’ve been vegan all my life, or as long as I can remember (just due to the fact that my body can’t consume any meat) so this would be something I need to check out!

    lots of love, Jasmin
    // littlethingswithjassy.com

  5. I've never heard of this kind of thing before, but it sounds so interesting! And it would definitely be beneficial for anyone who is vegan or is considering going vegan!

    Ashley | hiyaitsashley.com