Urban Decay Beached palette: Is it worth the hype?


One of the latest eyeshadow palette releases this year from Urban Decay is their beached palette, and isn't it just gorgeous? I'm a huge fan of Urban Decay myself and I've found their eyeshadows to be some of the best, luckily this palette doesn't disappoint either! So, I'm very excited to share abit more about it with you in todays post..

Firstly lets start with the packaging, because I think this one looks gorgeous! I love the palm tree design on the outside, which is inspired by California beaches. It's definitely a dreamy looking summery palette on both the out and inside, that will have you dreaming of summer trips to Califronia! I really love the colours used too, I think the blues work so well amongst the palm tree designs.. very different to the usual Urban Decay palettes but I really like it.

Quality wise, this is cardboard packaging so it definitely doesn't feel the most luxurious but it does feel sturdy, and I really like that it includes a generous sized mirror too.. meaning it's perfect for on the go or when travelling. The only thing I'm not so keen on is that this palette opens up horizontally, which is a little odd to me and is something I've not seen with the Urban Decay palettes this size before, but apart from that I do really like the design and packaging of this one!

The palette features eight different shades..

•Salt - Ivory satin
•Heatwave - Metallic rust
•16th ST - Metallic bronze-gold
•Plunge - Deep metallic blue-green
•Blaze - Light metallic peach with pink shift
•Daybreak - Deep reddish terra-cotta matte
•Double dip - Bright metallic teal
•Wedge - Deep metallic brown-copper

There's not as many shades as they usually include in their eyeshadow palettes, but I think you have everything you need here for either a day time beach look or a more glam night time look too, especially with those gorgeous blues! I personally love the range of colours myself, especially the warm and bronze tones which are the shade types I tend to reach for the most, especially throughout the Summer months, and also the Autumn months too.

I think the aqua and turquoise shades are a gorgeous addition too, and compliment the warmer shades so well. I'm not the type of person that usually goes for bright and 'out there' eyeshadow shades like these blues, however I tried these on my lower lash line and actually really liked how they looked.. they add a lovely pop of colour to the eyes without making the eye look overly bright! However I would imagine the blues would look incredible on the lids too if you do love a bright makeup look, as they really are two stunning shades.

My personal favourite is '16th st' which is a gorgeous metallic golden bronze with lighter golden reflects, it's the perfect summer colour that looks amazing in the sunlight with it's pretty metallic finish. I really hope they sell this one individually soon as I would definitely purchase one because I've been reaching for this one alot! So, overall I really love the shade range in this palette.. the shades are definitely perfect for someone who loves their warm toned eyeshadows like myself! 

The palette contains 1 matte shade then the rest either have a shimmer or metallic based finish.. so if you're a fan of your shimmery shadows then you will love this palette! For me, that's almost the perfect selection of finishes but I just wish there was a darker matte shade in the palette to add some dimension to my crease, as even the darkest shade in this palette isn't really dark enough for me and that's coming from someone with a pretty pale skin tone. 

Besides that, the quality of all of these shadows are great.. both the matte and the shimmer shades are all packed with pigment and apply and blend out on the eyes so well, they really do just glide onto the eyes effortlessly with their velvety finish! The matte shade is super pigmented and buttery for a matte and really helps to build a good base on the eyes before adding in the shimmers, it's really easy to build up to that lovely bold warm toned shade but for everyday this also looks gorgeous applied with a lighter hand too! 

I've always been a huge fan of the eyeshadows from Urban Decay and this palette definitely doesn't disappoint, even the lighter shimmer shades are great which are the shades I find lack in pigment in a lot of my other palettes, but that's definitely not the case with this one. The only downside is that some of the darker shades do have a slight bit of fall out, which is a shame but apart from that I really can't fault the formula! I think you really do get what pay for with the Urban Decay palettes as they definitely are some of the best.

Wear wise this palette doesn't disappoint either.. yay! I always find Urban Decay shadows are well lasting, but I've found these ones even better than their staple Naked palettes, which was definitely a nice surprise. The shades easily last me a full day before starting to fade, well a good 8-12 hours anyway and thats without a primer, with a good primer or some Mac fix plus this one really doesn't budge though and will definitely last you all day or night long well.

The only shade that does seem to fade quicker than the others slightly is the palest 'Salt' shade, it does last well but it's just not as longlasting as the other seven shades and fades a few hours before them, I have no complaints about the other shades though whatsoever. So, if you're looking for a warm toned palette that will last you all day then look no further! 

The palette retails for around £28 which is pricey for just 8 shades, however I can barely fault this one quality wise! The best place to buy this palette though is at World Duty Free, it will cost you just £24.80 there which is a great saving, especially for a high end palette.. So, if you're passing through Duty Free before a holiday this year then definitely head over to the Urban Decay stand and have a closer look at this one as it really is gorgeous.. It's worth every penny in my opinion! 

I hope you enjoyed hearing my thoughts on the Urban Decay Beached palette, as you can probably tell already I'm a huge fan of this one.. and it's actually probably become one of my favourite palettes to try so far this year, so I'm very excited to carry on using it! Let me know in the comments if you've tried the new palette yet, and your thoughts?

* This post contains a PR sample, however as always all opinions are my own.
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  1. The blue shades are really calling out to me! They're gorgeous!
    Amber | www.amberatlanta.blogspot.co.uk

  2. Them blue shades are definitely calling my name, they look stunning in the palette and on the swatches!

    Heather | x Highland Beauty