New rotating bath fizzers from I Heart Revolution


Today on the blog I'm going to be talking about the new rotating star bath fizzers from I Heart Revolution! I am SO happy they are now creating and selling bath products, most importantly bath bombs.. yay! I've been really impressed with them myself so I'm very excited to be sharing my thoughts on them with you all!

Firstly lets talk about the packaging and design because I love them, I really like the fun and colourful star shaped designs.. so pretty and bright just like alot of other products from I Heart Revolution. That's one thing you can always rely on with this brand.. cute packaging! I think my favourite packaging wise is actually the green fizzer, I love the green and silver star pattern, it's definitely giving me all of the galactic space vibes! 

The only downside for me with these is that they are a little tricky to get out, so you'll definitely need a pair of scissors to get them open.. but apart from that I'm a big fan of the packaging of all three of these. I can definitely see them bringing out more of them soon, and I know it's only August but I'm already hoping they bring out few Christmas designs this year.. fingers crossed!

They've brought out 3 different scents/colours so far..

Vanilla spin - Vanilla
• Pink twizzle - Berry
• Star Gazer - Aquatic 

So there should be a scent or colour to suit most peoples preferences. My personal favourite is Pink Twizzle, which I bet doesn't come as a surprise! I think both the colour and scent of this one are gorgeous, and I can't get over how pretty it looks once it starts fizzing away in the bath alongside it's lovely berry scent.. I can definitely see this being a bath bomb I'll repeatedly buy as it's one of the prettiest colour wise that I've tried in a good while.

Once these are dropped into the water the gorgeous star effect appears within seconds and releases it's other colours, I've actually never tried a bath bomb that's created an actual shape in the water before so I was definitely a little mind blown.. in a very good way! The effect doesn't wear off too quickly either, the fizzer rotates for a good 5-10 minutes before the star shape starts to fade away nicely into the other colours. So, effect wise I can't fault these whatsoever, they are hands down some of the best bath bombs I've tried.. and that's coming from someone that's tried alot of different bath bombs! 

Scent wise, the scents aren't the strongest I've tried before, but they still let of the scents nicely whilst fizzing just maybe not as strong as some I've tried. They do give of a lovely light/medium aroma though, especially when they first start to fizz away! For me, the vanilla scent definitely comes across as the strongest compared to the other two, so if you're a fan of vanilla scents and the colour yellow then I think you'll love that one. 

At the moment these retail for £5, which is pretty much the standard price for bath bombs from most companies these days sadly! I really can't fault the quality of these ones though, and they are actually pretty big size wise too, so you do get your moneys worth there. If you're looking to save money then these are actually on offer for 3 for 2 in Superdrug at the moment, so that's definitely the place to go if you're looking to get a few. 

I will definitely be buying myself a few more in the future as I can't fault the colour pay off and how pretty they are! I think they are definitely going to be a popular release for I Heart Revolution and I really hope they bring out some more colours and scents in the future, I think a blue or a purple would look amazing!

I hope you enjoyed hearing all about the new bath bombs from I Heart Revolution, as you can probably tell already I'm a huge fan of these and think they look gorgeous, especially the Pink Twizzle fizzer! Let me know in the comments if you've tried any of the new bath bombs from I Heart Revolution yet, and your thoughts?

* This post contains PR samples and affiliate links, however as always all opinions are my own. 
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  1. Oooo I've not seen these in my local Superdrug yet but I'm definitely going to go on the hunt for them now! They look fab! Definitely more instagrammable!

    Katie | XX

    1. They are so pretty aren't they? :) Thanks for reading xx

  2. Oh wow, these look INCREDIBLE. Another triumph from Revolution.
    I've never seen a bath bomb dissolve and keep its shape before. I definitely need to give these a try.

    Louisa | Loubee Lou Blogs

  3. I saw these on your Instagram and I've been DYING to try them but I'm not going to lie I'm really surprised by the price! I've always thought of Revolution to be a budget beauty company and I refuse to buy Lushs £5 products too as I just think that's far too expensive for one bath. I have hinted to the boyf that I would like some in my stocking this Christmas though so fingers crossed they'll have some offers on... I absolutely LOVE that the star stays in the bath too, such a fabulous effect!
    Alice Xx

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  5. How freaking cute are these?!

    I love a bath bomb, especially one that goes all rainbow and is full of surprises.

    Will have to check of they have these at my local Superdrug since I've just ran out!

    Laura ☆

  6. These look amazing! I was too busy looking at the products on your first picture, I didn't even notice it in your bath, and WOW. I also didn't realise the size of them until you're holding them. I need them all. They literally look so beautiful as they melt. I can't wait to try these!

    Aycan //

  7. These are the coolest looking bath bombs I've ever seen! Love how they create a shape in the water! xxx

  8. They look so pretty in the bath! I need to pick these up x