My favourite summer candles


It's no secret that I love a good candle so I thought I would share some of my favourite summer candles for this year, which features some new releases but also some classics! I've included a range of prices too starting from £1, going up to £25, so there should be a candle for everyones budgets here! Summer scents are my favourite kind, so I'm very excited to share some great ones with you today..

First up is the Summertime Soda Pop candle from Bath and Body Works, which I think is one of their new summer releases for this year. This was actually the first candle I've ever tried from the brand and I've been so impressed with it, the scent is absolutely gorgeous..

"Crisp lime, Zesty lemon and a splash of soda."

Think citrus, with a hint of bubbliness.. it's definitely the ideal scent with summer now here. The lemon and lime scents seem to balance together so well and really compliment eachother, along with the splash of soda.. which adds a gorgeous fizziness to the overall scent just like a real life soda! The lemon comes accross as the strongest scent for me, but the lime is definitely well prominent too. So, I think if you like either of those scents, especially lemon then you'll be a big fan of this one, just like me.

The scent throw of this candle is amazing too, I had obviously heard great things about the Bath and Body work candles from others but I never imagined them to be this good. Once the wax starts to pool, that gorgeous citrus soda like scent starts to fill a room so easily. I've been burning this one in my bedroom, and I've even been able to smell the scent whilst coming up the stairs, which I was definitely impressed with. So, if you're ever in the states anytime soon I really recommend checking this one out.. they are quite pricey but 100% worth it in my opinion!

Next up is a new summer release from Kiss Air Candles that I have been obsessed with! It's a tropical scent which has a coconut base with notes of lemon, mandarin and pineapple.. and also hints of warm amber and vanilla too. The blend of this one is honestly stunning, the coconut, lemon and pineapple come across as the strongest to me, with the other scents acting as more of a background scent. So, if you're a fan of those three scents I think you'll really like this one as they blend together so well!

It's such a unique blend, like nothing I've tried before candle wise but it's definitely become one of my new favourites. One of the best things about the candle besides the scent is the scent throw, this one is so strong, even in larger rooms it fills the room with the gorgeous tropical blend so well. Another thing I really like about this one is that the morning after burning the scent still lingers in the room, which is a great little bonus. It's definitely been one of my favourites to discover this year, and what makes it even better is that it's £9 for a burn time of up to 35 hours, which I think is a great price!

Next up is a summer scent I've loved for years now, I can't even imagine how many candles and wax melts I've had in this scent over the years but if you've tried it for yourself you'll understand why! The Yankee Candle blend has top notes of pink cotton candy, strawberries and berries, middle notes of spun sugar and base notes of praline and vanilla.. the blend is definitely one of the best I've tried, and is such a classic summer scent. The scents blend together into a lovely sweet creamy strawberry like scent.. very similar to strawberry icecream, but with those extra berry notes! It's not overly sweet though, and seems to have just the right balance, the fruity notes definitely add a refreshing feel to the scent too which makes it perfect for those summer nights or days.

Scent throw wise, this definitely isn't as strong as the first two candles I've mentioned but it does still fill a room nicely just with more of a medium scent throw, so if you're not a fan of strong scents then I think you'll actually really like this one. The downside is that this is definitely on the pricier side at £23.99, however for 110-150 hours burn time in the long run it really isn't too bad I suppose, if you're interested in buying one though this scent is almost always on offer on Amazon for a decent price!

My next favourite is the Watermelon lemonade candle from Bath and Body Works! Firstly lets talk about how pretty this candle looks, as I think it's so lovely.. I love the bright purple and pink design with the little watermelon illustrations, very cute indeed! Scent wise, it really does smell just like watermelon lemonade, with the notes of watermelon and zingy fresh lemon, the scent even has a lovely fizziness to it which helps to replicate the lemonade perfectly. It's such a refreshing fruity scent that's definitely perfect for the summer months, and even beyond if you love your fruity based scents as much as me! 

The scent throw of this candle is amazing just like the first Bath and Body Works candle I mentioned, it fills a room with the gorgeous fresh scent so well.. it's definitely on the stronger side but without becoming overpowering either! Price wise, this one costs $24.50, so it's pretty expensive for just one candle however I really can't complain about the actual scent or scent throw of this one at all, and it's one I would definitely consider repurchasing next time I'm in the states. 

Lastly but by no means least is another lemonade style candle but this time a lot more of an afforable option from Primark. This one has notes of lemon and rhubarb, and the blend for such a cheap candle really shocked me.. it's gorgeous! I know some people aren't a fan of Rhubarb based scents but I love them, and I think the rhubarb blends together so well with the lemon in this one.. making the perfect lemonade like scent, seriously.. if you closed your eyes you would definitely be able to imagine a glass of pink lemonade in front of you! I think the Rhubarb adds a lovely unique and almost tart like twist to the scent, it's so hard to describe in words so if you are in Primark anytime soon then I definitely recommend checking this one out!

The best thing about this candle besides the scent however is the price, it costs just £1 for a 16 hour burn time.. which I think is ridiculously cheap for a candle these days, but I'm definitely not complaining! The only downside is that it's not as strong as the other candles I've mentioned and is more of a light to medium scent throw, but I can still definitely notice the lovely scent when I walk into a room.. and for just £1 I really can't complain whatsoever. So, if you're looking for a cheaper alternative then I really couldn't recommend this one enough, and I'll definitely be picking up another when this one runs out, they also have pillar style candles and tealights available in this scent too if you're not a fan of this style of jar.

I hope you enjoyed hearing about some summer candles that I've been loving this year, there's definitely been some great releases this year but my favourites have to be the Faraway Shores and the Summertime Soda Pop scents, as they are just gorgeous and so strong scent throw wise! Let me know in the comments if you have any favourite summer candle scents?

* This post contains a PR sample and an affiliate link, however as always all opinions are my own.

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  1. What wonderful recommendations. I love Bath and Body Works summer collection! My favorite candle is Summer Boardwalk which is also my all-time favorite BBW candle. ♥

  2. The packaging on the Bath & Body Works candles is amazing! I really want to try out some of their products so a haul is due soon. Yankee candles are definitely my go to candles though for every season.

    Heather | x Highland Beauty

  3. These all are so gorgeous & I can only imagine how good they smell like😍 ah, I cannot wait for Autumn so I can burn candles properly, it’s been so hot that even imagining of burning a candle makes me sweat haha 😅

    lots of love, Jasmin

  4. Summer scoop is one of my all time favourite scents!! x

  5. Ah I absolutely love candles and pot pourri dotted around the home, it makes such a difference when you have things placed around as it improves the atmosphere and in the evening, lighting a candle and watching tv - there's nothing better!

    Layla x

  6. I've never really invested in candles enough to separate them in terms of seasons, if I like a smell I'll just get it! Summer Scoop sounds glorious! However, a few years ago I was sent some candles for review which were Christmassy scents, like orange and pine and my GOSH I could have sniffed them for hours!


  7. These look amazing!! I too love a candle especially ones as pretty looking as these! xo