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It's time for another wax melt post, you'll all know by now how much I love my candles and wax melts so I'm very excited to talk about a selection of melts from the company Wax Box. I've tried a range of scents from this shop in the past, and I've been really impressed, so I'm excited to share my thoughts on some more of their scents in today's post!

Wax box are a UK subscription service, who sell a number of different wax melt and small candle monthly boxes. Aswell as that they also have an online shop selling oil burners, wax melts, snap bars and even candles! They very kindly sent me a box filled with a random selection of their wax melts, So let's get onto the scents.. 

The first scent I've been trying is Dancing Shoes, which is a gorgeous sweet blend! The scent has top notes of strawberries and syrupy mixed fruits, heart notes of fuzzy peach and black cherries, which lead into the base notes of French vanilla pods and caramelized warm amber. 

The blend of scents are lovely in this melt, the strongest ones that come across for me are the French vanilla, fuzzy peach and caramelized warm amber.. which all create such a delicious sweet blend, the fruity notes add a lovely fresh and juicy feel to the scent too which seems to balance out perfectly amongst the other scents. Scent throw wise this one comes across as medium to strong for me, it's not as strong as some of the wax melts from Wax Box but it definitely still fills a room very nicely! I also love the design on this melt too, it definitely gives me all the Mamma Mia and Abba vibes! 

The second scent I've been trying out is their grapefruit scent, which is a gorgeous fruity blend.. I sometimes find grapefruit scents a little too sickly sweet for me but this one isn't at all, as the other scents added balance this one out so well. The scent has top notes of grapefruit, mandarin and lemon peel, middle notes of Jasmine, crisp herbs and orange blossom, and also bottom notes of oakmoss, cedar and musk.

The blend of this one is so different to alot of other grapefruit based scents I've tried but it's such a lovely one, for me the strongest scents seem to be the orange blossom, grapefruit and the lemon peel.. those scents and the slight muskiness of the others just seem to balance out so well and stop the scent from being overwhelmingly sweet. It's still definitely a sweet scent, but without being sickly sweet at all! 

Scent throw wise, this is definitely one of the strongest ones, the gorgeous fruity blend easily fills a room in just 10-15 minutes.. which I think is really impressive for the afforable price! I also love how the morning after burning the scent still lingers in the room slightly, which is definitely a great little bonus. 

Another scent I've been trying is their Kola Kubes Scent, and as a huge sweet lover, especially the old fashioned kind this is definitely one of my favourites! Its pretty easy to explain this one as it really does smell exactly the same as those famous old fashioned Kola cube sweets, and I'm a big fan.. It's such a sweet and comforting scent that definitely takes me back to my own childhood.

If you haven't tried Kola cubes before, the scent is a sugary candy like scent with hints of lemon and lime, which also has a slight spice to it too, just like cola. Scent throw wise, I would describe this as a medium scent throw.. it fills a room with scent nicely, but isn't overly strong either which I think helps to stop the scent coming across as overly sweet. So, overall I'm a big fan of this scent, and I'm very excited to burn the other half of the pod very soon!

Another scent I've been trying is Thai lime and mango, which comes across as such a fresh fruity fragrance! I'm a big fan of citrus scents, and the addition of mango blended with the lime works so well.. the two seem to compliment each other so nicely. I think if you're a fan of either of those two scents, then you'll definitely be a fan of this one. Out of all of the scents I've tried from this brand, this one comes across as the most luxurious to me, and I think this one would be suited to almost any room in the house too.. especially for freshening up the kitchen or a bathroom, as this scent adds a lovely freshness to the air.

Scent throw wise, this one definitely has a high scent throw.. I've been burning this one in our living room which is one of the bigger rooms in our house, and it still comes across so well, without being overpowering at all. So, overall I have no complaints with this scent whatsoever.. and I'm sure this is a very popular one for the company! 

The next scent I've been trying is Sparkle, which has a fresh herbal scent with opening notes of crisp eucalyptus, citrus nuances, aromatic rosemary and lush galbanum, which is supported by base notes of soft woods and sweet musk. This is actually not the kind of scent I would usually go for myself after reading the scent description, but the scents all together actually create a really pretty fresh blend.. it definitely comes across very fresh and herbal, the eucalyptus and rosemary come across as the strongest scents for me aswell as the added citrus notes which add a really nice fruity feel to the overall scent too. 

The overall scent is very strong with this one, and scent throw wise fills a room so well.. It's definitely one of their stronger scents out of the nine I've been trying this time, it's maybe a little bit too strong for me considering the scent has a herbal feel to it, however if you like your strong scents I think you'll be a big fan of this one!

Next up is my favourite scent out of the selection I've been trying, and it's called Tropical crush. This one is a sweet tropical, fruity blend.. So if you're a fan of your fruity scents like myself then you will absolutely love this one! It has scents of grapefruit, pineapple and mango with notes of ripe papaya skin, orange, raspberry and crisp green apples. 

This scent is definitely perfect with summer now here, and I'm actually going to say it's probably one of the best wax melts I've ever tried scent wise.. the blend is just gorgeous and aswell as that this one has such a great scent throw too, this melt easily fills a room and more with that gorgeous tropical scent. This one is actually supposed to be a similar scent to the Lilt drink, which I can definitely see as this one is super refreshing and fruity, just like Lilt. So, overall this one definitely gets my approval!

The next scent I've been trying is called Adventure! I couldn't put my finger on the scents in this one, and then I read the description and it's actually similar in style to a well known men's fragrance.. and I love a good dupe! 

This one has scents of birch and juniper, with notes of patchouli and Jasmine too, this one is probably not a scent that I would usually go for myself in a wax melt, as it is similar to a men's fragrance.. but that's just my personal preference and if you have a man around the house then I'm sure he would love this one, instead of some of the more sweet and girly scents, haha! Besides the scent, the scent throw of this one is definitely another strong one and easily fills a room, so I have no complaints on that aspect at all. Even though this isn't one of my favourites, I think if you like more muskier scents then you'll actually really like this one! 

The next scent I've been trying is Bora Bora, which is another gorgeous summery scent. The scent has sweet notes of pineapple, açai berry, mango zest and tart passion fruit.. This is another favourite for me, as I just adore this fruity blend. I think some scents that are pineapple based come across overly sweet, however this one has just the right balance for me! 

The pineapple and mango come across as the strongest scents to me, so if you're a fan of both of those scents then I can guarantee you'll love this one. I also love the addition of passion fruit as it adds a lovely zingy twist to the scent too, I can't think of any other candle or wax blends I've had that have included passion fruit but I'm a big fan of the addition in this scent! Scent throw wise, this one is more of a medium scent throw compared to some of their stronger scents, however this still fills a room really nicely.

Last but by no means least is their Plum and Rhubarb scent, and as a huge lover of Rhubarb scents I was so excited to try this one.. and it didn't disappoint! It's a vibrant, fruity blend of fresh rhubarb and juicy black plum with interludes of ripe pear and sweet peach. The blend of this one is gorgeous, the fruity scents with the blend of Rhubarb is just perfect for me.. I know some people aren't a fan of the scent or even taste of Rhubarb, but I love it!

For me the rhubarb comes across as the heaviest scent in this one, and quite abit stronger than the plum notes but they still come through well! The hints of the peach come through really well too, and add a lovely juicy vibe to the scent, which I really like and makes this one the perfect summery wax melt. Scent throw wise, this is more of medium scent throw which I think I actually prefer with this particular scent as sometimes rhubarb based scents can become a little too overpowering, but that's definitely not the case with this one.

Most of the scents seemed to burn for around 5/6 hours before I noticed them starting to become slightly weaker, and that's with just half of one of the wax pods. I would say overall, the majority of the scents burn well for around 9 hours, but some of the scents last for quite abit longer like Tropical Crush, Sparkle and Kola Kubes. I was really impressed with the burn time for the price, and also considering I was using just half the pot, I think you could definitely get away with using even less than that for some of the scents too.

Their single wax pots are just £1.60 which I think is a really affordable price for wax melts these days, especially considering these can be split in half or even quarters too. They also offer a wax melt subscription box which includes 9 melt pots for just £10, which works out even better value for money. Design wise, the actual wax inside is pretty plain and just tends to be one colour, sometimes two - but I do really like how clear and colourful the designs are on the actual tubs! 

I hope you enjoyed hearing my thoughts on the wax melts from Wax Box, as you can probably already tell I'm a big fan of this company, and think they have some gorgeous scents available, especially the Tropical Crush and Kola Kube scents! Let me know in the comments what your favourite type of candle scents are?

*This post contains gifted items, however as always all opinions are my own. 
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  1. I genuinely can't get enough of scented candles or melts, so thank you for sharing :)


  2. These sound lovely and I love the packaging and the cute little photos on top of each pot! I think the scents I’d go for are Adventure and Bora Bora 😍


  3. Ooh wow for that price and that burn time I agree that's really decent! I think my favourites would be kola kubes, dancing shoes and plum and rhubarb. I'm a sucker for sweet floral and also super fruity scents too. I currently have an entire box under my bed of candles and wax melts but I'll definitely be looking into these guys when I'm due a restock as they sound fabulous!
    Alice Xx

  4. These all look and sound so lovely. They are a great price too. I've never actually used any wax melts myself but my boyfriend has sometimes used them and they always smell so nice.
    Your photos are so pretty.
    Clem xx

  5. These wax melts are amazing value for what you get! I think my favourites would be Grapefruit and Sparkle - Sparkle sounds like a Christmassy scent (I can't believe I just said the C word in July, haha). I've never tried wax melts before, only candles, but I keep seeing so many rave reviews that I'm very tempted to try some melts now. Lovely post, thank you! x

    Lisa | www.lisasnotebook.com

  6. Wow that price is incredible, I will definitely be checking this brand out. Some of the scents you got sound amazing, lots of fruity ones I'd love but that Thai Lime and Mango especially sounds dreamy! Wax melts are so good, I actually prefer them to candles now.
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety

  7. I have never tried wax melts, and as a candle lover, I feel like I’m missing out. All the scents sound amazing but my favourites would have to be Dancing Shoes, Kola Kubes, Bora Bora. I love sweet scents, but I’m really intrigued by Adventure. Another beautiful post!

  8. I have actually been thinking about some decent wax melts for a while - I used to just the crappy poundland ones but they never seem to have the fragrance I like anymore!

    All of these melts have such lovely names - I am hooked by Kola Kubes alone!


  9. Oh I need to try these! I've never actually used wax melts before haha x