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It's time for another favourites post, June seems to have flown by so fast.. it only feels like yesterday I was writing up my May favourites post! I've discovered quite a few new loves this month, from beauty to skincare and of course a candle too! So, I'm excited to share them with you in today's post..

First up is a print, and the design and colour of this one is just me all over.. Disney and pink! This print is from the company House of love, who I will link down below, they very kindly asked me to pick out a print of my choice and as soon as I saw this one on their page I knew I had to pick it. I absolutely love the quote on this print, Mrs Potts definitely has some wise words, doesn't she?

I've loved having this out on display this month, the design fits in with the theming of my room perfectly.. and I love being able to have some Disney positivity dotted around my room. Basically, I'm just obsessed with this print!

Next up is a makeup item and it's one of the new matte liquid lipsticks from Lola Makeup in the shade 'First kiss' which is a really pretty pink, almost red looking colour. I think these kind of shades are perfect for brightening any makeup look up and I've been loving this one over the past few weeks!

Formula wise, this one obviously dries down matte, but it does still have a subtle shine to it too when the lips catch the light which I really like.. especially throughout the summer months! The formula also contains jojoba oil and shea butter, which really helps to stop this one drying out the lips unlike alot of matte lipsticks I've tried. 

Application wise, this one is slightly sheer with just one coat, but after two or three it reaches its full pigmentation and you are good to go. I've also found it to be really well long lasting for the price too, and lasts me a good 5-7 hours before starting to fade! So, I'm a big fan of this lipstick overall and I am very excited to see if they bring out any more shades in this formula soon! 

I couldn't not post a monthly favourites without including a candle, could I?! This month I've been enjoying a few different scents but this one has been a firm favourite. It's the new Faraway Shores scent from Kiss Air Candles.. It's a tropical scent, which has a coconut base with notes of lemon, mandarin and pineapple.. and also hints of warm amber and vanilla too. The blend of this one is honestly stunning, the coconut, lemon and pineapple come across as the strongest to me, with the other scents acting as more of a background scent. So, if you like those three scents then I think you'd love this one too!

It's such a unique blend, like nothing I've tried before candle wise but it's definitely become one of my new favourites. One of the best things about this candle besides the scent is the scent throw, this one is so strong, even in larger rooms this one fills the room with the gorgeous tropical scent so well. So, I'm very excited to finish burning this one throughout July!

Next up is a palette, and it's the new Violet Chocolate palette from I Heart Revolution, one of my favourite drugstore brands right now! And isn't it gorgeous? It features some gorgeous purple and burgundy toned shades and I'm so impressed with the quality of this palette so far.

The shades are honestly stunning in this palette, I can't get over how gorgeous some of these purple and violet toned ones are.. and I think this may be one of my favourite I Heart Revolution releases so far. I wouldn't normally reach for a purple toned palette myself, but after playing around with this palette for a while now I've definitely been converted, as you can create some gorgeous natural looks with these shades too.

Finish wise the palette includes a great mix of shimmers, mattes and also satin finishes, so you definitely get a good variety in the palette.. perfect for creating both natural and more glam looks too. The mattes look gorgeous, but the shimmers in this palette have to be my favourite.. they are so pigmented and really do look so pretty on the eyes, especially when they catch the light. One of the best things is that this palette costs just  £8.99 and for 18 shades I think that's pretty amazing, right?!

Another product I've been loving this month is the Flower Market fragrance from Maison Margiela, which is such a stunning fragrance! The blend is obviously floral, but it doesn't feel like a heavy floral scent at all it's such a light fragrance.. perfect for daytime but it's also such an elegant scent too. The strongest notes for me seem to be the rose and the fressia, so if you are a fan of either of those scents I think you'll really like this one too! 

I love that the Replica scents are supposed to replicate a memory, or place.. I am totally on board with this idea and I truly believe that scents and memories have a connection, well in my experience anyway. The only downside is that this is pricey, however if you're passing through World Duty Free before a holiday this year then this is massively reduced there along with the rest of the Replica collection too. I'll have a full review of this coming on my blog very soon taking about the scent more in depth, so stay tuned for that later this week!

My next favourite is one of the new triple baked highlighters from Makeup Revolution, in the shade 'Radiance'. It adds a gorgeous healthy peachy glow to the skin, which looks even better when the light catches it with it's gold and pink reflects.. It's not a shade I would usually go for, but I have become obsessed with this one lately! Aswell as a highlighter I have loved using this one on my eyes too, it's the perfect shimmer to easily pop on the lids for a quick everyday look.

Formula wise, this one is great for the price, it applies to the skin so smoothly with no fallout at all.. it isn't crazy pigmented like some of the Makeup Revolution highlighters, so it's perfect if you like a more subtle highlight.. if not this one does build up easily to a more intense highlight too! I'm also obsessed with this packaging, how cute is the heart design? For just £6 I am so impressed with this one and I'm very excited to keep using it.

Next up is a nail polish and it's the 'Ruffle those feathers' shade from Morgan Taylor! Who are a new brand to me, this one is from their Royal Temptations collection and it's a gorgeous hot turquoise colour, which has been perfect for the summer months. I just love the finish of this one, it has such a pretty gel like shine.. which is the kind of finish I love in a nail polish myself!

One of the best things about this polish is that it's really long lasting, Morgan Taylor are a new brand to me so I had no idea what to expect with this one but I'm so impressed by how well it's lasted on my nails. I've found this lasts for around 5-6 days before small chips start to appear around the edges of the nail, which I think is pretty amazing.. So, I'm definitely excited to keep on wearing this one throughout the summer months. 

Lastly for this month, before this post becomes way too long is the Pixi overnight glow serum. I've been using this every night since it's arrived and my skin always looks radiant the next morning. I have dry skin myself so struggle to get my skin looking naturally radiant without using makeup, but this has really helped to make a difference.. So if you're into glowy and radiant looking skin then I couldn't recommend this oil enough.

Another thing I've noticed since using this is that it's helped reduce a few patches of redness and dry areas I've had left by spots, which is a big bonus. The product contains Glycolic Acid, which I know is something that works wonders for my skin during and after any breakouts.. just remember to apply sfp extra cautiously when using this as it is a strong acid. It doesn't leave my skin feeling dry at all however, it does contain cucumber and aloe too which I think really helps to cool the skin and keep it well hydrated!

Texture wise this isn't like an oil at all, it's definitely more of a gel like formula which I've never tried in an overnight product before but it definitely does the trick and I'm a big fan! Price wise, this one retails for £26 so it's obviously not the cheapest but I find most overnight oils seem to range around that price these days.

I hope you enjoyed hearing about some products and things I've been loving throughout the month of June! I seem to have discovered quite a few new favourites this month, but my ultimate favourite has to be the Faraway Shores candle! Let me know in the comments what you've been loving throughout June?

* This post contains some PR samples and affiliate links, however as always all opinions are my own. 
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  1. I love reading these types of post, I really enjoyed this!! You've put so much effort in to this, it really shows :)

    1. Aww thank you Sophie! Glad you enjoyed it :) xx

  2. That nail colour is so pretty!

    Makeup Revolution is one of my favourite brands full stop. Cruelty-free, purse friendly and great quality.

    Love your product photography too, it's so pretty ๐Ÿ˜

    Laura ☆ laurahasablog.co.uk

  3. Oooo that violet chocolate eyeshadow palette looks gorgeous, definitely need to give it a try! Love purple eyeshadows.

    Heather | x Highland Beauty

  4. I'm honestly loving the look and sound of EVERYTHING on here. I see Kiss Air candles on your Instagram all the time and desperately want to try one! The violet chocolate palette looks like a dream too, if only I hadn't already just bought two new ones from Revolution, oops... And I so want to try Lola makeup asap, I've seen so many bloggers raving about their stuff! Gorgeous photos as always Kate!
    Alice Xx

  5. What a great selection of products. I have never tried Pixi products before, but I’ve always wanted to, and this products looks like a great start. My skin is being such a pain at the moment, I’m slightly loosing hope with what I can do with it. The nail paint color is absolutely gorgeous, and that print is adorable. I love the quote and the movies.

    Aycan xx www.littlewhitesocks.com

  6. The Radiance highlight sounds absolutely amazing! This was a really great post. By the way, your photos are absolutely stunning! I love the pastels and pink theme. So cute x