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Today I'm going to be sharing the next post in my behind the blog series, and todays is going to be in collaboration with Tori from the blog Toris Edit, who is a twenty two year old blogger from Chester. She's currently in the final year of her Law Degree and is also working full time as a Legal Clerk too! So, let's here more about Tori and her blog.. 

Tell me more about your blog and what inspired you to start? 

My blog started as a way to relieve the everyday stresses of university. As I began to travel with my Partner, Andy, I decided to write about our adventures as a way to remember the memories. My blog kind of took off from their and I grew my following based upon my travel guides. Eventually I branched back out into the Niche of Beauty & Lifestyle, but Travel still features heavily along with my food reviews (I’m a massive foodie at heart). My blog is a little bit of the internet that mish mashes the crazy life of a law student trying to juggle a thousand and one things and keep sane! 

I had a friend who got involved with blogging and after reading her blog I felt really inspired. I knew I had ideas I’d like to share with the World and I thought how great would it be to have a platform and change the world (not that that has really happened with my blog, but hopefully I’ve managed to brighten at least one persons day). I had a previous blog called ‘The Beauty Bird’ and then rebranded to ‘Legally Brunnette’. I felt like both weren’t quite right as I was neither a full Beauty blogger nor did I really write about my Law days or anything to do with my Career. Andy had the idea of rebranding again in July 2017 and I decided to start from scratch with Toris Edit! 

Besides blogging, what else do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I previously danced, but had to quit due to a back injury. I enjoy going out and finding Cute and unusual bars. I now use photography as a creative outlet and I have phases where I’m really into health and fitness too. I love being with animals and I love horse-riding (back permitting) and grooming my dog, Amber (crazy hobbies I know). 

What are your favourite and least favourite things about blogging?

My favourite thing about blogging is probably having such a brilliant network of amazing creative individuals who share their content and support each other. The double edged sword of this is there are individuals who consistently create ‘drama’. There is nothing worse than that being the only thing to see on your timeline. I think it puts a bad light on blogging, but I also think it makes me exceptionally grateful for the genuine girls I’ve gotten to meet. 

What's been your greatest blogging achievement so far?

My greatest blogging achievement has probably been receiving an email from someone who reads my blog telling me that they were really inspired by the post I wrote about going through a bad break-up. The tips I’d written had really helped her heal and it honestly made me so proud. I know many people will think that isn’t an achievement at all, but for me it isn’t about the great brands that want to work with you or the followers it is about being able to inspire and help people! That is by far my biggest achievement. 

Do you have any holy grail beauty items?

The holy grail of beauty products for me is the Soap and Glory speed plump moisturiser and the NARS foundation! Both permanent staples for beautiful dewy skin! 

Who's inspired you the most with regards to your blog?

I would say I aspire to be like IntheFROW or Mermaid Moonchild. I think both of their blogs are fantastic and have some fantastic content! 

How do you stay motivated and organised with your blog?

Truthfully, I do not stay organised with my blog... When I feel motivated I will write several posts in draft form with all my ideas and I will refine them when the moment takes me. I do need to get into a routine, but juggling everything I am trying to do at the moment has made this quite difficult to do unfortunately! 

If you could only buy from one beauty brand for the rest of your life, which would it be and why? 

NARS without a doubt, I just love everything about the brand and it is probably the only foundation that hasn’t ruined my skin! This brand is really a miracle. 

Describe your fashion style?

Literally anything and everything that looks good. I have quite a workwear oriented wardrobe unfortunately, so I try to dress that up and make it work haha. 

What's one book you always recommend to people?

To Kill a Mockingbird... The whole tale inspired me so much to stand up for those who don’t have a voice and I think is probably the main reason I chose to study Law. Whilst it was painful to endure during GCSE English Literature, I must admit it has made an impression to last a lifetime. 

Do you have any skincare secrets?

H20... Hydration and Healthy eating. You can never out cleanse or moisturise a bad diet. I’d also recommend cutting out Dairy products (so difficult because who doesn’t love cheese!!!!) but it really helps when my skin breaks out!

Where has been your favourite travel destination so far?

By far Budapest. We just had the craziest most amazing time there and I never wanted to leave. That being said, Amsterdam was pretty awesome too with all the Canals. I suppose there are just too many great places we’ve been fortunate and lucky enough to experience so I can’t chose! 

Where is on your bucket list to travel to next?

America! We wanted to go to celebrate my Graduation, but we think realistically to do everything we want to do we’d need to go next year! 

What's been your favourite blog post you've published so far and why?

Probably my ‘on the plus side I’m now dating an IT God’. It was a post that I felt helped a lot of people through bad breakups and toxic relationships. I personally used it as a form of therapy to heal from my previous relationship. I think I’ll be writing more regarding that relationship in a few weeks time. If it helps even one person leave a toxic and emotionally abusive relationship then it’s worth writing! 

What advice do you have for any new bloggers?

Truthfully, be yourself and socialise. I know they seem obvious, but I’ve seen so many bubbly wonderful and creative bloggers leave the blogging world because of numbers... Blog, because you enjoy blogging and not because you have X amount of followers or you think you’ll get products from brands. Those don’t come until you’ve worked so hard and felt like giving up so so many times. Also, don’t be afraid to know your worth with a brand... I see so many of us being taken advantage of regarding fees and paying for products with discount codes that it really saddens me. Your time and creative content is worth so much more than you think! And finally my most important tip, enjoy it!! The moment blogging becomes a chore you need to step back and reevaluate why you started blogging in the first place! I also try to remind myself that I started my blog as a little piece of the internet for me to help and inspire others and that helps me keep really grounded and focused :) 

Thank you for reading the second post in my behind the blog series, make sure to check out Toris blog and socials below, and stay tuned for lots more behind the blog posts coming very soon!


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  1. Absolutely loving this! I definitely agree, that being yourself is the best thing one can do but if one is just doing it for the numbers, it’s easy to see!

  2. Wow, I'm in awe that Tori is juggling a job, a law degree and a blog - what a superhero! Her blog sounds so interesting, I'll definitely be having a look. I love her advice for new bloggers, I'm currently in a blogging slump so I needed to be reminded of why I started today! And yes - the blogger drama is the worst.
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety

  3. You have some really great tips here Kate! Especially the skincare ones :) Thanks for sharing! xo