New Highlighter wardrobe from I Heart Revolution


Makeup revolution have recently released two very exciting new products: A bronzer wardrobe and also a highlighter wardrobe too, I was so excited to try these when I saw they were being released as I think they both look gorgeous. I'm going to split my reviews into two separate posts and in today's I'm going to share my thoughts and first impressions on the highlighter wardrobe!

First of all let's talk about the packaging, I love the holographic pink design with the white background, it's a nightmare to photograph but in person it's SO pretty. I love the way the highlighters are layed out in the palette too, it's definitely a highlighter lovers idea of heaven! You'll all know by now how much of a sucker I am for some cute packaging, and this is definitely one of my new favourites.

The only downside to the packaging is that it is pretty big, so this definitely wouldn't be ideal for on the go or when travelling but for at home this is perfect!

"Glow wherever you go with this entire collection, ideal for emphasising cheekbones, brown bones and collarbones. A variety of illuminating shades to choose from; white pearl, rosy pink, frosted icy pink, honey gold, duo chrome pink with a white shift, multi bronze and gold."

I love the range of shades in this palette myself, there's definitely something for every skin tone here, which is one thing we can always rely on with Makeup Revolution. About four of the shades are quite abit too dark for me as I am pretty pale, but I've actually been using some of the darkest shades as an eyeshadow instead as they are way too nice to waste, and they look just as pretty one the eyes. So, this is definitely a great multi use palette too! 

My personal favourite is the furthest left shade, which is a gorgeous soft icy white shade and it compliments my pale skin so well! This shade looks stunning when it catches the light, with it's champagne golden reflects.. I think this is definitely going to be the perfect summer shade! I've also found mixing the two lightest shades with abit of the pinks is a gorgeous combo too, so this one is definitely such a versatile palette for sure.

All of these shades really are packed with pigment when applied to the face, with one application you can create a really nice almost subtle glow, however when you build these up they become alot more intense.. which is perfect if you love a blinding highlight, I mean who doesn't? 

The only shade I find lacks a little pigmentation wise is the pink next to the soft icy white on the right side of the palette, but I find this is such a pretty subtle shade.. this one would be perfect if you're looking for something a little more natural and less intense looking! 

Formula wise these really are gorgeous, I have found the shades apply really smoothly with no fall out at all, they are quite buttery too for a highlighter which I really like. The only shade I've found to have fall out is the furthest left shade, which is surprisingly my favourite.. the fall out isn't too bad however and as it's such a light shade it can easily be dusted away with a powder brush. Apart from the fallout, this one applies to the skin just as well as the others and really does look gorgeous once it's on the face!

Finish wise I've found most of these to have a shimmery based finish, but without being overly glittery which I really like.. meaning that you can definitely create a more natural look with these too as well as a more intense highlight. So, I would say this palette is definitely perfect for both everyday and night time looks as there really is such a great range of shades! 

I've found these last a pretty similar amount of time to the triple baked highlighters from I Heart Revolution too. I've been applying around two coats with most of the shades and that seems to last me a good 5-7 hours without a setting spray before it starts to fade into a more natural glow, which still looks very pretty! Highlighters are always the product that seem to fade first on my face, so I was really impressed to see these last pretty well. 

The darker shades however last even longer, I have been testing the darker shades out on my eyes as an eyeshadow as they're too dark for my face as a highlight, and they stay put on my eyes all day! If you have darker skin then I couldn't recommend this palette enough, as once these darker shades are on they are definitely not budging until they're cleansed away with a makeup remover, which I think is pretty impressive indeed!

The palettes are on sale for £12 at the moment, which I think is an absolute bargain for what you're getting. This really is such a beautiful palette, so if you're passing through Superdrug anytime soon I definitely recommend having a look at this one up close, especially if you're a highlighter lover like me. 

If I'm being very picky, I do wish this palette had a mirror but apart from that I'm such a big fan of this palette and I am so excited to keep using it. I am so impressed with all the new bits Makeup Revolution as a whole are bringing out lately, and I think it's amazing that they are keeping their prices so afforable too!

I hope you enjoyed hearing my thoughts on the new highlighter wardrobe from I Heart Revolution, I am a huge fan of this palette and I've been reaching for it so much lately, especially the two lightest shades and the pinks! I really hope they bring out a blush wardrobe next as I really do love the concept of these palettes. Let me know if you've tried any new products from Makeup Revolution recently and your thoughts?

* This post contains a PR sample, however as always all opinions are my own. *
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  1. I really want to try this, looks gorgeous! x

  2. Again, another gorgeous palette with really pretty patterns in the trays! Another one I wouldn't want to use and mess up!


  3. I love the look of the second-from-bottom pink swatch! And the packaging is amazing! I do love a bit of MUR, they're so cheap and usually have such good pigmentation x

    Rachel |

  4. The palette looks so gorgeous and your photos are beautiful! :)


  5. I love the design and the colours are gorgeous. Highlighter for me is a must and at £12 this is really good value for money x

  6. Makeup revolution is one of my fave brands and I'm obsessed with the packaging of these and the colour selection looks really great too!

  7. I feel like this would suit me a bit better than the bronzer wardrobe; the colours are gorgeous and I love that you use the darkest ones as eyeshadow! The overall packaging is so nice and you really can't argue with that price!
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety