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Today on the blog I'm going to be reviewing some nail polishes from the Royal Temptations collection by Morgan Taylor, which includes some gorgeous spring themed nail shades! I hadn't actually heard of or tried anything from this brand until recently, so I was very intrigued to see what these were like and I'm excited to share my thoughts on them with you in today's post!

They have brought out six new shades in the new collection, and I've been trying out four of them..

• 'All the queens bling' - a purple with a pearl shimmer 

• 'Ruffle those feathers' - a hot turquoise 

• 'Curls and pearls' - a very pale pink/vanilla

• 'My other wig is a tiara' - a metallic blue 

Firstly how fun are these shade names, I love these, they are alot more interesting than the shade names I have on most of my other polishes, and I think they are such a cute little touch to the product! I really do love the look of all of these shades, but I think my favourite has to be the purple.. I always seem to reach for purple nail polishes the most but I think this one looks extra special with it's pretty pearl shimmer which really does look gorgeous when the nails catch the light. This is the type of shade that I think would look amazing on any skin tone too, even my super pale skin!

The only shade that I probably wouldn't reach for as much is the 'Pearls and curls' shade, I just think this shade is a little too light for me personally even though I know lots of you love these kind of shades. I think if you have darker or more tanned skin however then this colour would really compliment you.

There seems to be a few different finishes between the selection I've been trying.. 'My other wig is a tiara' has a metallic finish, 'All the queens bling' has a lovely pearlescent finish where as the remaining two have a creme like finish which both have a great shine to them too, especially when catching the light. I really do like all three of the finishes, there's definitely a great mix perfect for lots of different occasions. I myself prefer the metallic and pearlescent finishes, purely because I love nail polishes that have a bit of dimension to them! 

Application wise, I've found the majority of these polishes apply really smoothly to the nails with no trouble at all. The only shade that applies a little streaky is the 'My other wig is a tiara' shade, but I do often find that happens with the majority of metallic shades I already have. I also really like the brushes on these polishes too, they are quite wide but it seems to apply the polish really neatly to my nails without much fuss at all! 

The only downside is that these do need a few coats to reach their full colour, I've found the palest shade needs three coats which is a little time consuming especially if you don't allow yourself long to paint your nails! However the other three shades need just two, which isn't too bad in my opinion.

One of the best things about these polishes is that they are really long lasting, Morgan Taylor are a new brand to me so I had no idea what to expect with these but I'm so impressed by how well they've lasted on the nails.

I've found these last on my nails for around 5-6 days before small chips start to appear around the edges of the nail, which I think is pretty amazing and so much better than alot of the high street branded nail polishes that I already own. So, if you're looking for a long lasting nail polish then I really do recommend giving this brand a try!

Each individual bottle retails for around £9 depending on which retailer you buy them from. The price is a little more than I usually pay but it's definitely a fair price considering how pretty the finish of these shades are, I think sometimes paying a little extra is worth it especially considering how well long lasting these shades are too.

Overall, I really do like these polishes and I definitely want to try more from the brand in the future after trying these. They also have lots of sets available too, which make the nail polishes work out quite a bit cheaper so they are definitely worth checking out if you're interested in buying any!

I hope you enjoyed hearing my thoughts on the new Royal Temptations collection from Morgan Taylor nails, I can't believe I hadn't tried the brand until recently as I am really impressed with these, and I think these four shades are gorgeous! Let me know if you've tried any products from the brand before, and your thoughts?

*This post contains some PR samples, however as always all opinions are my own. 
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  1. Definitely a little more than I'd pay for one nail polish but they are really lovely colours! I pick my finger nails so badly but I always take good care of my feet and my toe nails are always painted and I love experimenting with pretty colours :)


    1. Me too, the more colourful the better :) xx

  2. This is a really cute selection of colours and finishes, I actually really like the pale-pink shade as I have really short, stubby fingers ahahah and those colours tend to help make them look longer. But the purple is lovely and the turquoise is so summery! I also don't know how anyone can make nail polish last, I swear I get chips within 24 hours no matter what I do haha!
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety

    1. It's so annoying when nail polish chips, but I was really surprised with these :) xx

  3. They look like such gorgeous shades!

    1. So pretty aren't they? Thanks for reading :) xx