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It's been such a long time since I've done a monthly favourites but throughout May I have seemed to discover so many amazing new products, from beauty, skin care to even food! So, I'm excited to share what I've been loving throughout May with you in today's post..

First up is the Burberry blush perfume, this has become my current obsession.. the scent is honestly a dream with it's gorgeous fruity, yet floral fragrance! The fragrance has top notes of lemon and pomegranate, middle notes of rose petals, green apple and geranium which lead into the base notes of jasmine and wisteria. With spring now in full swing this is definitely one of my most reached for scents, I really can't get enough of it at the moment and the scent seems to instantly put me in a happier mood even though we still have lots of rain and horrible cloudy grey weather here in Wales!

The blend of scents is honestly gorgeous, I would say this one is quite a light scent that's perfect for everyday wear. Aswell as the scent, how beautiful is the bottle and packaging? This has been proudly on display on my dressing table ever since it's arrived. This one is pretty pricey, however it's massively reduced at World Duty Free, so if you're passing through the airport in the next few months I definitely recommend checking this one out!

Next up is actually a hot chocolate, but this is definitely a special one and it's the Raspberry ripple white hot chocolate from Whittard. I mean what gets better than a pink hot chocolate? It's definitely one of the best and most unique hot chocolates I've tried, and trust me when I say it tastes just as good as it looks.

When I first read the name of this one I thought it was going to be overly sweet, but it seems to just have that right balance, and I'm definitely a big fan! Another thing I love is this doesn't feel heavy or too filling at all, it's actually really refreshing.. the only downside is that it is a little pricey at £7 but in my opinion it's definitely worth every penny!

Next up is something from Guerlain and it's their Météorites light revealing pearls of powder. Firstly how photogenic is this packaging? Guerlain definitely do some of the most beautiul luxurious packaging! I'm sure you'll have noticed this one has been appearing in the background of lots of my Instagram photos at the moment.

The illuminating powder is made up of light-diffusing pearls and aims to minimize any flaws and add brightness to the skin. I have found that the pearls really help to set any base makeup, but also aswell as that add a lovely radiant healthy glow to the skin too, in a natural way without any shimmer. I've also noticed that it's actually helped to make my skin look alot smoother, especially around any dry patches.. basically I am obsessed with this product and it's definitely become an everyday staple for me.

Now just like the Burberry perfume this one is a little pricey, however it's really well reduced at World Duty Free, so if you're passing through the airport in the next few months I definitely recommend checking this one out too!

My next favourite is from Caudalie and it's their makeup removing cleansing oil, and this removes makeup like a dream! The cleanser has a 100% natural formula that is infused with a blend of oils which includes sunflower seed, sweet almond and grape seed.. which aim to deeply cleanse the skin, without stripping moisture from the skin or leaving a greasy film on the surface. The product also contains vitamin E to help nourish the skin, and my skin seems to love products containing vitamin E so I was very happy to see the formula contained it!

This definitely lives up to its claims, and one thing I especially love is for an oil cleanser it doesn't feel greasy on the skin all! It removes makeup really easily, even waterproof mascara and that stubborn black eyeliner that's usually tricky to remove, without irritating the eyes at all.. so if you wear heavy makeup I think you'll really like this one.

This oil retails for £18, which is definitely quite alot more than I would usually pay for a makeup remover but this definitely has lots of extra benefits too.. and considering the size I personally think it's worth the price and more. I can really see why Caudalie skincare is so highly rated, and I can't believe it's took me this long to try out the brand but it's definitely been worth the wait!

My next favourite is a skincare item and it's the smoothing eye cream from nspa, which is available to buy from Asda. This one supports delicate skin around the eyes, and is enriched with hyalurolic acid and tetrapeptides, which aim to reduce the appearance of fine lines and crows feet around the eye area. It also contains specially selected actives to help firm and plump, whilst also aiming to enhance radiance and brighten up the under eyes too.

I've been using this one twice a day, which is recommended and the main thing I've noticed is the difference to my dark circles. It's really helped to brighten up and add more radiance to my under eyes, which is a huge bonus for my tired looking eyes.. I find a lot of products don't live up to their claims when it comes to dark circles but this has really helped to make a difference. It hasn't completely gotten rid of my dark patches, which I wasn't expecting at all but I am still very impressed with the results. 

The eye cream costs just £5, which I think is such an afforable price for an eye cream these days. I wouldn't say it's a luxury eye cream, but the benefits are definitely visible and I will definitely be repurchasing this one myself when I run out!

Another thing I've been loving throughout May is the Multi liner nudes lip pen from I Heart Revolution. The pen contains four different nude lip liner shades, which are all contained inside a retractable pen.. which I think is such a clever and also fun idea, it's definitely giving me all the 90's vibes as I used to be obsessed with these pens as a child as I'm sure were most people! The pen is surprisingly really easy to use you just click to choose your colour, then twist to push up more of the product.

This is definitely a nude lipstick lovers idea of heaven, there's a great selection of shades in the pen, including a mixture of both darker and lighter nudes so it will for sure come in handy if you're a nude lipstick hoarder like me! 

I am honestly so impressed with the formula of these, the shades apply so soft and smoothly to the lips... and they are really well long lasting too, The three darkest shades seem to last around a good 6-8 hours, which I was really impressed with especially considering the price. 

The only shade that I was a little disappointed in was the pale pink shade, it just didn't seem to last very well on my lips especially when eating and drinking.. but I guess three out of four isn't too bad, right? One of the best parts about this pen is that even with the four shades, it only retails for £5 which I think is such a great bargain!

My last favourite for May is the Pixi x Weylie 'Lets talk eyes' palette. I absolutely adore everything about this palette, from the shade range to the formula and I also love that it's the perfect travel size palette too, which is definitely ideal with holiday season approaching us. There's a great mix of shades, perfect for taking a look from day to night, with the pretty shimmers and darker shades. 

Pigmentation wise all of the shades are really high in pigment, even the lightest shimmer shades too which I find sometimes lack in pigment in a lot of my other palettes. Each shade applies to the eyes like a dream and they are so easy to blend too, even the darkest shades.. I normally find most dark shades take quite abit longer to blend, but this one blends out so quickly with it's creamy formula! 

One of the best things about this palette is how longwearing the shades are, these eyeshadows really do not budge once they are on the eyes. The only slight downside to this palette for me is that the shade 'Gurl!' has the tiniest bit of fall out, however apart from that I really can't fault this palette at all and can't wait to keep using it!

I hope you enjoyed reading about some things I've been loving throughout May, I seem to have so many beauty favourites this month but I think my favourite has to be the Burberry Blush perfume, as the scent is honestly a dream! Let me know what things you've been loving throughout May? 

* This post contains some PR samples and affiliate links, however as always all opinions are my own. 
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  1. Raspberry ripple hot chocolate?! Wow! I can’t remember the last time I did a favourites post either! I don’t use many products and I don’t stray from what I always use so I think a favourites post would be a bit pointless for me to do haha! Stunning photos as always!


    1. Aww thank you Jenny! The hot chocolate is incredible, definitely worth a try :) xx

  2. That's a lovely selection of beauty products - even the hot chocolate looks beautiful! I love Caudalie skincare but haven't tried their cleansing oil... yet ;)
    Very pretty photos by the way!

    Julia x

  3. That raspberry ripple hot chocolate is now firmly on my 'to buy' list, looks incredible! I'm also a huge fan of Caudalie skincare, it's so gentle but effective. I'm also definitely picking up that eye cream when mine runs out, can't believe the price! And that palette is just the most stunning selection of colours!
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety

    1. Yesss! the hot chocolate is honestly incredible, definitely worth a try :) xx