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Today on the blog I'm going to be sharing my thoughts on the new Violet Chocolate palette from I Heart Revolution, this is one of their latest releases and isn't it gorgeous? It features some gorgeous purple and burgundy toned shades and I'm so impressed with the quality of this palette so far. So, I'm very excited to share my thoughts on it with you!

First of all how gorgeous is the packaging of this palette, Makeup Revolution as a whole always seem to nail their packaging.. especially throughout the past few months or so! I love the purple chocolate bar design, as you'll know I'm a sucker for pretty packaging and this is definitely one of my new favourites. Quality wise, it doesn't feel expensive and it's more of your regular plastic style packaging but that's what you expect with most drugstore palettes right? 

This does feel very sturdy however and I've had no problems with any of my chocolate bar palettes at all from them! I also love that the palette has a huge mirror, perfect for doing your makeup whilst on the go or when travelling, which is a great little bonus.

There's a huge range of 18 gorgeous shades in this palette, which includes a great mix of purples, burgundy tones, neutrals and of course those pretty violet shades too..

Prevail – cream white, matte finish
• Vitalize – soft brown, matte finish
• Desired – violet purple, matte finish
• Past Time – light mauve, matte finish
• Wine – burgundy, matte finish
• Vaudeville – wood brown, matte finish
• Levity – mauve grey frost, satin finish
• Revive – dark brown, satin finish
• Curfew – purple with a blue shift, duo-chrome finish
• Conjure – natural peach, matte finish
• Cultivate – deep mauve taupe, satin finish
• Mulberry – red violet, matte finish
• Idolize – soft brown, matte finish
• Violaceous – metallic purple, duo-chrome finish
• Forsaken – deep magenta, matte finish
• Amethyst – lavender frost with white shift, duo-chrome finish
• Praise – dark purple with a pink shift, shimmer finish
• Expedite – deep plum, matte finish

The shades are honestly stunning in this palette, I can't get over how gorgeous some of these purple and violet toned ones are.. and I think this may be one of my favourite I Heart Revolution releases so far. I wouldn't normally reach for a purple toned palette myself, but after playing around with this palette for a while now I've definitely been converted, as you can create some gorgeous natural looks with these shades too.

It's hard to pick a favourite out of so many pretty shades but if I had to it would probably be the shade 'Praise' which is a gorgeous deep purple like colour with pink reflects, which looks amazing when the light catches the shadow.. it's definitely going to be a gorgeous one now summer is here! 

Finish wise the palette includes a great mix of shimmers, mattes and also satin finishes, so you definitely get a good variety in the palette.. perfect for creating both natural and more glam looks too. The mattes look gorgeous, but the shimmers in this palette have to be my favourite.. all of the shimmers in this one are so pigmented and really do look so pretty on the eyes, especially when they catch the light. 

Formula wise, these shadows really are fantastic. I wouldn't describe the shadows as super buttery but they are by no means powdery either.. the shades apply to the eyes like a dream, and they are so easy to blend too! They are also super pigmented so you barely need any product on your brush with these, especially with the darker and more colourful shades. The lighter matte shades are a little less pigmented but once they are built up they look absolutely fine, I love that they've included lots of lighter matte shades in this palette.. meaning lots of pretty transition shades to work with in this one!

The only two shades that seem to lack a little formula wise are 'Desired' and 'Vaudeville', I've found that both of these come of a little patchy at first but they are still workable. However, considering the price I think two out of eighteen isn't too bad at all, right? So, overall I'm really impressed with these shades quality wise, for such an afforable price I think Makeup Revolution are killing the game right now! 

I have found these shadows very similar lasting to the other Revolution chocolate palettes, they seem to last me most of the day really well.. well a good 6/8 hours anyway before starting to slowly fade. A few of the lightest shimmer shades fade a little quicker than the others, but overall I'm really impressed with how longwearing these shades are for such an afforable price.

That's one thing I love about I Heart Revolution, even though their products are so afforable they surprisingly last really well.. especially their eyeshadows! Oh, and just to mention this time has been without using an eye shadow primer, so I would imagine these would be really well long lasting with a good one.

The palette retails for £8.99 and for 18 shades I think that's pretty amazing, right?! It's definitely worth the price and more in my opinion and that's even with two or three of the shades not being the best formula wise. There are not many brands you can buy 18 shades from these days for this price, so I'm so happy Makeup Revolution are still managing to keep their prices down.

If you're a fan of your purple and burgundy toned shades then this palette is a must have for your collection. I also think this palette would be perfect if you're looking to experiment with more colourful eyeshadow shades too, as there are some gorgeous brighter shades in this palette!

I hope you enjoyed hearing my thoughts on the new I Heart Revolution Violet chocolate palette, as you can see this is such a gorgeous palette and I'm so excited to keep using this myself. Makeup revolution are bringing out so many exciting new releases lately, so I'm intrigued to see what's next! Let me know if you've tried the new palette yet, and your thoughts?

* This post contains gifted items and an affiliate link, however as always all opinions are my own.

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  1. I've tried a couple of their chocolate palettes and loved them. Need to add this to my collection now! xxx


    1. They are great aren't they! Excited to see what they come out with next :) xx

  2. This looks gorgeous although the shades on the final row are definitely too bright for me! I love the packaging of these palettes :)


    1. Yes, those few are definitely bright for sure! I love the packaging too :) xx

  3. I am a huge fan of purple but I often find that it's the hardest colour for manufacturers to get right - this looks like they've done really well though. I can never get over the price of Makeup Revolution's products, they are so affordable it's amazing. Definitely would pick up a palette like this to try and be a bit braver with colour!
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety