Dr Paw Paw balm: Is it worth the hype?


In today's post I'm going to be talking about the multi-purpose balm from Dr Paw Paw, which has been massively hyped about over the past few years in the blogging world. So, I was very excited to finally get my hands on one and see whether it was worth the hype or not..

The main ingredient is fermented Pawpaw, which is the fruit of the plant Carica Papaya. I haven't heard much about it myself before but it has been found to have natural healing qualities, which obviously makes it a great skincare ingredient! The fruit is full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. It contains calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, vitamins A and C and acetogenins too, so lots of great ingredients in this one!

Aswell as the Paw Paw this also contains Aloe and Olive fruit oil, and we all know how amazing Aloe is for the skin.. it helps to restore moisture, promote skin regeneration and minimise pore size, so lots of great benefits from the Aloe too besides the main ingredient paw paw. 

There are so many different ways you can use this product, with the main being a lip balm. It can also be used as a skin protector and moisturiser, aswell as a nappy cream too! Another great thing about the balm is that it's healing properties can be used on Sun burn, skin irritations and dry skin.. so this is definitely a great product to try out if you've been struggling with any skin issues lately.

Another way this can be used is for the hair, yes this can even be used on that too! It can be used as a conditioning treatment and for taming the hair too, and that includes brow hair aswell!

Now the ingredients and benefits all sounds good but let's talk about my results..

This is honestly one of the best lip balms I've tried, and I've tried alot! Aswell as keeping the lips feeling and looking hydrated and soft it also has really helped to give a nice shine to my lips, which I wasn't expecting at all! So, aswell as skin benefits this actually would be perfect to wear on those no makeup days to keep your lips looking great too. With dry or cracked lips, which is something I suffer from, this really does help. It doesn't immediately get rid of them but within 24-48 hours, my lips felt as healthy as ever.. So even just for the lip benefits I would definitely repurchase this one myself. 

The other big benefit I've seen from using this is on my cuticles, mine weren't in great condition before using the balm but they look so much healthier now and alot less dry. For the nails, it took about 2-4 days to start seeing differences which I think is actually pretty fast to make a difference to the nails, so I was impressed with that too!

Now for the dry skin, and my elbows have been awful lately. I've been using this on them on and off for two weeks now, and the dryness has significantly reduced on them.. it hasn't completely gotten rid of the dry patches but I'm really pleased with the difference so far, and hopefully in the next few weeks I'll see an even bigger one. It seems to absorb so quickly into the skin too, which I really like as this means it's perfect for using when I'm in a rush too or when on the go!

Another way I've tried this out is by using the balm on the hair, I always wear my hair up myself and I've been using this to try and tame that annoying baby hair, and I have alot! This really does work well, but I wouldn't be able to use this alone as I still do need to rely on clips to fully hold it back in place, however saying that I do have alot of fly away hair compared to most people. 

Now finally let's talk about using this on brow hairs, this has probably been my favourite way too use it.. is there anything more annoying than those brow hairs that just won't stay facing the right way? Well this helps with exactly that, it's helped keep my brows in place so well, especially in this warm weather we've been having lately. A little warning though, I applied abit too much of this on my first attempt and it took quite a while for the product to soak up into them and dry.. So you really only need the tiniest amount when using this on the brows. But apart from that, this is such a great brow tamer, your brows will definitely not be budging with this balm on!

The prices do vary depending on the retailer, however on the Dr Paw Paw website this costs £6.95 for 25ml, and I think for all those different benefits that's a really afforable price. Obviously 25ml is not that big especially when you are using it in so many ways, but you really only need a very small amount of this product to see the benefits. 

So, overall I definitely think this one is worth the price. I can now finally see why this is such a hyped about product. They even have tinted balms too, so I'm desperate to try out one of those next after trying the original balm!

I hope you enjoyed hearing my thoughts on the product, I am SO pleasantly surprised with this one.. I think it's such a little life saver for the skin and I love how it can be used in so many different ways, so I'm very excited to keep on using it myself! Let me know if you've tried any products from Dr Paw Paw before, and your thoughts?

* This post contains a gifted item, however as always all opinions are my own. 
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  1. Great post and glad you found so many benefits with this! Sounds like the dream product in many ways! I’ve vaguely heard about this I think but I’ve never tried it.


    1. Thanks Jenny, just a great multi use product :) xx

  2. I've been sent a couple of these in beauty boxes before and they are really handy. I've never thought to use them on brows though, I'll need to give that a shot as mine are very unruly haha!
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety