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Today on the blog I'm going to be sharing some spring nail picks from the brand CND! I've tried products from the brand quite a few times now, and have always been really impressed with the quality and finishes. So, with spring now in full swing I was very excited to try out a couple of shades from their new collection and see whether they lived up to the hype or not..

There is a selection of four new shades in the new Chic Shock collection:

'Candied' - a creamy sugar pink

'Taffy' a light pastel duck egg blue 

'Jellied' a mellow yellow cream

'Gummi' a solid pastel lilac cream

With the latest catwalks full of pastel colours this collection is definitely bang on trend.. and the shades are all ideal to help give the finishing touch to your spring outfits. I've been trying out two of the the new shades from the range, and I'm very excited to share my thoughts on them with you..

The first shade of course had to be a pink, because I am absolutely pink obsessed.. You can never have too many pink nail polishes right?! I actually don't really have a preference when it comes to nail polish shades, but if it's pink then I'm bound to love it. This is their 'Candied' shade which is a gorgeous pale, almost strawberry milkshake like pink colour. I have pretty pale skin myself, and was a little worried this one would wash me out but I think it actually looks very nice against pale skin once applied, I would imagine this would look even nicer against darker or more tanned skin though!

It's definitely my kind of shade, and I've been getting so much wear out of this one lately, as it's just perfect for everyday wear. It's a nice subtle shade, so I would imagine this one would be a great colour to wear to work or if you're just looking for something abit more natural looking. I think this one would also make a great base if you're into nail art as I would imagine so many colours would compliment this shade.. but I am definitely not that professional when it comes to nails, haha!

The next shade I've being trying out and one that's perfect with spring now here is their 'Jellied' shade, which is a lovely lemon like yellow colour. Firstly, I love the name.. I think the names in the new range are super cute and are a nice fun little touch to the collection! I'll admit I have never actually worn a yellow nail polish until trying this one out, and even though it's a little out of my comfort zone it's definitely more of a pastel yellow than some of the more over the top yellow shades I've seen before, but whilst still giving of those bright spring vibes.

This one again has a gorgeous shine to it, and looks even glossier when light catches it.. 'Jellied' would for sure be the perfect shade to take away on holiday as I would imagine this would look even more amazing in the sun. I probably wouldn't choose this one for everyday personally, but if you like more unique and fun shades then I'm sure you would love this one. Also, just like the first shade I would imagine this shade would compliment tanned or darker skin so well.. but it does also compliment my pale skin quite nicely too!

The way the Vinylux range is supposed to be applied is firstly with two coats of the long wear polish, then followed by one coat of their Vinylux long wear top coat. This method is supposed to give the nails a gel like finish, and I can say the method definitely works well! Finish wise both of the shades along with the top coat over the top give the nails a really pretty shiny finish, perfect with spring time now here. These are definitely the kind of shades I would take away abroad on a beach holiday, as I think they are so fun and bright!

Aswell as the finish I've found the polish really easy to apply too, its highly pigmented after both the first two coats and applies to the nails like a dream with it's super creamy formula! It does take around 8-10 minutes to apply all three coats and wait for them to dry down completely, but its definitely worth the extra time and effort in the long run, as with this method they will definitely last you a full week.

Apart from how the nail polish looks, the polishes also contain an infusion of vitamin E, keritin and jojoba oil to help keep the nails feeling hydrated whilst the polish is on, which is something I definitely think more brands need to do as I find some nail polishes tend to leave my nails feeling pretty dry. After removing the polish, each time I've actually been quite surprised to see how healthy my nails have looked especially after a weeks wear.. My nails have seemed to have a really nice healthy shine to them too, which I wasn't expecting at all so that was definitely a nice unexpected bonus!

Both the shades have lasted me really well! I've found they've both lasted around 4-7 days, depending on what I'm doing which I think is pretty impressive. So, if you are interested in buying any I definitely recommend using the top coat too as it's for sure one of the most long lasting combos I've tried in a long time.. I've actually been looking on their website and they have a huge range of shades out with their Vinylux finish, there's a few more shades I am lusting over already!

The weekly nail polishes retail from around £10.95 for a 15ml bottle depending on where you are buying them from, the price is definitely a little more than I would usually pay for a nail polish but I really can't fault these quality wise at all! The top coat also retails for the same price too, I actually own two of the top coats now but am still on my first bottle which I had just before christmas, so it's definitely going to last you a good amount of time depending on how often you paint your nails.

I hope you've enjoyed reading my thoughts on some of the new spring releases from CND, as you can see I absolutely love the formula of their Vinylux polishes and the two shades I've been trying out! Let me know if you've ever tried any nail products from CND, and your thoughts?

*This post contains PR samples and an affiliate link, however as always all opinions are my own. *
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  1. These photos are gorgeous Kate!! I love this range, so long lasting xx

    1. Thank you so much Parie, that's really kind :) xx

  2. That's such a good idea to add vitamin E, keritin and jojoba oil to the polishes, I agree with you, more brands need to do this. TBH, I don't wear polish that often as gardening and manicures aren't a very good match, haha! But I have friends who would probably love these so I'll bookmark this page to show them. Gorgeous pics as always, Kate! X

    Lisa | www.lisasnotebook.com

    1. Thanks Lisa! Yes I bet gardening and nail polishes doesn't end too well, but Its worth missing out with your pretty garden :) xx

  3. What gorgeous colours! I love the yellow - I don't think I've ever actually wore yellow nail varnish but the last one I bought was actually yellow. Imagine that. Perfect for Spring and Summer :)


    1. Good minds think a like again, haha! Thanks for reading Jenny:) xx

  4. I absolutely adore the shade Jellied, it’s a gorgeous yellow shade for spring. Never tried nail varnishes from CND before, I genuinely thought they were only available from beauty salons!

    Heather | x Highland Beauty

    1. Me too, such a pretty colour isn't it? Thanks for reading! xx

  5. I really love the colours you've been testing, that yellow is absolutely perfect for spring/summer. These pastel colours are some of my favourites, I'm intrigued to see what the other two shades are like too. I am really trying to do more with my nails cause they can be a bit of a mess haha.
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety