Phase Zero makeup: Single eyeshadows, hit or miss?


Today on the blog I'm going to be sharing my thoughts on some of the new single eyeshadows from Phase Zero makeup, who are a new makeup brand on the block. I've done a few posts on my blog about the brand already and you seem to be enjoying them.. so I'm excited to share my opinion on one of their latest releases with you!

The brand actually offers their own subscription service and for just £5 a month subscribed members can gain access to Phaze Zero makeup at a heavily discounted price, including up to 77%. They are actually offering a three month free trial of their subscription at the moment, which is a great way too try out the subscription for a few months before deciding whether to commit to paying.

But dont worry! If you don't want to become a member you can still buy their makeup through the Love Me Beauty website but for a non member price. 

One of their latest releases are single eyeshadows, they've even brought out their own magnetic pan to store them in. I love the idea of creating your own palette, it's a great idea especially if you're fussy with your eyeshadow shades as this way you can create your own personalised palette with all the shades you love instead!

There's a great range of shades available to choose from on their website, I recieved twelve of their more neutral shades but there are some more fun shades available too such as a bright purple, that would be perfect if you're into more colourful shades! 

I think the twelve I've recieved work really well in the palette together, they are mostly cool toned shades but there's definitely enough to create so many different looks... whether you're wanting to create a daytime or more of a night time look! My only complaint about the shade range is that there are no matte shadows at the moment, which are essential for me so I've been dipping into my other palettes to create a look with these shades.. but knowing Phase Zero I'm sure they will be releasing some matte shades soon!

Top to bottom: 'Cocoa', 'Snowball', 'Mush-a-boom' and 'Velvet'. 

Top to bottom: 'Pearl', 'Warm taupe', 'Nude newbie' and 'Party dress'.

Top to bottom: 'Coffee cup', 'Bright light', 'Banana beige' and 'Cashmere'.

I have been trying out two of their different shadow finishes: their shimmer eyeshadows and also their sheer satin eyeshadows. My favourite out of the two is by far their sheer satin finish, these shadows are so buttery and pigmented, and apply to the eyes like a dream. I have no complaints at all about this finish and I actually think alot of the darker shades in this finish are very similar to the eyeshadows from Urban Decay, which I think is pretty amazing as the ones from Phase Zero are less than half the price!

The shimmer eyeshadows are still very nice but are a little more powdery formula wise, and not quite as buttery as the sheer satin formula. They are by no means bad and I've still enjoyed using them , as they do blend out on the eyes very nicely but if I was going to pick a favourite it would definitely be their sheer satin shadows as the formula really is a dream to work with. 

I think my favourite shade out of the one's I've been trying is 'Velvet', I really can't fault the formula or finish of this one at all.. if you didn't know the price of this one before trying you would definitely believe it was more of a high end shadow. Like the name suggests it's a gorgeous velvet, almost purple like colour.. it's so rich in pigment and looks beautiful on the eyes! 

Pigmentation wise overall is amazing, a few of the lightest shades need a little longer building up to reach their full colour but apart from that these are definitely highly pigmented when on the eyes. With the majority of the shadows I've had no fallout on the face at all, apart from the 'Snowball' shade which seems to have quite a bit of fallout but as it's so light it's not too noticeable and is easily wiped away with a powder brush!

This is something that's really impressed me about the eyeshadows, the wear time of both the finishes has been amazing.. I've been applying them on top of a little eyeshadow primer and they've been staying put for around 7-9 hours before starting to fade, which I think is amazing especially for such a new brand!

Even the palest shades have been really well lasting, which I wasn't expecting at all for such pale colours, so I really can't complain about this aspect at all. So overall quality wise I am really impressed, I think their build your own palette is definitely a great alternative to alot of high end brands custom palettes.. I just hope they bring out some matte shades next as I think that's the only thing they are missing.

The empty palette costs just £4.80 for members, and then £10.80 if you're not a member.. I wouldn't say it's worth over £10 as it is just a pretty simple empty pan, but I do really like that it has a big good quality mirror inside.

The single shadows cost just £2.90 for members and £5.90 for non members, so I'm definitely tempted to order myself some more as they really are great for the price.. especially the shadows with the sheer satin finish. The pans are really generous in size too and are pretty big, so I'm sure these will be lasting me well. Another thing I love about custom palettes is that if you run out of one shade you don't need to repurchase the whole palette, you can just repurchase that one shade and swap the old one out.. which is definitely alot more practical in my opinion!

I hope you enjoyed hearing my thoughts on some of the single eyeshadows from Phase Zero makeup, as you can tell overall I'm really impressed! If you are interested in buying some of their products for yourself you can use my code 'KATEB5', which will give you £5 off any purchase. Let me know if you've tried anything from Phase Zero yet, and your thoughts on the products?

* This post contains PR samples, however as always all opinions are my own. *

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  1. I haven't tried any Phase Zero products yet but I love the idea of a custom palette, so you can just have the colours you know you're likely to use. And yay to a decent mirror too! X

    Lisa |

    1. Yes I agree, I think it's such a good idea :) xx

  2. These are lovely shades. I think having single shadows works well because if you have enough, you can mix and match the palette for certain things and don't have to take ALL your eyeshadows with you, if you're away or on holiday!


    1. Yes I totally agree! :) Thanks for reading xx

  3. These are such gorgeous shades! I need more single shadows in my life1! x

    1. So pretty aren't they? Thanks for reading:) xx

  4. This looks so good! Their makeup always look so lush! Xx

    1. I've loved everything I've tried so far, excited to see what they'll come out with next! xx

  5. Your blog is so dangerous for my bank balance! These eyeshadows look gorgeous and only £2.90?!
    Imogen’s Typewriter. <3