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Today on the blog I'm going to be sharing my thoughts on one of the newest releases from Phase Zero makeup: Liquid eyeshadows! Which I am so excited about, I love liquid eyeshadows so I was very intrigued to see whether these would live up to the hype or not..

 Firstly let's talk about the packaging, all of the eyeshadows come packaged in lovely pink and purple coloured cardboard boxes, which I'm sure we all can agree are definitely aesthetically pleasing? Especially if you love pink as much as me! The products tube itself is pretty simple with a transparent tube and black lid, it's not the most luxurious packaging but I think it looks pretty sleek. 

There's a great range of eleven shades so far from champagne shades, pinks, coppers to golds. So, there's sure to be a shade to suit everyones skin tone, and colour preferences! The shades that have been released are pretty neutral toned, so they are perfect for creating both day time looks and more glam looks too... they usually release a few 'out there' and more colourful shades in their collections but this time they have seemed to stick to the classics.

My personal favourite shade is 'Romance' which is one of their coconut shadows. It's a gorgeous champagne pink colour, which I love applying to my lids to finish of a makeup look. I think this shade would suit so many skin tones too, as I think it's such a universal colour. It's the perfect shade for popping on for everyday wear, but I would imagine it would look lovely with a more glam makeup look too! 

( Left to right: 'Gilded', ' Fancy', 'Decadence', 'Lucky penny' and 'Romance'. )

There are two different finishes, coconut and metal veil, which I think are both really impressive. Their coconut shadows are blended with real coconut water, it's a very wet formula however it does dry down very quickly, a few seconds and you're good to go! You do need to work really quickly with this finish though because of how fast they dry down, so that's the only downside but I think that would be a positive for some too, especially if you're in a rush with your makeup.

I think if you have hooded eye lids you would love this formula as once it's on it doesn't budge at all, so there's no need to worry about your eyeshadow transfering throughout the day. One thing to mention with the coconut shadows is to be very careful when taking of the lid. They are so watery that if you tip up the bottle these will come running straight out!

Their second finish is their metal veil eyeshadows and these are much more of a thick, creamy formula, but still just as pretty. This formula takes a little longer to dry down compared to the coconut shadows and takes a few minutes to dry down fully, so if you're looking for a quick eyeshadow fix then I think you'll prefer those! I've found that both of the formulas apply so easily to the lids, the tubes come with a doe foot applicator which seems to apply both types of shadows really well, as I've had no problems with applying these myself whatsoever. 

Pigmentation wise these are both super pigmented, one coat with the majority of these and you are good to go for the day. Some of the lighter shades need an extra coat to reach their full colour, especially some of the lighter metal veil shadows but apart from that the rest of the shades are super pigmented with only one layer. Finish wise, both of these have a lovely metallic finish to them. I've also found that all of the shades have a gorgeous shine too them, especially when they catch the light, which really helps to make any eyeshadow look pop!

One of the best things about these shadows is that they are so longwearing, once these are on they really don't budge. Both finishes would easily last you eight hours plus, I would say the coconut shadows are a quite abit more long lasting overall as once they are on they do not budge at all without a makeup cleanser so they would easily last you all day. However for just £4, I think over eight hours is amazing for the metal veil formula too!

Even the palest of the shades have all been really well lasting, which I wasn't expecting at all for such pale colours and considering Phase Zero are such a new brand too, so I really can't complain about that aspect at all. So, overall I am definitely pleasently surprised about the quality of these eyeshadows, and I can definitely see why they've been so hyped about over the past month or so! I think these are a perfect alternative to lots of the liquid eyeshadows available from some of the more high end brands, as the quality is definitely there with these. 

The eyeshadows are just £4 at the moment, which I think is an amazing deal. £4 for a liquid eyeshadow of this quality is a bargain in my opinion, I'm really surprised to see the price so low for these.. but obviously that's great for us makeup lovers! 

They also have some liquid eyeshadow bundles available on their website too, which makes the eyeshadows work out at an even cheaper price, which is great! Another thing to mention is you do get a really good amount of product in the tubes, so I would imagine these would be pretty long-lasting too for the price!

I hope you enjoyed hearing my thoughts on the latest release from Phase Zero Makeup, as you can probably tell I'm so impressed.. if you love liquid eyeshadows as much as me then I definitely recommend giving these a try. If you are interested in buying some of their products for yourself you can use my code 'KATEB5', which will give you £5 off any purchase. Let me know if you've tried anything from Phase Zero yet, and your thoughts on the products?

* This post contains PR samples and an affiliate code, however as always all opinions are my own. *
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  1. These look amazing! I love shadows like this for summertime. They work so much better than powder products on my eyes!

    Hope //

    1. Me too, I agree they just seem to stay on so much better:) xx

  2. I absolutely adore all of these shades! I’d honestly wear every single one. I haven’t used a liquid eyeshadow in SO long! Great review and photos, as always!


  3. I have never actually used liquid eyeshadow before - these shades are wonderful though.

    1. They are so pretty aren't they? Thanks for reading xx

  4. I don't think I've ever used a liquid eyeshadow but I'm really intrigued by these, especially the coconut water formula. The colour selection is really lovely, and £4 each is such a good price!
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety

    1. I agree, such a good bargain! Thanks for reading Beth xx