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You all know by now that I'm absolutely Disney obsessed, so I thought I would share some new in Disney bits that have caught my eye recently. There seems to be so many amazing new releases at the moment, that it's impossible to keep up but I'm excited to share a few of my favourites with you in today's post..


First up is this gorgeous Disney Jasmine tumbler.. and isn't it beautiful? ASOS have released so many new Disney bits at the moment and their new Aladdin range is my favourite yet! I love the colours in this one with the glittery blue finish, and gold lid too.. very pretty indeed. It's for sale for £12 at the moment, which I don't think is too bad at all for Disney! I think this would make such a lovely gift for any Disney lover too, especially someone who loves Aladdin! 


Next up is another item from the new Aladdin range, it's a gorgeous Jasmine and Aladdin travel pouch, with the carpet ride scene artwork and 'I can show you the world' quote on the front. I think this is actually my favourite piece in the new ASOS Disney range, I love the gold detailing on the quote and zip too! This one is selling for £12 at the moment, just like the tumbler.. I'm actually heading to New York in a few weeks, and I think this would be perfect to take to store my chargers and camera leads in.. so that's the perfect excuse to splurge on one right?


Next up is another new item from ASOS, and it's a gorgeous pen and notebook set. How adorable is the little Genie lamp pen? I think it's definitely one of the cutest Disney pens I've seen yet! I love the bright blue and gold colouring on the designs, it's also a hard back and has lined paper too, so this would be perfect for getting organised with my blog this year! The set is selling for £15 at the moment, which I think is a little bit pricey for what you're getting.. but if you're a big Disney fan like me then I bet you're going to find this one hard to resist too!


The last item in the new Aladdin range is a passport holder, so this has definitely come in well timed with holiday season now here, I think this would be perfect to take away with you if you're going on a Disney trip this year or even for any holiday. Just like the travel pouch, I love the gold detailing on the quotes with this one, the front has 'Lets Fly' and the back has 'Adventure awaits' which I really do love! This one retails for £12 just like most of the new collection, and I think this one definitely looks worth the price.. as the detailing really does look lovely.


I don't know whether this one is completely new but it's the first time I've seen it. It's an adorable 'Oh Honey' sheet eye mask from Mad Beauty and isn't it just adorable?! It's 5.99 but it does contain three treatments in the pack, so I'm sure you do get your money's worth with it. It's a coconut and honey mask, and aims to condition and nourish the skin. So I'm definitely intrigued to try these out as I've only ever tried bath products from Mad Beauty before and I would love to see whether their skincare lives up to the hype!


New to the Disney store are two adorable new Angel and Stitch mini Ufufy's.. I am Lilo and Stitch obsessed, so I definitely think I won't be able to resist buying these two for much longer. I've actually seen these two in store too and they have a lovely sweet pineapple scent which is actually probably my favourite Ufufy scent yet! The pair costs just £6 which I actually think is pretty afforable for the Disney store these days.. so not too bad of a price at all.


Also new from the Disney store is this super cute Minnie mouse Tumbler, which I think is so sweet looking. This 2-in-1 bottle comes with a built in snack container in the lid, as well as a straw so for £6 it's not a bad price at all. I love the bright fun design on this one, it's definitely giving me lots of summery vibes with the bright pink and yellow colouring. I also adore the Minnie ears on the lid too, a very cute touch indeed!


New in at the Disney store this month are even more baking items, with lots of bright fun designs, but also some with the traditional Mickey colours too. My favourite out of the new baking range though is this black and white Mickey measuring spoon set, I love baking and I actually don't own any of these so I think that's the perfect excuse to treat myself to one, right?!

The set costs £6, so you could probably buy a boring one for a cheaper price but I think a Disney themed set is definitely worth the extra few pounds!


Lastly and also new from the Disney store is this summery themed plate, and this one is definitely going to be my next Disney purchase.. isn't it gorgeous?! I love the bright fun design, and the pineapples are giving me all the dole whip vibes too. This one would definitely be ideal for summer picnics and barbeques, and you can never have too many disney plates and mugs, right?! This one is just £5, so not too bad at all for Disney.

I hope you enjoyed seeing some new in Disney items, my favourites have to be the Disney store summer plate and of course the new Aladdin releases from ASOS! I am constantly on the look out for new in Disney pieces so I'm sure I'll be doing another post similar to this one soon. Let me know if you've picked up any Disney bits recently? 

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  1. I need EVERYTHING here even though I 100% don't need it! Especially the Minnie Mouse bottle, how cute!


  2. I'm not a huge Disney fan (sorry!) but Flora is so I'll have to show her the Lilo and Stitch stuff. That said, I do love the look of the eye masks so I might have to make an exception! x

    Lisa |

    1. Noooo Lisa, Haha! I'm such a sucker for anything Disney xx

  3. Aladdin isn't even one of my favourite Disney films but I feel like I need the entire range! That passport holder is so cute. I also love the measuring spoon set, it'd make me so happy to use them while baking haha!
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety

    1. I agree, it's not my favourite either but the collection looks gorgeous doesn't it? xx

  4. The bottle is gorgeous and how adorable is that little measuring spoon set?! I love these posts so much x