Fathers Day Gift Guide


With Fathers day approaching next month I thought I would put together a little gift guide with some presents I think would be perfect for any Dad! I always struggle to find a gift for Father's day, Dad's are always so hard to buy for, right? So hopefully if you're struggling for gift ideas yourself you'll find this post helpful!

First up is a card, I always normally end up buying an overpriced card from Clinton's that usually ends up in the bin but this year I've found something alot more special, and it's the Emergency Dad Jokes card from the company Paper Plane. I think this is such a nice alternative to the more traditional Fathers day cards, and it's something that you can guarantee will definitely make your own Dad laugh. The card features 21 different 'Dad jokes', the old and terrible kind of jokes, that Dad's just love to tell..

How do the find Will Smith in the snow?
Look for fresh prints!

.. That one definitely made me giggle. I'm sure so many Dad's would be grateful to receive this fun card this Fathers day. The card costs just £2.75 at the moment, and what's even better is that this one comes from a small business, which I think is an amazing thing to support! The card itself feels very good quality too, and comes with a green envelope to match. The card is also blank inside so you can write your own personalised message to Dad when it arrives.

I think putting together a little gift with some popcorn, maybe a DVD too and a beer for Dad would be perfect! I've tried out the popcorn from Joe and Seph's recently and it's amazing. They have so many fun and exciting flavours too that I'm sure would be fun to try like marmite, beans on toast and even Madras curry popcorn, which sounds crazy, right?! 

Aswell as the fun flavours they do some safer options too. My favourite is the peanut butter popcorn, and it really is incredible.. it's safe to say it didn't last long in our house, haha! I'm sure if your Dad is a peanut butter lover too then he would absolutely love this. They even offer a popcorn subscription service too, which is something I desperately want to try myself! The popcorn pouches aren't too badly priced either, so I definitely recommend having a look on their website and browsing through the flavours. 

Next up is a cake! Yes you can get a personalised cake delivered through your letterbox, isn't that crazy? I think it's pretty amazing! All of the cakes are handmade in Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire and then delivered straight to you, or Dad in this case! They have a huge range of designs to choose from, and you can even add photos too which I think would look amazing on a Fathers day cake to make it that extra bit special. 

Aswell as the designs you can also choose your cake flavour from a selection of options..

Traditional sponge 
• Lemon drizzle
• Half chocolate, half sponge 
• Gluten free sponge
• Dairy free sponge 
• Rich chocolate chip

So, there's bound to be a choice your own Dad will love, I mean who doesn't love cake? The letterbox sized cakes cost £14.99, so obviously not the cheapest but I think the personalisation and designs on these cakes are extra special, and probably make them my favourite gift idea in this guide! 

The company have also very kindly given me a discount code to share with you all, so if you're interested in buying anything from bakerdays you can use my code 'KATELOVESX15'.

Next up is some skincare, I always seem to buy my own Dad skincare or aftershave for Father's day but I think this brand is extra special! The luxury brand have created three daily essential products for men, which are all made in France.. which we all know is home to some of the best skincare expertise. 

My Dad has actually been trying out these for himself, and is really impressed. He actually has rosacea himself and struggles to get along with alot of skincare products but he loves these. I was having a read on the Otis skincare website, and I read that men's skin has a higher concentration of blood vessels which can lead to redness, which I had never heard of before! So, they've actually incorporated Black Tea Extract, Tea Tree Oil and Shea Butter into their products which helps to reduce and calm any redness and inflammation.. which has been amazing for my own Dad!

Packaging wise, I think these are really sleek, simple and modern.. and I'm sure most men will agree with that too! Price wise these are quite expensive, but these are definitely more of a luxury brand, and according to my own Dad they are 100% worth it. So if you're looking to treat your Dad to some skincare this fathers day, I definitely recommend having a browse on the Otis website!

Another great gift from Paper Plane is their Dad Facts mug, which I think is amazing! It's full of so many relatable little quotes, which I'm sure almost every Dad will be able to relate to...

"86% of spiders are caught by a heroic Dad!"

.. That one is something I can relate too for sure, Dad's are definitely heroes when it comes to catching spiders! I love the blue and green colours, and designs on the mug too.. and I really like how it matches the 'Emergency Dad jokes' card I mentioned above, I think those two would make such a thoughtful, and fun gift together! The mug is on sale for £9.95 at the moment, which I don't think is too bad of a price at all.

Lastly for this year's guide, but by no means least is a gorgeous men's cologne from Crabtree and Evelyn, one of my favourite brands! It's their West Indian Lime cologne and this is another product I've given to my own Dad to test and he loves it, and so do I.. it's a lovely zingy lime scented fragrance with notes of rich spices too. It's also blended with scents of vetiver, nutmeg, ginger, coriander and juniper, and the overall scent really is gorgeous! 

I always struggle to buy a fragrance for my own Dad, as I'm worried he'll dislike it but I think this one is such a safe scent that I'm sure most Dad's will approve of. Besides the scent, I really like the packaging of this fragrance and I'm sure most men would too, I think it's such a classy and stylish looking bottle! 

The scent retails for £32, which I was really surprised about as I thought it would be alot more! I don't think £32 is too bad at all for a men's fragrance, it's obviously a little pricier than alot of gifts I've mentioned but if you're looking for something a little more expensive  then I definitely recommend getting a sample of this one instore! 

I hope you enjoyed seeing some Fathers Day gift ideas I've put together this year, and I also hope this post comes in helpful if you're struggling for ideas of what to buy your own Dad! Let me know if you have any fun plans for Father's day this year?

*This post contains some PR samples and affiliate links, however as always all opinions are my own.

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  1. Great gift guide! I absolutely adore bakerdays; they are such a fab company. I've been lucky enough to work with them before and I've also won a few of their cakes from giveaways which other bloggers have run. Everytime I see a bakerdays giveaway I am IN THERE haha! Luckily it's my boyfriend's birthday next week and I actually won one for that, so yay!

    I love the Dad facts mug - my Dad actually collects mugs which I get him and I've been buying him a mug for every "occasion" for as long as I can remember!


    1. Ahh that's awesome! And enjoy the cake for his birthday :) xx

  2. This is such an excellent selection of gifts, definitely something for everyone! I really want someone to buy *me* one of those Bakerdays cakes one day, they look amazing haha! I also really love the card, it's the type of thing that my dad would really love. And the scent is so well priced! I can't believe it's so cheap, although again this is something I'd probably steal and keep for myself haha.

    Fantastic guide!
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety

    1. Yes, nothing beats cake right? Haha! They are so tasty :) Thanks Beth xx

  3. I absolutely love the card, it's so different and unusual. And the skincare looks amazing too - I converted Alan to Origins a while back and he loves it but it's always worth trying something new, especially when it's formulated for men's red cheeks. And the cake is just lovely - how amazing that it comes through the letterbox! Lovely gift guide, Kate, and beautiful pics as always :) xx

    Lisa | www.lisasnotebook.com

    1. Thanks Lisa, that's really kinda! xx

  4. All of these products would be so good for my dad if he actually liked stuff like this! I am always at a loose end when it comes to buying him stuff because he's so awkward to buy for, it usually ends in me buying him a pint glass that says super dad!

    1. Dad's are so fussy aren't they? Haha! Thanks for reading Ellie :) xx