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Over the past two months or so I've been trying out quite a few new skincare products from Caudalie, they are a brand I haven't really tried much from myself but I've been really impressed with these skincare bits and I've seen some great benefits to my skin since using them. So, I'm excited to share my thoughts on them with you in today's post!

First up is their glycolic peel mask and this is one of the products I was most excited to try, as I love trying out new face masks! This product is actually recommended for all skin types, I have dry skin myself but sometimes find glycolic acids are a little too strong for my skin but this mask is definitely more on the gentle side. The mask aims to clear the complexion, tighten pores and give an immediate burst of radiance whilst exfoliating the skin gently.. so it basically works as a scrub and a glycolic peel both at the same time!

Before trying this I've noticed quite a few smaller spots appear on my chin where my skin has been quite dry, and since using this I've definitely noticed a difference and it seems to have almost cleared them up completely leaving my skin looking brighter and more refreshed! Which is definitely something we all want in a face mask, right? I've been applying this one to just a few small dry patches around twice a week, and that frequency seems to have worked really well for me without over exfoliating the skin.. the mask only needs around 10 minutes on the skin, so it's not too time consuming at all either and is my new pamper night essential!

So, this is a product I would definitely consider trying again as it has for sure seemed to benefit my skin and has left it looking alot brighter and feeling alot smoother too. I would really recommend trying this one if you're looking for a product to help clear the skin, and brighten up your complexion! It retails for around £22 which is pretty pricey for a face mask considering it's only 75ml .. but if you are just using it on a few small dry patches like me then this will last you quite well.

Next up is their instant foaming cleanser, which is perfect with spring and the warmer months now here.. this cleanser feels so light and delicate on the skin but still does it's job of cleansing the skin well. The formula is enriched with grape and chamomile extracts to help sooth and calm the skin, and I love using this one as a night time cleanser before bed as it really does leave the skin feeling soft and refreshed.

I normally find some foaming cleansers tend to leave my skin feeling a little dry but this one doesn't at all, and is definitely more on the gentle side.. so I would really recommend this one if you have sensitive skin like myself. You also don't need to worry about this one stripping the skin like some foaming cleansers as the product contains no sulphates, which is perfect if you're looking for a more gentle cleanser. The only negative is that this one isn't the greatest cleanser for removing heavy makeup, especially when it comes to waterproof makeup and takes quite abit of an effort compared to their cleansing oil.. but for cleansing bare skin this one is perfect.

The one pictured below is their travel size which retails for £7.50, where as the full sized product retails for around £15 which isn't too bad. It's obviously not the cheapest for a foaming cleanser, and I wouldn't recommend this to be used as a makeup remover but for cleansing bare skin I really do rate this one and am always really pleased with how it leaves my skin feeling.

Next up, is another cleanser and it's their makeup removing cleansing oil.. and unlike the first cleanser this removes makeup like a dream! The cleanser has a 100% natural formula that is infused with a blend of oils which includes sunflower seed, sweet almond and grape seed.. which aim to deeply cleanse the skin, without stripping moisture from the skin or leaving a greasy film on the surface. The product also contains vitamin E to help nourish the skin, and my skin seems to love products containing vitamin E so I was very happy to see the formula contained it!

This one lives up to its claims again, and one thing I especially love is for an oil cleanser it doesn't feel greasy on the skin all! It removes makeup really easily, even waterproof mascara and that stubborn black eyeliner that's usually tricky to remove, without irritating the eyes at all.. so if you wear heavy makeup I think you'll really like this one.

I definitely wouldn't just call this one a makeup remover, after cleansing my face has always felt very hydrated and soft which I don't find with alot of makeup removers. Most makeup removing products I've tried have left my skin feeling really dry and needing alot of moisturiser, but this is the total opposite.. you could probably get away with using no moisturiser at all after this which is definitely a great bonus! 

This oil retails for £18, which is definitely quite alot more than I would usually pay for a makeup remover but this definitely has lots of extra benefits too.. and considering the size I personally think it's worth the price and more, so I'm very excited to keep on using this one. I can really see why Caudalie skincare is so highly rated, and I can't believe it's took me this long to try out the brand but it's definitely been worth the wait!

Next is their Vine Activ overnight detox oil, and this aims to renew and protect overtired skin whilst you sleep.. the dry oil is supposed to be ideal for skin that's exposed to stress, pollution and UV's! The formula for this product is 100% plant based and contains lots of amazing ingredients including: anti-oxidant grape seed, regenerating rose hip, soothing lavender, purifying neroli and detoxifying carrot oils too.

I have loved using this one in the evenings before bed, I've found it actually soaks up into the skin pretty quickly which is nice as there's no oily residue. By morning
 my skin feels nourished, refreshed and soft after using this.. I've found some overnight products don't seem to live up to their claims but this one really does leave your skin feeling great! I don't have any scarring to my skin so I can't comment on it's claims to reduce that but it's definitely helped to reduce any redness on my face especially around my chin area, which is obviously a huge bonus for me!

Now for the price, this one retails for around £30 for a 30ml bottle, so it is definitely pricey but I find most oils are these days sadly.. but quality wise I really can't think of any faults with this one at all. Obviously I can't comment on it's claims to help scars and wrinkles, but it's definitely helped with my red patches and it's been great to wake up to soft and nourished feeling skin, I mean who doesn't want that after a long sleep? This is definitely a product I would want to repurchase again, it's for sure one of my favourite overnight oils I've tried so far. If you have dry skin like myself then I really recommend trying a sample of this one as my skin absolutely loves it!

I hope you enjoyed hearing my thoughts on some of my new favourites from Caudalie, I've loved trying out some of their skincare over the past few months so I'm sure there will be lots more Caudalie reviews on the blog this year! Let me know if you have any favourites from the brand in the comments?

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  1. This oil is one of my favourite products from them! x

  2. I haven't heard of this brand at all (I'm not that blued up on skincare, to be honest!) but they sound fab and I love their packaging as well. Very pretty!


    1. I didn't used to be but I've become obsessed this year! Thanks for reading :) xx

  3. I really love the sound of the detox oil! :) might give that one a go!

    Serene xoxo


    1. Yes, it's honestly such a good oil! xx

  4. I love Caudalie! Its such an incredible brand, and their products are so nice! I'll have to try the glycolic peel when I run out of my detox mask! Xx

    1. Me too, I can't believe I haven't tried anything from them until these bits. Let me know if you have any recommendations! xx

  5. I had a Caudalie serum in a previous Birchbox and loved it - this brand is just so good on skincare, isn't it? I particularly like the look of this foaming cleanser. I prefer facewashes, they make my skin feel properly clean. Brilliant review and beautiful pictures as always, Kate, thank you!

    Lisa | www.lisasnotebook.com

    1. I agree! Thanks Lisa, that really means alot :) xx