Winkylux lip pills: Hit or miss?


Today on the blog I'm going to be sharing my thoughts on the Winky Lux lip pill set. Winky Lux are a new brand to me, they are actually based in America.. all of their products are made over there but for anyone in the UK you can find the brand on ASOS and Feel Unique, which is amazing! I was very pleasantly surprised with the lip pills, so I'm excited to share my thoughts on them with you in today's post..

Firstly, how cute and unique is the packaging and design? They are definitely unlike anything I've seen before in the beauty world! Obviously they are pretty small which is the only downside, but that makes them a great way too try out the brand and the shades before deciding whether to buy them in full size. These would definitely be the ideal lipsticks to have for on the go, they are the perfect pocket size! 

The lipsticks give of a demi-matte finish whilst still having a lovely creaminess to them, they actually have an almost mousse like texture to them when applying them to the lips and they glide on effortlessly before drying down to a matte based finish. The finish does have a slight glow to it when catching the light especially with the red shade, but it's definitely more of a matte finish otherwise!

They don't necessarily feel hydrating on the lips, but they don't leave them feeling dry either which is obviously a big plus for a matte lipstick.. I'm actually trying to stray away from matte lipsticks at the moment as they do seem to dry my lips out quite alot but you definitely don't need to worry about that happening with these lipsticks as they have a lovely creamy formula. Another bonus with these is that they do not bleed on the lips at all, even with the classic red shade which is very easy to apply, even without a lip liner. 

Pigmentation wise these are amazing, one coat and you are definitely good to go with these lipsticks as they are super pigmented. They are quite long wearing too but I do find after around 6 hours I need to apply a little more especially with the darker shades. However, even on a long day you would only need to top up your lips once maximum whilst wearing these.. which I don't think is too bad at all!

The set includes five gorgeous different shades, which are the best selling shades from Winkylux and includes two nudes, two purple toned shades and also a classic red, so there's definitely a great range of colours to try out in this set. The set would definitely be perfect for someone who's just starting to wear makeup, as this is a great way too try out lots of different shades in one go for a decent price! 

My favourite from the set is surprisingly the shade 'Royal' , I would never of thought I'd be loving a purple lipstick this much but this one is definitely more natural looking compared to some I've tried. It looks very bright in the lip pill, but once it's on the lips I think it definitely looks alot more nude toned and I've loved wearing this one lately! The two nude shades come in at a very close second, especially the darker shade 'Meow' which is a gorgeous brown nude and when you love nude shades as much as me you can never have too many, right?

The prices do vary depending on where you buy the set from but at the moment on ASOS they currently retail for £17, and even though they are super tiny you are getting five different shades to try, so it's a great way too try out a few new shades in one go! For me the formula does feel a lot more like a high end lipstick and it's so hard to fault the quality at all.. I just wish they were a little bigger as they are pretty tiny and definitely won't last me long. But that being said if you're looking to try some smaller sizes before buying in full size from the brand then this is definitely worth getting in my opinion!

I hope you enjoyed reading my thoughts on the Winkylux lip pill set, I'm so pleasantly surprised with the formula of these and can't wait to keep wearing them! Let me know if you've tried any products from Winkylux before, and you're thoughts?

*This post contains PR samples and affiliate links, however as always all opinions are my own. *
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  1. I LOVE the colour royal and i think that the lil 'pills' are super cute and they'd totally make a great present!

  2. I'm american, and have never heard of this brand until I saw them on the ASOS site too! The packaging is so cute! I like the color selection, but like you said, I don't know how I feel about the fact it comes with so lil product. I think this would be a good stocking stuffer (I know, it's months til Christmas, why am I even bringing it up) or like a lil extra something something for a gift. Great post Kate xx

    Melina |

  3. I haven't heard of this brand before but the packaging is so cute! x

    Jordan Alice

  4. These are really cute! What unique packaging for lipsticks! Apart from 'Heart', the colours probably wouldn't suit me. I look ridiculous in darker shades but they all look lovely on you! Glad you were happy with them. They would make a lovely gift for a beauty lover :)


  5. These are so cute! I know what you mean about being small and running out but I still think it's a great idea to to try. It's good to hear the pigmentation is so strong, that would make them last longer. What a sweet little set, perfect for stocking fillers (no, how am I thinking of Christmas already?!) x

    Lisa |

  6. They really are super cute and perfect for on the go / travel when you have like minimal space! The colours look pretty too x

  7. I've not heard of Winkylux before but this set is adorable! The packaging is cute and the shades are lovely - the Royal colour is also my favourite but they all really suit you! The price isn't too bad either for a set of five.
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety