Spring beauty picks from World duty free


Holiday season is approaching us so I thought I would show you some gorgeous spring beauty picks that you can pick up whilst passing through World Duty free this year. I don't know about you but I get so excited for the airport purely for duty free shopping, I mean who doesn't love some tax free makeup shopping?! 

First up, is a nail polish set from OPI and it's their Lisbon travel exclusive collection which contains six gorgeous bright shades, that are definitely perfect with the holiday season quickly approaching us. I have actually never tried a nail polish from OPI before.. I know, what kind of blogger am I?! So, I was very excited to finally try some out for myself as I always hear very good things about the quality of their polishes. 

I've only tried a few of the shades out so far but oh my the finish really is gorgeous! They give a lovely shiny finish to the nails and they look even glossier when the light catches them, I am definitely very pleasantly surprised. My favourite shade if you hadn't of guessed already has the be ' No turning back from pink street', which is a lovely pastel baby pink colour.. I am absolutely pink obsessed and this one is perfect for everyday!

I am actually going away on two holidays this year, so I will for sure be taking a couple of these away with me as the smaller bottles are the perfect travel size. I love the array of colours in the set, if you're into bright fun colours then this is definitely for you. I've actually seen a few other sets available, so I will for sure be taking a look as I pass through Duty Free myself this year!

Next up is something from Guerlain and it's their Météorites light revealing pearls of powder. Firstly how photogenic is this packaging? Guerlain definitely do some of the most beautiul luxurious packaging! I'm sure you'll have noticed this one has been appearing in the background of lots of my Instagram photos at the moment. 

If you're after a very fine delicate powder formula then you'll absolutely love these powder pearls, I have very dry skin myself so don't often need powder but I have loved trying out this one from Guerlain! The illuminating powder is made up of light-diffusing pearls and aims to minimize any flaws and add brightness to the skin..

I've found that the pearls really help to set any base makeup, but also aswell as that add a lovely radiant healthy glow to the skin too, in a natural way without any shimmer. I've also noticed that it's actually helped to make my skin look alot smoother, especially around any dry patches.. basically I am obsessed with this product and it's definitely become an everyday staple for me! The product does claim to minimize any flaws, which it definitely does with my dry skin.. but when it comes to pores I haven't noticed it making a difference at all so if you're after something to help smooth out blemishes this probably isn't going to help, but if you have dry patches like me then I think you'll definitely see it makes a big difference to them too!

Now for the price.. with the Duty Free discount these are on sale for £34.55, which yes is alot of money just for some powder pearls, but these are definitely worth the splurge in my opinion and that's coming from me who hates spending big chunks of money on makeup! I'll be very intrigued to see how long these last me, as I find there's barely any fall out whatsoever compared to the powders that I've tried that have been pressed into a pan, so that's definitely another little positive. 

Oh, and lastly aswell as the formula these powder pearls smell amazing.. just like the Parma violet sweets, which I adore! Overall, I am a massive fan of these pearls.. if you are after a powder that gives a healthy brightening look to the skin whilst locking your makeup into place then I really recommend giving these a try!

Next up is actually a body lotion from Miu Miu who are another brand I've yet to try before until now.. even with the Duty Free discount this still costs £28.80 making it one of the most expensive body lotions I've tried so far, so I was very intrigued to see whether it was worth the price...

This one is scented with the iconic Miu Miu fragrance which has so much depth, it's definitely the kind of scent that keeps on giving. The fragrance has top notes of Lily of the valley, lemon and lime with middle notes of Jasmine, peach, greennotes, blackcurrent and rose.. whilst Akigalawood and whitemusk both act as a base note and add a gorgeous earthy feel to the scent. The overall scent has a lovely fresh earthiness to it, different to any scent I've tried before myself. I also love the addition of the citrus scents which both add a lovely fruitiness to the scent. The scent alone definitely smells luxurious, and the product itself didn't disappoint either..

The lotion itself always seems to melt into my skin, it's definitely one of the most luxurious body lotions I've tried to date which does reflect the high price. Lately I've found my elbows have been getting quite dry and this has really seemed to help, it seems to hydrate and moisturise the skin so well.. I really can't fault the quality at all, I just wish it was a little cheaper! 

Aswell as the scent and skin benefits how gorgeous is the bottle? I love the soft blue pastel colour, with the iconic logo in gold.. they are definitely perfect colours with spring now here. 

Another gorgeous spring pick I've been trying out from World Duty free is the Fresh Sugar Tulip lip treatment! The treatment actually adds a sheer hot pink tint to the lips, when I saw it myself in person I thought it was going to be too bright but the sheerness definitely makes it very wearable.. and adds a lovely healthy pop of colour to the lips whilst providing an SPF too, which is obviously a big plus as the warmer weather is nearly here!

The balm includes a blend of nourishing oils, which includes Meadowfoam and black current seed oils, which both aim to keep the lips moisturised. Aswell as that the lip balm also contains antioxidants to help keep the lips protected throughout the day, I have loved trying this out for myself.. it definitely adds a deep hydration to the lips, without being to thick and oily! If you suffer from chapped lips then I'm sure this little beauty would be a lifesaver, as it has been for me!

Oh and lastly the Sugar Tulip scent smells amazing, it's definitely one of those scents that smells good enough to eat with it's sweet sugary citrus scent! At the moment this will cost you £16 and in my opinion it's worth every single penny.

Next up is a product from Benefit, I find Benefit products are abit hit and miss for me sometimes but one thing I love is their high beam highlighter so I was very excited to try out the matte version..

Shy beam is one of Benefits matte shimmer-free highlighters and it's in a gorgeous nude pink colour, perfect for girls who like a more natural look with their makeup. I am really liking this product so far, it's very similar to their high beam highlighter formula wise and colour wise too just without the glow! Aswell as working as a highlighter this works really well to brighten under the eyes too, it's not got alot of coverage but does an amazing job of brightening them up!

Formula wise this one feels super lightweight on the skin and not heavy at all, the formula is quite thin but definitely comes across as well pigmented, so a little really does go a long way! At World Duty Free this one will cost you £17.90 which is actually pretty reasonable for a Benefit product, and I'm sure this one will definitely be lasting me a good while too, as you hardly need any product whatsoever. 

Lastly and my favourite pick of all is the My Burberry Blush perfume, this has become my current obsession.. the scent is honestly a dream with it's gorgeous fruity, yet floral fragrance! The fragrance has top notes of lemon and pomegranate, middle notes of rose petals, green apple and geranium which lead into the base notes of jasmine and wisteria. With spring now hear this is definitely one of my most reached for scents, I really can't get enough of it at the moment and the scent seems to instantly put me in a happier mood even though we still have lots of rain and horrible cloudy grey weather here in Wales!

"My Burberry Blush steps back into a London garden as it awakens in the first light of day. Capturing the senses, blossoming flowers open with a burst of energy, while dapples of glowing light weave, twist, and turn through the flora."

The blend of scents is honestly gorgeous, I would say this one is quite a light scent that's perfect for everyday wear. If you are into your fruity floral fragrances then I couldn't recommend this one enough, and I highly suggest having a spray if you're passing through Duty free yourself this spring! Besides the scent one of the best parts is this one lasts all day, well a good 7/8 hours anyway.. I've found this one lingers on my skin really well, so you definitely get your moneys worth on that perspective too!

Aswell as the scent, how beautiful is the bottle and packaging? This has been proudly on display on my dressing table ever since it's arrived. As someone who's pink obsessed I'm sure you can probably already tell just how much I love this design.. The cap on this bottle is actually inspired by the Burberry trench coat button, which I think is such a clever idea and fits in with the overall colour theming just perfectly.

I hope you enjoyed hearing my thoughts on some of the spring beauty picks that are available to find in World Duty Free this year. I've loved trying out each and every product and can't wait to keep using them all! Let me know if you have any holidays planned for this year? I would love to hear where you're heading too!

* This post contains PR samples, however as always all opinions are my own. *
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  1. What a lovely selection of treats! I think my favourites are the Fresh Sugar lip treatment in that totally GORGEOUS shade of pink, and the Benefit Shy Beam. Although I have to say OPI are my all time favourite nail polish brand, their polishes go on so beautifully and the staying power is second to none. We're off to Lanzarote in May and I can't wait 😊 x

    Lisa | www.lisasnotebook.com

  2. Lovely picks Kate! I purchased my first OPI nail polish a while back and I love the finish. It's the only shade I've tried though so I can't speak for the brand as a whole, but that one shade 'Got the Blues for Red' is stunning!

    -Sophie xx
    Cherries & Perfume 

  3. Lovely choices and gorgeous photos as ALWAYS. Teach me your ways! I love that OPI set, what lovely colours.


  4. Your photos are so beautiful! The subtle tint the Fresh lip treatment has is stunning, I need to get my hands on one the next time I'm at Sephora!

  5. I love shopping at Duty Free, though I tend to head straight to the chocolate section and pick up abnormally large/weird selections that you can never seem to find in the real world, haha!

    I did buy a lot of perfume when I was on my way to Australia last year... I shouldn't be allowed near sales/tax free shopping. Hahah!

    Kirstiekinsblogs xo

  6. You got such a lovely selection of goodies here! I'm really intrigued by the Fresh lip treatment, looks gorgeous! And the perfume is so pretty and sounds like it smells heavenly. Also, your photos are unreal - please tell me how you do it haha!
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety

  7. I don't usually shop in duty free often when i go on holiday, i bought a really cute benefit mini set last year but i always have to try to stop myself because i know id end up spending all my holiday money!