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Pixi have recently brought out lots of exciting new products in collaboration with three amazing beauty influencers. I'm going to be doing a review on each influencer collaboration, but I thought it would be easier to break them down into three separate posts, so in today's post I'm going to be taking about their collaboration with Chloe Morello, who is a huge Australian beauty influencer that I've loved watching myself for years..

Chloe has brought out two products, a gorgeous lip icing and also a multi-use palette they are both stunning and are actually suitable for a range of skin tones which is great! Her collection is inspired by love and romance, which you can definitely see throughout the palette with the pretty pinks and shimmery golds. 

" Being in love is one of those times where you look your most radiant, and that idea inspired me to create these two products. The palette has all of the shades to create a beautiful naturally luminous look while the lip glow brings the most amazing sparkle and dimension. I hope you love them as much as I do! "

First up is the 'Palette Chloette', I love the name and it's an amazing multi-use palette which includes blushes, eye shadows, highlighters, a liner and brow shades.. so this one is definitely the ideal travel palette, right?! Pixi products always have some kind of skincare benefits, even the makeup products and in this case the powders contain aloe leaf juice and safflower seed oil to help soften and nourish the skin, which is obviously a big bonus!

Firstly lets talk about the three full sized blushes, which are shades 'Promise', 'Bouquet' and 'Romance'. All three of the blushes have a powder formula but do have a slight creaminess to them too. Each shade adds a gorgeous glowy finish to the cheeks, perfect as spring is now here and with the summer months not being too far away either. They all have a lovely shimmer to them, the 'Romance' shade is a little more matte looking on the skin compared to the first two shades, but still definitely has some shimmer to it.. especially when the light catches it!

All of the shades are very easy to build up, I prefer a more natural looking blush myself but if you like a more intense blush these are perfect for that too as they are very pigmented when they are built up fully. You barely need any product if you're going for a more natural look, especially when using the 'Romance' shade which is super pigmented!

'Promise' has been the most reached for shade for me, it's a gorgeous peachy blush and it has a lovely shimmery gold undertone to it too. It's definitelty the perfect shade to go for if you love a more radiant and glowy blush, it adds such a healthy pop of colour to the cheek, perfect for us pale skin girls.. it really does look so flattering on pale skin and is definitely becoming one of my favourite blushes. 

( Top to bottom: 'Promise', 'Bouquet' and 'Romance'. )

Now for my favourite part of the palette: the eye shadows! The palette includes six gorgeous shimmery shades, and the pigmentation of these really is something else. I've never tried any eyeshadows from Pixi until this palette, and I am so pleasantly surprised.. I really can't fault the formula or quality of these at all. They are all so rich in pigment, and have a lovely glowy shimmery finish. I think the range of colours make these shadows perfect for any occasion too, whether that be for a more natural everyday look, or a special occasion. 

My favourite from the six has to be the 'Veil' shade which is a gorgeous pearl like colour, I've been using this to brighten up my inner corners and it really helps to make them pop! Aswell as on the eyes some of the shades work perfectly for highlighting the face too, if you have pale skin like me then I'm sure you'll love the 'Veil' shade, I've hardly been using anything else to highlight my face at the moment as I've been reaching for this one almost everyday! 

As for the range of shades you do get a good mix of both warm and cool tones in the palette which I like, the only thing that's missing for me is a lighter matte transition shade but apart from that I really can't complain at all, and I can't wait to keep using all of these shades, especially the first two.

Aswell as the quality of the products, I love how the packaging is layed out.. and I'm really pleased that it comes with a mirror too, even if it is pretty thin. It's definitely the ideal travel palette to take away on holiday, or just for taking with you on the go. It's not the smallest length wise but it's super thin, and not bulky at all so it's perfect for fitting into your handbag!

( Top to bottom: 'Veil, 'Honeymoon', 'Fairytale', 'Passion', 'Lace' and 'Swoon'. )

Lastly in the palette are two brow shades and a black liner shade, which can all also double up as eyeshadows too.. this is probably my least favourite area of the palette, I think as I have pretty dry skin powder brow products just don't seem to work well on me..

I've been trying the brow shades on my eyes however and they are very nice, they are easy to blend but are definitely not as pigmented as the shimmery eyeshadows and need building up quite abit to reach their full capacity. 

As for the eyeliner shade it's not completely black in my opinion, but it's great for adding to the eye to darken up a makeup look as an eyeshadow but for me I couldn't get it to work well as an eyeliner, I much prefer using an eyeliner pen myself as the powder form is definitely quite tricky to work with if you're a makeup novice like me!

(Top to bottom: 'Knot, 'Unity' and 'Tux'. )

Next up is a lip icing in the shade 'Cake', I love the name, I mean who doesn't love Cake? The shade is a gorgeous golden colour, which has very fine flecks of peach, pink and light golden glitters inside too..

The formula to me feels very similar to a lip gloss consistency but this one isn't sticky on the lips at all. I'm wearing this one in the picture below and I think it adds such a pretty, healthy shimmery glow to the lips, it actually has a 3-dimensional glimmer which really does look gorgeous when the lips catch the light! I have become obsessed with wearing lip toppers and glosses lately, as I think they add such a healthy finish to any makeup look, I definitely think the glossy look has been coming back on trend lately as I'm seeing more and more brands focus on bringing them out, which I love.

In the picture below I'm wearing the lip icing over the top of one of the nude lipsticks from one of the Dulce Candy Pixi palettes but it also looks great alone too, I just prefer using it as more of a lip topper myself. This one feels extremely comfortable on the lips, the glitter inside is so fine that you can't feel it on the lips at all, the formula actually contains rose hip and marula oil to help keep the lips hydrated and well nourished which you can definitely notice.

For a lip topper I was actually pleasantly surprised to see how well this one lasted, it always gives me a good 5/6 hours wear before needing a top up which I think is pretty impressive for such a glossy product, I have sometimes needed to top this one up after eating but it's the type of product you can apply in a few seconds, even without a mirror. I also really like the packaging of this lip icing, with the iconic Pixi green on the lid.. I love that it's in a clear tube too, so it's easy to know when you're close to running out!

The palette retails for £28, and in my opinion that's a pretty good price for a multi-use palette from a high end brand especially considering that there are three full sized blushes in the palette too! The lip icing retails for £16 which is definitely more of a steeper price for a lip topper, especially just for one product but the quality definitely reflects the price, so I can't complain at all! 

I hope you enjoyed reading my thoughts on one of the latest Pixi collaborations, as you can tell I absolutely love both of the products that Chloe has helped to create, especially the lip icing and the shimmery eyeshadow shades, I'm very excited to keep on using them both! Let me know if you've tried any of the new products from the latest Pixi collaborations yet, and your thoughts?

*This post contains PR samples and some affiliate links, however as always all opinions are my own.*

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  1. I like Pixi's products and I quite enjoy Chloe's channel so I have to try it ASAP!! Xoxo


    1. Honestly so worth a try, especially the lip icing:) xx

  2. I recently got this palette but haven't tried it yet. I love the eyeshadow shades, they look perfect for everyday looks. x

    Jordan Alice

  3. This looks like an amazing palette - it's so handy to have everything all in one place! I love it when brands collab with bloggers / youtuber's / influencers on products.


    1. Me too, it's so great to see brands working with bloggers and youtubers :) xx

  4. The palette looks lovely, I love multi-use products, they're so handy, especially to take away on holiday. I've got a Pixi-AspyNovard blusher that I adore, it makes me so glowy :) Thank you for such a detailed review and some utterly gorgeous pictures, as always! x

    Lisa | www.lisasnotebook.com

    1. Aww thank you Lisa, that's lovely to say :) xx

  5. Your photo aesthetic always makes me so happy, they just have such a warm and lovely vibe. I haven't tried anything Pixi as it's kind of pricey in Australia (everything to do with cosmetics is). Either way though, this palette looks so versatile and pretty! I never use any eyebrow products but I am thinking about it (I already have black eyebrows so I don't reeeally need it). Lovely post!

    -Sophie xx
    Cherries & Perfume 

    1. Sophie that's made my day - thank you so much! xx

  6. Your photos are amazing! I have been trying to branch out with my make up brands recently, so I may have to give these a try! Thanks :)

    Kirstiekinsblogs xo

  7. I've only ever tried a few Pixi products but I've always really liked them. That palette is stunning though, there's such a good amount of product for the price and you could get loads of different looks from it. I also didn't know about the skincare aspect to their makeup - that's so cool!
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety

    1. I didn't either until recently but it's a great extra! :) xx

  8. Stunning collection, the multi-use palette looks amazing and perfect for travelling with everything you could ever need. I love your photography.

    Emma x