My current New Look homeware wishlist


In today's post I thought I would share with you my current New Look homeware wishlist. I am always on the look out for pretty new homeware pieces to spruce up my bedroom, and also as a blogger for photo props, because you can never have too many, right? I am loving New Looks homeware range at the moment, so I'm excited to share some bits I've been lusting after lately with you.. 


First up is this Pink embossed  artificial plant, I have a few fake plants similar to this in my room already but in alot darker coloured vases so I think this one would be perfect for brightening up my room now spring is here! This one retails for £5.99 which I don't think is too bad at all.. obviously you can find cheaper alternatives in places like Primark but I really do love the design of this one!  


Next on my wishlist are these gorgeous multi coloured trinket dishes, and even though I normally stray towards pink homeware I can't stop lusting over these! They definitely give me lots of summery holiday vibes, and I think these would make gorgeous blog props for my instagram photos this summer. These currently retail for £8.99 which I don't think is too bad at all, especially considering you do get three for that price. I'm actually needing a few more trinket dishes for my jewellery, so I think that's definitely the perfect excuse to buy these ones, right?


 If you are a regular reader of my blog then you'll know that I'm absolutely candle obsessed, and I am always lusting after new candles. I've seen a few of the tall candles in New Look recently but haven't spotted this one before, I am actually going to New York for the first time this year so I think I'll definitely be treating myself to this one! I've never tried a candle in this kind of tall shaped style before, so I will be interested to see how well it burns and what the scent throw is like.. I'll be sure to let you know my thoughts if I do decide to buy it. It doesn't have a scent description for this one online, but I think the jar is gorgeous and I just love the rose gold detailing!


 Next up is a mug, because you can never have too many mugs, can you? I think this Sloth mug is just adorable! I've actually seen this one in store and it's a really good size too, and even though it's spring we still have lots of rain and yucky weather here in Wales so this will be perfect for late night hot chocolates! This one retails for £5.99 at the moment, so not too bad at all.. I also think this one would make such a cute birthday gift for a friend or family member who has a good sense of humour!


 I'm not the type of person that normally goes crazy over unicorn things like most people, as I sometimes think they can look a little tacky especially when they are so brightly coloured but I love the design and pastel colours on this Unicorn plate, the baby pink and rose gold detailing looks so pretty together! I think this would make such a sweet photo prop too for Instagram photos, especially with spring now here.. and for just £7.99 it isn't too pricey at all considering how big this one is.


Next up is yet another mug! But I can't stop lusting after this one and as I've said before you can never have too many mugs, can you? Especially when they are this pretty.. I have seen this Unicorn mug all over instagram lately and have also spotted it a few times in store too, and isn't it just adorable? I love the pastel pink and gold detailing and just think the design looks super sweet overall, and for just £5.99 I don't think I will be able to resist buying this one for much longer! 


 Lastly on my current New Look wishlist is this Rose gold frame
and print. I've recently added two new sets of drawers into my bedroom, and I am currently on the search for some pretty pieces to display on them so I think this one would be perfect. I love having positive quotes around my room, and I think this one definitely needs to be my next addition. This one retails for £5.99, which definitely won't break the bank either and is a pretty good price considering you are getting both the frame and the print! 

I hope you enjoyed seeing what's on my current New Look homeware wishlist, it's definitely one of my favourite places to shop in for home bits at the moment and I'm very excited to see what they'll be bringing out next! Let me know what your favourite shops are at the moment for homeware, and blog props?

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  1. New Look have one of the nicest homewear ranges! I could easily spend a small fortune in there! These are all great picks. I love that photo frame :)


    1. I totally agree with You, always love having a nose when I'm in! xx

  2. I have an addiction to homewear - I cannot go into town without coming back with at least one thing 'for the house'

    I love the plant!

    Kirstiekinsblogs xoxo

    1. Haha! You sound exactly like me, too hard to resist! xx

  3. New Look have such cute pieces - a bloggers dream! Yo can't beat a unicorn mug x

  4. I love the plant pot as it goes perfectly with my room decor - and it's not that expensive!

  5. I had no idea New Look did homeware! Kate- my bank balance is going to hate you for introducing me to these cuties :')
    Imogen’s Typewriter. <3

  6. Such a gorgeous wish list! I love candles myself, never stop buying them, no matter what the season is.

  7. The photo frame and the sloth mug are so cute, really love new look homeware x

  8. I really love that sloth mug, it's so cute. I think the homeware section at New Look is really underrated, they quite often have some gorgeous bits in there!
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety

  9. Oh I looooove New Look homeware, they have the most beautiful bits and pieces there, you're so right, perfect for blog props, haha. I haven't seen those trinket dishes though, I shall have to take a trip over, they are gorgeous! x

    Lisa |