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Today on the blog I'm going to be reviewing a few of the home fragrance products from Heyland and Whittle, these are the first products I've tried from the brand but I've been pretty impressed, so I'm very excited to share my thoughts on them with you in today's post!

Heyland and Whittle are a quality soap and home fragrance manufacturer, who are based in England. The brand are inspired by their original location on a farm in rural Surrey, and even produce a range of handmade soaps in the traditional cold-processed method, which I think is amazing! 

Home fragrance goods, such as their blended candles and reed diffusers, were the natural next addition to their bath and body collection, and are what I'll be reviewing today! They are doing an amazing job and are now sold throughout lots of popular stores across the UK and beyond.

First up is something a little different and it's their 'Chef's friend' room spray, and this one is actually specifically aimed to be used throughout the kitchen. This spray has an odour neutraliser formula that aims to banish away any of those left over cooking scents from your kitchen, and it really does do the job well.. I've been trying this out for around a month now and it's left my kitchen smelling fresh every single time! 

The scent is freshly cut lemongrass with a twist of lime, and it really is a lovely fresh scent.. it's not something I would use in any other rooms in the house, maybe the bathroom? But it's definitely the perfect scent for freshening up the kitchen after cooking. The lemongrass comes through as the stongest scent and it has a gorgeous bright and energizing aroma to it, and behind that scent I can really notice the zesty lime coming through, so it's perfect for us citrus scent lovers! This is definitely a great alternative to a candle if you're after something quick but effective.

The spray retails at £15 at the moment for 100ml which I think it pretty reasonable for a Luxury brand and also considering how a little goes a very long way with this product, you can obviously find cheaper alternatives but the quality of this room spray is definitely worth every penny, I promise! 

Next up is their Wild Lemongrass glass candle, and this scent is absolutely beautiful! It's not too overpowering and really does have just the right medium scent throw, it's been the perfect scent to burn with spring now hear and I'm so excited to keep burning this one...

This candle definitely feels and of course smells like a Luxury one, the scent gives of that gorgeous sweet yet tangy lemon fragrance and if you like refreshing and uplifting scents, then this is definitely one for you. Lemon like scents are actually one of my favourites to have in a candle, and this one really is lovely.. the refreshing scent smells good enough to eat! Scent throw wise the fragrance fills a room nicely, this one has more of a medium scent throw compared to some of the stronger candles I've tried and I think that actually makes it perfect for any room in the house, it does come across stronger in smaller rooms but in bigger rooms it's definitely quite abit lighter. 

The actual jar itself was quite tricky to photograph, the design is very simple with the brands logo as the focus with a floral leaf design around the remainder of the candle. It's definitely on the simple side, but I do really like that as it means it's well suited to any room in the house.. I usually go for more girly and bright designs myself, but for rooms such as the living room this is perfect. I also really like the box the candle comes protected in with it's pretty gold detailing, it would definitely make a lovely gift for someone, especially as a house warming present!

The 230g candle retails for £30, it's pricey and is actually one of the most expensive candles I've tried to date but the price does reflect the luxury quality you are getting. It's obviously not the type of price you can afford to pay for candles all the time, but if you're looking to treat yourself to abit of luxury then this is the candle for you! The candle actually has a 40+ hour burn time too, which I think is really good for the size.. I've burned this one for around twenty hours now and it's still over half way full so I'm definitely impressed with that aspect so far!

Lastly and my favourite of the three I've mentioned is their Bergamot and lime reed diffuser.. I always have a reed diffuser in my bedroom and I have loved trying this one out! They are the perfect way too add a constant scent into a room without having to worry about keeping your eye on a candle flame. 

The scent throw of this one is actually pretty similar to the candle, I would say it has a medium scent throw which adds the gorgeous fresh scent into a room well. Citrus scents are my favourite kind of scents, and the zingy lime throughout this scent is just lovely! The lime comes across as the strongest scent for me whilst the bergamot gives a lovely sweet yet spicy background to the overall scent.. perfect for keeping any room smelling fresh and bright!

This particular reed diffuser claims to last up to three months, I've been using this one for around a month now and it's still over two thirds full which I'm very impressed about. The diffuser retails for £25 at the moment which is a little pricey, but for three months of fragrance? I think that's definitely worth the price and I will for sure be looking into trying more reed diffusers from the company once this one runs out, they have a really big range of scents available on their website so I would definitely be intrigued to try out some more.

I hope you enjoyed hearing my thoughts on these products from Heyland and Whittle. Overall, as you can already tell I'm very impressed with all three of the products I've been trying out, especially the reed diffuser! I would definitely be curious to try out more scents from the brand, and if I do I'll be sure to let you know my thoughts.. Let me know if you've tried anything from the company before, and you're thoughts?

*This post contains some PR samples, however as always all opinions are my own. 
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  1. The kitchen spray is SUCH a good idea! I don’t think I’ve ever heard of something like that before. I love the packaging of these - so camera worthy! As always, in awe of your photos!


  2. The spray sounds like an awesome idea! I love the way you've captured these products in your photos! x

    Emily | thatcreativegenius.wordpress.com

  3. I love home fragrances- they make such a difference. These all sound amazing with some lovely put together fragrances x


  4. Citrus fragrances are my favourites too, I'm a huge fan of the White Company's bergamot range (home fragrances and bath & body) but they are very pricey. I love the idea of a kitchen spray, I never know what to do after we've had a stir-fry, the smell lingers for AGES. I've not heard of Heyland and Whittle before but your recommendations are definitely an incentive to head on over there for a good browse, thank you! X

    Lisa | www.lisasnotebook.com

  5. OMG I am dying, lemongrass and bergamot are two of my favourite scents and I've been looking for a decent lemongrass candle for ages! Also that kitchen spray sounds like the cleverest idea ever, and really reasonably priced. I will definitely be looking into this range! Thanks so much for sharing :)
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety