5 lipstick favourites from essence cosmetics


Essence cosmetics are by far one of my favourite drugstore brands, and I definitely want to try and include them a lot more on my blog this year as I've tried so many products from them now, over the past couple of years! So I thought I would start of by sharing some of my favourite lip products from them with you..

First up is one of their matte long lasting lipglosses in the shade '03 Girl of today', I've been using this for well over a year now and I still love it just as much - I always make sure I have a back up for when my current one runs out! It's a gorgeous berry pink shade and has a creamy matte finish, I find some matte lipsticks a little drying on my lips but this is definitely on the creamer side, and sits very comfortable on the lips and applies like a dream. It's described as a gloss, but I would say the formula is much more like a lipstick consistency - which I much prefer myself anyway! 

I have also been surprised at how long wearing this one is for a gloss, it usually gives me a good 5-6 hours wear before it starts to fade.. which I am pretty impressed with for the price, some of my high end glosses don't even properly last me five hours!

This lip gloss retails for just £2.30, which I think is an absolute bargain price for a lip product these days and is one that definitely won't break the bank. Another perk is that these lipglosses smell amazing, it smells just like cherry Bakewell to me which is definitely a great little bonus, compared to some of the chemically scents you can find with glosses from some brands.

Next up is one of their vibrant shock lip paints in the shade 'Voyeur' which is a lovely brown nude shade.. a girl can never have too many nude lipsticks right? For me the finish of this one is actually quite similar to the matte long lasting gloss, but I think this one gives the lips a more creamier finish. If you are into your liquid lipsticks then you will love the formula of this one, it doesn't dry down into a matte finish but gives a lovely creamy buttery finish to the lips instead. 

Wear wise, this one is similar to the first lipstick and lasts me around 4-6 hours again, depending on what I'm up too. I still think that's pretty good considering the price, and considering the product has a very creamy finish too. This one retails for £3.30, so a little more than the first lipstick but it's still by no means expensive and still a lot cheaper than most brands!

Next up is actually a lip palette, and it's their Lips go wow palette! They have three available but this one is their 'Show'em your style' palette which contains a mix of berries, pinks, nudes and mauves. The shade that's my favourite is the second one in from the left, which is a lovely berry pink shade. I also like mixing a few of the shades together too, especially the two far right shades which look gorgeous when paired together!

Formula wise these are completely different to the first too, and have quite a thin formula but still add a gorgeous pop of colour to the lips, similar to a lip stain. The formula doesn't feel drying at all on the lips, and feels quite similar to a lip balm consistency actually! The shades are not super pigmented with just one coat, but they do build up their colour really nicely with a few coats which I don't mind doing considering the price.

The palette retails for £3.30, and for four shades I think that's an absolute steal and a great way too try out lots of shades in one go. This would definitely be ideal to take away with you whilst on holiday, as the palette is so compact and thin, and a great way to carry around multiple shades within just one product! I'm definitely on board with the whole lip palette idea, and I really hope they bring out some more soon. Essence actually have the option to build your own eyeshadow palette, and I think it would be amazing if they did this with their lip palettes too!

My next favourite is one of their gel shine glosses in the shade 'Bright on!' and this is another shade that I've used for around a year now, always making sure I have a back up! I basically use this as a gloss over the top of a regular nude lipstick, and it adds such a pretty glossy finish to the lips with a bronze brown undertone. I actually have a few shades in their gel shine finish, but this one is definitely my favourite for everyday. It does have a little bit of shimmer to it, but it's more of a subtle shimmer which I prefer!

This gloss retails for just £2.00 which is another great bargain, and is a lip gloss that definitely won't break the bank! I never used to wear gloss products on my lips, but over the past few months I've been wearing them so regularly - I definitely think the glossy look has been coming back on trend lately, which I love! 

The only downside to this one is that it's not as long lasting as the others I've mentioned, and needs topping up after a few hours but for £2 I definitely don't mind applying a little more - if you don't mind reapplying your lip gloss half way through the day then I really recommend it considering the price!

Last up is one of the Essence instant colour lipsticks in the shade '08 Eternal Beauty' which is a very pretty light pink nude shade. I think this colour is just perfect for everyday, or for a more natural makeup look! 

This one has a very creamy texture, and has a mixture of a satin and sheer finish. Again this one sits very comfortable on the lips without feeling drying whatsoever. Do you have that one lipstick that you seem to reach for everyday without fail? Well this is definitely that kind of lipstick for me! It probably has to be my favourite formula out of the five I've mentioned, and whats even better is that it doesn't budge easily either - I was very pleasantly surprised to see just how longwearing it was for such a creamy lipstick. It's definitely one of the most long wearing lipsticks I've tried from Essence so far!

I really want to try this formula in some more of their shades, I've seen some gorgeous darker nude brown shades that I definitely want to pick up next time I'm shopping! It's hard to pick a favourite out of the five I've mentioned, but this one formula and colour wise just tops it and has become one of my most reached for lipsticks, I will for sure be buying myself a back up ready for when this one runs out.

I hope you enjoyed reading about some of my Essence lip favourites, I really do love the brand as a whole.. especially their lip products! Let me know in the comments if you have any favourites from Essence too?

* This post contains some PR samples, however as always all opinions are my own. *
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  1. I've never heard of Essence brand, but their lip range looks really good!

    Katie xx

  2. Essence is actually a brand I have never really tried, that last lipstick is so pretty! I'll definitely have to try this brand

    1. Honestly such good quality for the price! :)

  3. Loved your review! I'm always looking for new lipgloss but find myself hesitant to try them out so this is very helpful!

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  5. I love Essence! I've been purchasing their products for years, I used to love their Colour & Go nail polish range but they've discontinued it (as far as I know). They have a Gel range now which is still good. I have two of their lipsticks which I mentioned of my blog. But I'll have to try their make your own palette!

    -Sophie xx
    Cherries & Perfume 

    1. Me too! Oh, I'll have to go over and take a look now :) xx

  6. omg I just stubbled across your blog, it's gorgeous and I love your phots you are clearly super talented. I need to try their lipsticks, I've only tried a highlighter palette and concealar but I love both

    Ezara- https://www.ehbeauty.com