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You all know I am wax melt obsessed by now, so I'm very excited to show you some gorgeous scented wax melts that I've been testing out from the company Scent magnifique! The company is based in Bedfordshire in the UK, where all the wax is handmade - you all know that I love supporting small businesses and I think I've found another amazing one! I love trying out new scents, and this company definitely have some exciting ones to offer...

The first scent I tried out was 'Mad as a hatter' and trust me when I say this scent is gorgeous! It's nothing like any other scent I've had in a wax melt or candle before.. but I love it. The scent is a blend of cake, cookies, scones, jellies and jams.. basically a cake addicts idea of heaven - if you love sweet scents then you will LOVE this one! For me the sweet and fruity jam scents come across as the strongest with the delicious bakery notes acting as more of a base scent, which works perfectly.

As well as the scent I absolutely love the design of this one, and I'm sure most fellow Disney fans will too with it's Alice in wonderland theming, they also have designs with teacups, clocks and cupcakes which fit in with the Disney films theming perfectly too! Size wise they are pretty big tarts, and weigh approximately 60g so they can definitely be split in half before burning, or even quarters as the scent throw really does come across well. I just popped half of this in my burner and the scent throw filled a room and more easily with the delicious scent - I'm very excited to burn the other half soon!

The next scent I tried was baby powder, now I'm definitely more of a sweet and fruity scent type of person when it comes to candles and wax melts but I do really like this one. It's that classic fresh baby powder scent that we all know and love, and its definitely a very nostalgic scent. Scent wise it really is just that plain classic baby powder scent, nothing more and nothing less to it! I think the design of this one is just adorable and I think it would make the perfect baby shower gift, as it doesn't get more fitting than this! 

I've tried so many baby powder scents, and to be honest they all smell pretty much the same but scent throw wise they obviously differ and this one is definitely on the stronger side, just half the wax pot fills the room with the fresh yet gentle scent so well, without being too overpowering! The scent throw from this company can't be faulted at all with regards to the four I've been trying, you definitely get what you pay for on that aspect!

The next scent I tried was 'Lemon meringue pie' and warning this scent will make you very hungry! I've tried a few lemon meringue pie scents in the past, and some have just smelt more like a plain lemon scent to me where as this one definitely has more layers to it! It's a gorgeous blend of lemon, whipped meringue and buttery pie crust - which creates such a gorgeous zesty bakery scent - it's such a fresh scent, perfect for any room in the house but I think this definitely belongs in their kitchen.. I mean who wouldn't want their kitchen smelling of freshly baked lemon meringue pie? 

I love the design of this one again, I really like the meringue frosting finish with the sweet little yellow heart to top it of! I think the designs on these melts just look that little bit extra special compared to the plain tarts - which definitely makes them perfect to gift as presents, and I know its a very long way away but I think these would make amazing stocking fillers during the festive season too!

The last scent I tried was their 'Candy fluff' scent and I think this has to be my favourite out of the four I've been trying. The scent is a blend of marshmallow and candy floss, basically a sweet lovers dream wax melt scent! This scent reminds me of the classic drumstick lollies, and just like the drumstick squashies sweets too - which I am absolutely obsessed with.. so it's amazing to be able to have one of my favourite sweets in a wax melt form! For me the marshmallow comes across as the strongest scent with the sweet sugary fairground candy floss scent as more of a base scent and the blend is honestly gorgeous!

The scent I've been trying is in their wax brittle form, which is just as pretty as the wax pots with its gorgeous baby pink colour and of course lots of purple, pink and silver glitter - it's definitely one of the girliest wax brittles I've seen and I love it! Scent throw wise this comes across really well too, filling a room easily and more with that sweet scent, but without being too overpowering either. If you love sweet scents like me, then you will absolutely adore this scent!

All of the scents kept the strong scent going for a good 6-8 hours before starting to become weaker, and that's just with half a wax pot. So, I was definitely impressed with that aspect of the melts too, the burn time even seemed to be better than lots of the popular well known brands I've tried which just goes to show how much time and effort small businesses put into their products, and that they are just as good, if not better than the bigger brands.

The brittle form costs £2.60 and the tubs cost £2.40, and for the size and the fact they can be split in half or even quarters too, I definitely think they are worth the price. There are obviously cheaper options to compare too, but I cant fault the scent throw of the melts I've tried and also the effort that's put into the designs on the melts too. When burning these in my bedroom with my door open I found you could even smell the scent in the hallway, and even as I was walking up the stairs which I was really impressed with! 

Overall, I love the scents I've tried.. quality wise these are so hard to fault and the company has easily become one of my favourite smaller wax brands! I love supporting small businesses myself, and if you love wax melts too then I definitely recommend checking this company out as they are honestly just as good, if not better than the bigger brands out there, and they always seem to be coming out with new exciting scents too!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know what your favourite type of scents are in the comments? 

*Products in this post were sent to review, however as always all opinions are my own.*
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  1. Another fragrance related post! Honestly I started feeling hungry just reading about the lemon meringue pie hahah. These all sound absolutely lovely!

    -Sophie xx

  2. These sound sound gorgeous and look absolutely divine as well!

  3. The packaging is so pretty, they're so cute! Definitely think they're worth the price too, lovely review!

    Anika |

  4. I really need to start investing in products like these, they are so pretty and girly x

  5. Omg these look so so pretty!! Ps. love your photos girly!



  6. I should really buy myself some of these Wax Melts and a holder for them. Because they really sound delicious! Never tried them before, but that's probably going to change soon.

  7. Ouuu this is super cute Kate! I love your reviews and all the products you find...I've actually never had a scented wax melt and I think they sound fab. I really like how cute the "Mad as a hatter" one is and the "Candy Fluff" looks edible loool.

    xx Lena |

  8. I've never used bath melts, but these look adorable. I especially like the look and smell of Mad Hatter and Lemon Meringue!
    These are definite present ideas.

    Katie xx