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If you follow me over on Instagram you'll know I am absolutely candle obsessed, especially with winter approaching I love to get stocked up on candles for cosy nights in as the weather gets colder, you can never have to many, right?! So I was very excited to be able try out a few candle scents from the company 'Kiss Air Candles', which are a very popular candle brand at the moment - I've seen them floating around on a few people's Instagram pages for a while now, so I was intrigued to see whether they lived up to the hype or not, spoiler alet: they definitely do!

Kiss Air candles are created by two sisters, Louise and Laura from Cambridge. All of their candles are handmade by themselves, which makes them that extra bit special and I think supporting small businesses today is such an important thing to do when you can afford to, instead of just sticking to the regular mainstream brands! They have a whole range of candles available over on their website and they also have a range of stockists over the UK too.

 As well as their main candle ranges they also offer other items such as personalised candles, tealights and a subscription service too, which I really like the sound of!

The first scent I tried was Limoncello, I rarely drink alcohol because it doesn't mix with my illness well at all but I absolutely love Limoncello, and knew I had to try this one as soon as I saw it - It's one of my all time favourite drinks. I first tried this drink when I was on holiday in Venice a few years ago; So this scent really does bring back some of the best holiday memories. The candle has a gorgoeus fragrance of sweet sherbet lemons, which honestly smells incredible - if you love sweet and fruity scents then you are sure to love this one.

This scent is part of their cocktail collection which all sound amazing, it includes scents such as Pina Colada, Frozen Mojito and peach Bellini which I bet smell delicious, I think one of these would make a perfect gift for a cocktail lover! This scent definitely screams summer to me, so I'll probably keep most of this one to burn next year sometime whilst I burn my more wintery scents if I can't resist the temptation!

The next scent I've tried is toasted marshmallow, which instantly reminded me of Christmas! It has a gorgeous scent of sweet toasted marshmallows, which they have nailed spot on - It's not too sweet or sickly either, like some marshmallow scents I've tried before! I have tried so many toasted marshmallow scents from different companies in the past, but I think this one nails that gorgeous sweet gooey scent, without it being too overpowering.

I also love the packaging of this candle, it really does look so pretty on display - and if you follow me over on Instagram you'll know I'm absolutely pink obsessed, So this fits in perfectly with my pink themed bedroom, yay! The scent throw of this one just like the others is great too, it filled up my room with the lovely sweet toasted marshmallow scent - I'm going to save the rest of this one for Christmas because I love these kind of scents in December, we've not got long to wait now either!

The last candle I tried and a firm favourite for me is their 'Jam Sponge' scent. Does anything get better than a candle smelling of vanilla sponge smothered in sweet raspberry jam? I think not! It really is such a delicious scent, It's like nothing I've seen elsewhere before and it's definitely one of my favourite candles I've tried in a long time. I need a lifetime supply of this scent, because it really is that good!

 This scent is part of their tea and cake collection, which all sound mouth wateringly good too, and includes scents such as chocolate cake and fresh mint tea, yes a chocolate cake scented candle, sounds Devine right? The scent throw of this one really is amazing, the jars really do fill up a room with scent so well. Also, having a room smelling of Jam Sponge cake was pretty cool, I think if you had a visitor they would honestly think that you could have been baking! I think this candle would be a ideal for a kitchen, I find not alot of scents work in that room but this would be perfect!

The jars I have tried range from £9-£10, which are a little pricey for the size compared so some, I love buying a cheap Primark candle from time to time but the scent throw really doesn't come close to the quality of these three I've been trying.

 The packaging alone looks incredible, and looks so pretty on display, they also feel like heavy good quality jars too unlike some cheaper candles out there - I think they would make the loveliest gifts, especially with Christmas approaching fast - I think the jam sponge candle would be perfect for a friend or family member who loves their baking. The candles each have a burn time 30-35 hours which is a pretty good amount of time, for a candle this size and price! They also have wax melts available which would be perfect if you would like to try a scent out before buying a full sized candle.

Overall, I absolutely LOVE the candles. Each scent I've tried really is gorgeous, you can tell the ladies over at Kiss Air Candles work so hard into making these so perfect. I've tried alot of candle brands over the years and I am very impressed with the scent throw of these candles, nothings worth than a dissapointing candle but I can assure you you wont be dissapointed by the scent throw of these! As well as the scents I think their packaging is so pretty, they really do look lovely out on display. I like that all their collections have a different design and I think these would make such lovely gifts for a friend or family member, especially with Christmas approaching, I still cant believe its December next month - eeek! 

I hope you enjoyed this little review! Let me know what your favourite candle scents are in the comments?

Kiss air Candles website:

*These products were kindly sent to review, however, as always all opinions are my own. *
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  1. Omg these candles sound delicious! Jam Sponge sounds insane and defo a scent that I lead in my life! Gorgeous photography and beautifully written always always x

  2. Great post! These sound amazing! I have a feeling I'd love them all!- x

  3. These sound absolutely gorgeous! I am soo into wax melts at the moment aswell so i am definitely going to check out what scents they do in those as their scent throw is usually fabulous! I imagine the limoncello would be my favourite as I love fresh, fruity smells!
    Alice Xx

    1. Wax melts become so addictive don't they, haha! I agree fruity smells are the best:) xx

  4. Toasted Marshmallow sounds incredible! Love the packaging of them all too x

    1. Me too, and it is really such a lovely scent xx

  5. I'm not really a fan of candles but I have to say that these candles look beautiful. I love the colours

  6. Okay so I pretty much need the toasted marshmallow one, I feel like I'd be so obsessed with it haha. I love sweeter smells - I'm like you and I love a good cheap Primark candle but these would be a really nice treat or a even a gift for someone x


  7. These candles look super cute! I've never heard of the brand because it looks like they're a UK brand and I'm in the US, but I definitely might have a look over on their instagram. I have a feeling I'm going to love the cocktail collection. Andthe packaging could not be any more sweet! Definitely would be a lovely gift this holiday season.
    Great post xx


  8. I also have a bit of an obsession with candles and everything fragrance related. The Jam Sponge sounds like a candle I would love to try!

    -Sophie xx
    Cherries & Perfume