Pink Parcel Christmas clutch bag


Recently I was very kindly gifted the Christmas clutch bag from Pink Parcel, it's crammed full with over £100 worth of goodies and I can't wait to show you what's inside and share my first impressions on a few of the products too! Pink parcel are actually a subscription service, that have become very popular this year with so many bloggers! This bag however is limited edition for the festive season, and I think it's perfect timing as who doesn't like to treat themselves at this time of year?

What's inside?

The first item included is a POM (which stands for Peace of mind) silver plated necklace, I personally don't like receiving jewellery in subcriptiom boxes as they are normally not my style or either don't fit me properly but this necklace is me all over - and I really like it, I love the dainty design and the colour. I will definitely get lots of use out of this one, and I can't wait to wear it out properly! I love that this one was designed exclusively for pink parcel, and you won't be able to buy one anywhere else which makes it extra special!

Price: £12.99

Next we are getting not one but two nail polishes from Nails Inc: they are actually one of my favourite nail brands so I was very excited to see both of these in the box, they are in the shades 'Whitehall' and 'Rise & Grind' which I think are gorgeous, and both very wearable shades. Nails Inc polishes are very pricey to buy in store so I was very excited to see these in the box, their polishes are always such good quality and well lasting too. I've been wearing the gold shade already and I love how it looks on- just perfect for the festive season!

Price: £14

Also in the bag was probably my favourite item of the lot and it's a MUA LUXE set and reflect finishing kit, I haven't tried many MUA products but I am so impressed with this one so far on first impressions, especially the highlight shade, it's such a stunning light golden shade which gives such a gorgeous glow, and you get a massive amount of product too - so I'm sure I won't be running out of this one any time soon!

 I love how compact these both are, and they will be perfect to take away when travelling or just for popping in my handbag for on the go! For the price I think this duo is amazing, I will definitely be buying another to replace this when it runs out.

Price: £5

Another makeup item in the box was a new CiD i-Smoulder Pencil, I've not heard of this brand before now but I really like this duo. I love my shimmer shadows, and this comes out gorgeous and so pigmented which I was shocked about as i've never tried a shadow on a pencil like this before, I'm not so keen on the pencil side as it's a bit tricky to work with, but saying that I'm definitely no makeup pro! However, the shadow side is gorgeous - I've used this without a brush and just the applicator itself and it's so easy to work with, I would love to try this in more shades now!

This duo retails for £19.50, and even though I think the products good I definitely wouldn't pay that price for what you're getting, but it's great that it's included in the box for that price - the price of this alone covers way over half of what you pay for the whole box which means great value for money!

Price: £19.50

Next in the clutch were a pack of four Banzee hair ties, I was very happy too see these inside as these are the only type of hair ties I use at the moment because they sit so comfy on the hair, without leaving a big kink in it afterwards like regular hair ties! I love that this was included in the set because you can never have too many of them, especially me as mine are always getting lost somewhere, oops! I really like that they've included a few more practical items in the box aswell as the beauty products as I'll get so much use out of these.

Price: £5.95

The next item smells absolutely incredible and it's the Cherry pie Patisserie de Bain Hand & Body lotion - if you love the scent of Bakewell tart you will love this. I need a lifetime supply of this scent, it's honestly that good! I love Patiesserie de bain as a brand and they have some great scents out at the moment, but this one is to die for and it's definitely a new favourite of mine from them.

You also get a massive amount of product which I was impressed with, I'll definitely be repurchasing this one when it runs out for sure! I am always loosing or running out of my hand creams, so I'm glad they've included one in the bag!

Price: £4.99

Inside the bag was also a lip butter from the brand Jelly pong pong, it doesn't say a shade name but it's a very pretty light nude shade, and we all know you can never own too many nude lipsticks, right?

Its the perfect everyday shade and I'm sure I will get lots of use out of it. This has to be one of the most creamiest lipsticks I've ever tried, it feels so hydrating on the lips compared to alot of the lipsticks I already own - the only downside is it does start to fade and needs topping up after a few hours, but apart from that I really like it. I've seen the brand floating around on Instagram alot lately, so I was very happy to be able to try something from them. I think the pink packaging is so cute and quirky too, which I really like! 

Price: £16

Another makeup item in the box was a Hikara 'Gwen' eyeshadow quad. The quality of this palette on first impressions seems really good, I havent tried the brand before myself but I have seen them floating around on a few bloggers instagrams lately and the shadows feel really creamy and are very easy to blend out and work with.

 Now the blue shade, even though it looks gorgeous probably won't get much use from me as I'm not very daring with my eyeshadow shades, but I will definitely get lots of use out of the other three shades, especially the pearly white shade which looks very pretty on! I love how small and compact the palette is too, it's a really good travel size palette and would be great to take for on the go!

Price: £12

Another practical item in the box was a full sized Batiste dry shampoo, I can't even count how many of these I've had over the years but they are amazing for the price and I'll always continue to go back to the brand. They never fail to leave your hair feeling fresher and it's smells pretty good too, just like a fragrance but for your hair, haha! This stuff is perfect to use if you're in a rush and don't have time to wash you're hair, it really does make a good difference unlike some I've tried. I always take a bottle of this away with me when I'm on holiday or away somewhere to freshen up my hair, so I was glad to see this included to keep me stocked up for a little while!

Price: £2.99

Next in the box was a Magnitone wipe out cleansing cloth, I have heard so many other bloggers rave about this brand - so it was definitely nice to see it included! I prefer a cleanser to remove my makeup as with my dry skin I need something really hydrating, but this does the job well and it would be perfect to use if you're in a rush or maybe if you're going away and don't really want to be taking lots of products with you, this is such a compact size which is really handy too - and I'm sure it would be fine for us dry skin girls if you pack on lots of moisturiser after using it!

Price: £15 for two

Lastly in the box was a Vitamasque Pomegranate Firming Lifting Mask, which sounds amazing - I haven't had chance to try this one out yet but I've heard really good things about Korean skincare so I'm very excited to give this one a go! I've never tried anything like a firming mask before so I'll be intrigued to see whether it actually makes a difference to my skin, but I will keep you updated after I've tried it out over on my Instagram.

Price: £12.99 for four masks

Considering you get over £100 worth of products inside it's definitely worth the price and more! The set costs just £29.99, and for the amount of products you get I really do think it's worth it - I also love that they are all items I will get good use out of, but you're getting them for less than half the price you would pay to get them individually! So it's a no brainer really, and I think it's amazing that they've been able to cram this many products in for such a great price.

I hope you enjoyed this post, I can't believe how fast Christmas is approaching and that we are into December already! Overall I loved the clutch and the contents, I think it was such a good idea - and I really hope they bring out another next year! I will leave a link below to the website if you're interesting in buying one for yourself or a friend, and if you're interested in any of the individual items included you can also buy them through the Pink Parcel website too. Let me know in the comments if you've had any boxes from Pink Parcel before, and what were you're thoughts?

*These products were kindly sent to review, however as always all opinions are my own. *

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