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If you know me you'll know I am absolutely crazy about all things Christmas, I love nothing more than going out and finding little bits to gift my friends and family. I am so excited that the chrismas season is almost here, so I thought I'd share some items I think would make perfect stocking filler gifts for this Christmas, which will hopefully help any of you that are stuck for gift ideas this year. I still can't quite believe just how fast Christmas is approaching, so I thought this would be the perfect time to share this post with you!

First up are some Christmas themed and scented soap slices from Basin, I think these look and smell absolutely gorgeous and so festive. Especially the mickey soaps, I think they would be perfect little gifts for a Disney fan. They also have a few inspired by specific Disney films including Moana, Alice in Wonderland and Frozen which would make a very special gift if you have a friend or family member that loves a specific Disney film, I think the frozen soap looks super festive too! 

Unfortunately these are only available in the US at the moment so this is one for my American readers, but if you're ever in Walt Disney World you can pick these up at Basin either in Disney springs or the Grand Floridian - it's definitely worth a visit if you're out there and the shop looks and smells incredible. 

If I had to recommend one Christmas scent from Basin it would have to be the candy cane soap, I love the scent of candy cane it's just perfect for this time of year and they've captured the scent into a soap perfectly, it will definitely get you feeling in the Christmas spirit if you're not already! Besides from the design and scents the soaps feel super luxurious too, you definitely do get the quality you pay for with this brand for sure!

Next up are some cute little disney plushes that are called Itty Bittys, these are pretty new to the UK and I think these would make such a great stocking filler for any little Disney fan. These have been really popular amongst Disney fans this past year, and they have a few different ranges available so far including the princesses, a frozen set and even Star Wars. So, theres plenty to choose from and there's a good range for both boys and girls too.

 I think gifting someone one of these in the form of their favourite character would be such a good thoughtful idea, and they are really affordable for a Disney soft toy too, we all know how pricey Disney themed things can be these days as it's getting even more popular than ever! I know Disney's for all ages but I think these would be perfect for gifting to younger family members if you're stuck for ideas.

I don't know about you but I love receiving candles for Christmas as you can never have too many candles, right? I've discovered the company Kiss Air Candles this year and I was so impressed that I had to feature them in one of my gift guides, they have a great scent throw and are really affordable too.

I really recommend the Jam Sponge candle it's been my favourite candle scent I've tried in a long time, it would be perfect to gift a family member or friend who's loves their baking! But if you're sticking with the Christmas theme they also have just brought out there Christmas scents for this year: Christmas biscuit, Christmas tree, chocolate orange, festive cranberry and gingerbread which all sound very exciting to me, I especially love the sound of Christmas biscuit, how delicious does that one sound?

If you follow me on Instagram you'll know I'm bomb cosmetics obsessed and I was very lucky enough to join their team this year. They have some gorgeous little Christmas bits available this year, and I think one of their bath bombs or soaps would make a great stocking filler.

 If I had to choose one of their items it would have to be their bauble soap I can't get enough of this scent, its a champagne fragrance of sparkling white grapes with a fruity undertone and is packed Frankincense and Myrrh essential oils to keep the skin feeling amazing. The scent is very fresh and fruity, which means its ideal to use after the christmas season is over too, which I never want to happen!! As well as the scent, I think that bomb cosmetics soaps look lovely and for just £2.99 it's a bargain, they also have some gorgeously wrapped gift sets too this year which would make perfect gifts if you're able to spend abit more.

 Their website is filled with lots of different Christmas gifts at the moment including sets, and even candles - so I definitely recommend checking it out if you're a little stuck for ideas!

What's Christmas without receiving too much chocolate? Haha! One thing to be hyped about this year is the celebration maltesars only box, which I was very happy to see - they are definitely my favourite out of the box normally, and who doesn't like maltesars? You can get these in a bunch of different places, I've seen them in Wilkos, B&M and most supermarkets. They range from around £3 to £5 depending on where you buy them from. I've already had a box of these this year myself, and they definitely went down a treat!

I couldn't not add this item into my gift guide, what gets more festive than a glittery red nail polish called 'Rudolph'? I think this would make such a cute stocking filler for someone who's into beauty products and always has their nails painted.

 I've been testing this one out for a while now and the colour screams Christmas to me, as well as the colour it's well long-lasting for the price too, this one costs just £3 which is a bargain for a nail polish these days. They also have a huge range of different colours on their website as well as the red, so there's plenty to choose from, but be warned once your on their website you will want to buy them all, haha!

Next up is a wall calendar from Love Layla designs, this is one of the best calendars I've seen and each month has a different hilarious quote. This would be the perfect gift for someone who's known for their humour! As well as that it's such a practical gift to give someone for christmas just before the new year, as we all need a new calendar too keep organised for the year ahead. This one costs £7.99 which I think is really reasonable compared to alot you can by from the mainstream brands at the moment, and the design and content are definitely worth that price. I especially love January's page: "I've been starting a diet now on new years day for five years straight" which is so me every year, and I'm sure will be relatable to many others!

I know so many of my readers are wax melt obsessed like myself, so I had to include some in my gift guide. I've ordered a few Christmas wax melts already this year and my favourite so far has been the chocolate orange wax pot from Georgia Lee candles, which smells just exactly like a Terry's chocolate orange. It really does smell good enough to eat!

 As well as the scent, I think the design is so sweet too and perfect for the festive season. This particular wax pot is £2.50, not the cheapest wax melt available but the quality is amazing! She has a bunch of other Christmas scents available too including 'Peppermint fluff', 'Christmas market', 'Mulled wine' and many more. I've tried a lot of different scents of wax melts from Georgia, and the scent throw has always been spot on!

I love receiving cute mugs as gifts for Christmas and birthdays especially when they look as adorable and festive as this one, and of course you can never have too many mugs either, right? This mug is from the company 'Cute mugs and things' and it costs £10 which means it would make a perfect gift if you're doing a secret Santa this year too, because you can't go wrong with a cute Christmas themed mug, and who doesn't love penguins?!

They also have a range of different mugs, and they can also be personalised too, which I love the idea of - and whilst buying your Christmas presents you'll also be supporting a small business too instead of shopping in the mainstream stores, which is always a bonus!

If you're a sweet addict like me then you'll love receiving sweets for Christmas too, and Jealous sweets are perfectly packaged to gift for Christmas, I think the packaging looks so much nicer than your regular pack of sweets. These are also vegan and cruelty free too so alot better for you than most sweets out there, and it means they are suitable for vegetarian and vegan friends. Not only that but they do taste amazing, especially the Grizzly bears - they are so moreish!

Prices vary for these depending on the packaging and size you choose, and you can find them online or in various shops including Selfridges.

I hope you enjoyed this little gift guide, and I hope it comes in handy if you are stuck for ideas this christmas. I've tried to include a range of brands including small businesses as I think it's so important to try and support them when you can, especially during this time of year! Be sure to let me know in the comments whether you would like any more gift guides on my blog this year? 

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  1. There are so many bits on here I would LOVE to receive, if i was in America I would so pick up some of those adorable basin soaps! I absolutely love the sound of those gorgeous smelling candles and I am literally loving everything from Bomb Cosmetics Christmas range, I would buy it all if I could!!
    Also, your pictures are INCREDIBLE and so so cute!
    Alice Xx

    1. The soaps are adorable aren't they, I definitely wished they shipped to us. Aww thank you, that's so kind to say :) xx

  2. Your photography has got me feeling festive!!
    I have never heard of those candles I am going to check them out, they caught my eye in the pictures.

    Also, I am forever wishing I lived in the USA, they have so many cool products that we just don't have here.

    Hayley | hayleyxmartin

    1. Oh me too! They have so much over there I wished we had xx

  3. I can confirm that I would be SO happy with any / all of these stocking fillers! I adore the Mickey soaps and the little Disney plushes! ๐Ÿ˜ I also love that calendar and has reminded me I need to get one. Fab post and your photos are GORGEOUS.


  4. aww great ideas, your pictures are also incredible x

  5. Your photos are amazing!! All these products look fab but I think my faves have to be the nail varnish and candles!

    1. The nail varnish is so cute right? And thank you, that's so kind to say!

  6. These are good ideas. You can never go wrong with candles.

  7. I think I literally love everything in this post! It could be my wishlist, haha. I love the Itty Bittys, I collect Tsum Tsums but these are super cute as well. The soaps are amazing! x


    1. Ahhh I love Tsum tsums too! So sweet aren't They? :)

  8. Such great ideas! I'm absolutely in love with the Disney bits; I didn't even know those Itty Bits existed and now I'm just tempted to buy loads of them for myself! x

    Lizzie |

    1. They are adorable aren't They? Thanks for reading xx